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When life keeps knocking you down, sometimes you lose sight of who you really are. Brynn De Luca has lost so much- her mom, her dad’s love, her boyfriend, her friends, her passion for pottery. She has disappointed and pushed away everyone in her life and she’s left depressingly alone. When Christian Medina, her first […]

Façade is the second book of Nyrae Dawn’s Games series. The book follows Adrian Westfall, Colt’s best friend, and Delaney Cross, the girl whose story couldn’t be more intertwined with the tragedy that has left Adrian broken. Both have been bleeding for years and are still being tormented by the terrible misfortune that connects the […]

Two different people and a charade of all sorts. Cheyenne plays the perfect card to hide her panic attacks and her haunting past. Colt acts like he’s happy and okay when all he wants is to break down on his knees whenever he sees his mom withering away. After Cheyenne discovers her boyfriend cheating on […]

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