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Dear lovely Stay Bookish Readers, They say that time flies by when you’re having fun and May really has sped by so fast. I featured so many awesome books, got to chat and collaborate with so many awesome people through Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014. Here’s a recap of the blog event for everyone’s pleasure: Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014 […]

I am literally OMG-ing write now because holy crapadoodle, one more day to go until the Ah-MAY-zing Reads twitter party!!!!!!! As you all know (or not), Ah-MAY-zing Reads was my first blog event and now- I’m hosting my first twitter party ever! Below are the details: I am absolutely nervcited for this! Some of the authors from Ah-MAY-zing Reads […]

Dear lovely Stay Bookish readers, I’ve been looking forward to this day and now it has come. I’ll finally be sharing this ah-may-zing event with you guys!!!!!! *insert more exclamation marks* Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014 started out as a sudden, out-of-nowhere idea. I was very excited about several upcoming book releases for Spring and wanting to […]

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