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I’ve been a long-time fan of Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series, ever since reading Catching Jordan. Until the day I read this one, the first book had always been the closest to my heart. However, to my surprise, I fell very much in love with Breathe, Annie, Breathe. It took me a while to truly […]

Each book in the Hundred Oaks series can be read as a standalone but I, as an avid reader of Miranda Kenneally’s books, have followed and adored each of them. Racing Savannah was no exception! Savannah Barrows has always had a special connection to horses. They’re at ease around her and so is she with […]

“I peek over at him, I begin to understand that he probably won’t forget me, that he thinks there’s something inside me worth knowing.” Kate is working as a camp counselor for the summer. After so many years, here in camp, is where she meets again the boy who gave her her first kiss. (He’s […]

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