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The Do-Over

by Suzanne Park

368 pages

Lily Lee is a bestselling author of the How to Be a Supernova series, and her editor wants her to strike while the iron’s hot with a new book about How to Land the Perfect Job. But when Lily applies for a job at a top consulting firm, she’s in for a shock. The background check reveals she’s short a few credits and never actually completed college. Obviously she can’t write the book if she can’t land a job because of her incomplete education so Lily has no choice but to go back to school.

Admitted to her alma mater, Lily is about to have the surreal experience of reliving her senior year of college: she enrolls in the classes she took pass/fail (ironically with the same professors), gets invited to frat parties, eats most of her meals with “dining dollars,” and to make things even weirder and more chaotic, her econ TA is her old college boyfriend, Leo.

As Lily and Leo reconnect, will they be able to overcome their past and move towards something real? Will her career as an author continue to flourish? Or will going back to school show Lily a potential new path for her life?

This doesn't have to be "The End!" Stay awhile longer, lovely reader.

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