Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014: Ten Reasons Not to Date Your BFF’s Sexy Co-Star


Hey y’all! We have another list for today’s Ah-MAY-zing Reads post! Dahlia Adler, debut author of Behind The Scenes, is here to share some reasons why it isn’t a good idea to date your BFF’s sexy co-star! You’ll definitely be thinking twice now if you’re ever in that position. ;)

Behind The Scenes by Dahlia Adler


Ten Reasons Not to Date Your BFF’s Sexy Co-Star

Thanks so much for having me, Hazel! My upcoming contemporary YA debut, Behind the Scenes, is about a girl named Ally with a TV star best friend, and what happens when she falls for the co-star her BFF’s pretending to date for publicity purposes. It was a really, really fun book to write, and the fact that the love interest, Liam, is hot enough to have spawned a Liam’s Abs Fan Club among my CPs is just the icing on the cake!

That said, the book definitely has its…less cheerful moments. While the whole “dating a celebrity” thing isn’t exactly a universal teen experience, the position Ally’s in as a “civilian” among The Beautiful People might hit a little closer to home for some. (It miiiiight have for me. Just putting that out there.) So while there are some obvious perks to dating someone who has fansites dedicated to his perfect six-pack, I thought I’d make a little list here of why anyone who considers this plot to be complete and total wish fulfillment may want to consider wishing for a pony instead ;)

ten reasons not to date your bffs costar

10) It’ll take approximately 5 hours longer to get your morning coffee, and good luck doing it in sweatpants.

9) When the tabloids say “Love your outfit! Who are you wearing??” they are not talking to you.

8) The comments section. Never read the comments section.

7) Getting things like studying done gets realllllly challenging, really fast when you’re basically walking around with modern artwork.

6) Keeping your cool when your gorgeous BF and gorgeous BFF are getting paid to kiss each other? Not easy.

5) Potentially impossible, in fact.

4) Yeah, no, it’s impossible.

3) Overhearing other people talk about his hotness? Maybe kinda nice. Overhearing your mom talk about his hotness? SO AWKWARD.

2) He’s probbbbably not coming with you to prom. Or the movies. Or for pizza. Or anything else that involves two people going out in public, when you have no desire to be mobbed by cameras.

1) There aren’t many conversations you shouldn’t be able to have with your BFF, but “That’s not how we do it” is definitely one of them.

Can’t wait to see how Ally fares through all that- dating Liam sure sounds like a struggle. (But we can still join his fan club riiiiight?? I’m totally in!) Thanks for sharing this, Dahlia! Book nerds, don’t forget to add Behind The Scenes to your to-read shelves and watch out for its release next month! 

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Author Bio:

Dahlia Adler is an Assistant Editor of Mathematics by day, a Copy Editor by night, and a YA writer and blogger at The Daily Dahlia, YA Misfits, and Barnes & Noble at every spare moment in between. Her debut novel, BEHIND THE SCENES, releases from Spencer Hill Contemporary in 2014. She is represented by Lana Popovic at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.

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15 Responses

  1. This saved me so much heartache. Thank you! I am forever indebted to you. Never date my BFF’s sexy co-star. Wait, my bff doesn’t even have sexy friends!

  2. This sounds super cute! I don’t read a lot of super fluffy contemporary romances, but this sounds like it could make me change my opinion on them. It sounds really different from a lot of what’s out there (there is a LOT of repetition). The only objection I have is that I typically steer clear of books in which the love interest has the same name as my brother…

  3. That 10 reasons list is hilarious. If I ever overheard my mother talking about how hot someone was it’d be totally awkward and extremely uncomfortable!

    Oh and number 8, the comments, those are only for those whose self esteem is coated with teflon or titanium.

  4. Wish You Were Italian has me all excited to read about its setting: ITALY. I love anything Italian and it’s on my bucket-list of places to visit in my lifetime. I also love gelato and I’ve heard that there’s many mentions of it in the book, so there is that! :D

  5. I loved reading this list! Even though it probably will never happen to me in real life, I can certainly admit I daydreamed about similar situations in my younger days. I’m really looking forward to Behind the Scenes now!

  6. Love, love and love! Can’t wait to read this book, seems promising and the list is so adorbs! :)

  7. I’ve already read and enjoyed BtS and this perfectly nails why you shouldn’t date your BFF’s sexy co-star. As you can imagine, things get messy. Oh, and sign me up for Liam’s fanclub ;)

  8. Okay, the guest post is totes cute. I kinda remember Open Road Summer because of it. Hee. Looking forward to this because yeah, anything with a rockstar/musician/celebrity is a guilty pleasure reading of mine. Especially with a forbidden!romance. EEKK

    My favorite: “3) Overhearing other people talk about his hotness? Maybe kinda nice. Overhearing your mom talk about his hotness? SO AWKWARD.” HAHAHAHAHA

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