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Some of the books I received months ago for review: The Year of Cecily by Lisa Lin, The Book Proposal by KJ Micciche, Sugar, Spice, and Can't Play Nice by Annika Sharma and more.

I first started my subscription to the Book of the Month box when I moved to New York. Back when I was living in the Philippines, subscribing to a US-based book subscription service meant paying for expensive international shipping fees. Living in the US as a grad student has been really challenging but I’m glad […]

Hello bookworms! Last Sunday, on February 24, I had the opportunity to attend another #FrenzyPresents, but this time, Spring edition! Huge thank you to the lovely team at HCC Frenzy for hosting yet another fun event and allowing me to come along. I loved being surrounded by fellow book lovers and getting to hear about […]

Hello lovely bookish people! I’m doing my first official book haul post for the year and I’ve got 17 books to share with y’all. Yup, seventeen! I went to National Bookstore’s Cubao Book Blowout Sale today and I had to take the train to get home so I apologize if I’m looking especially haggard in […]

Hello book lovers! This Sunday, August 26, I had the pleasure to attend a fun event hosted by the YA team at HarperCollins Canada, HCC Frenzy, to preview their upcoming YA Fall releases and I am still reeling from it!! I’ve known about Frenzy Presents for quite some time, but I’ve never attended. I could […]

I woke up early that Saturday morning and headed towards Santa Monica High School for my very first Bookchella, though it’s officially known as YALLWEST. Lucky enough to be approved a press pass, I waited in line with fellow press people, specifically Ryan, who blogs at Unbookly. Around YALLWEST: Booths, Publishers & Giveaways When the […]

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