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It’s official! I have my own blog- one that’s really mine. I actually wanted to keep this a secret for a longer amount of time but who am I kidding? I’m so psyched to share it with you guys!

It feels so awesome to be self-hosted! I can do whatever I want! Weird though, I’m kinda like a newbie all over again. I feel like there’s so much I still don’t know about how this works. (Probably true.) I’m really excited to explore and experiment so don’t be surprised if you see changes on this blog from time to time!

Have any of you experienced switching to a self-hosted site? How did you feel about the switch? What are the perks and disadvantages? What do you love and hate about it? Or are you a blogger who wishes to self-host soon too? Why do you wanna self-host?

What are your thoughts on my sudden transfer? Were you surprised? What do you think about the new look of my blog? Do tell!

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  1. Oooh the blog looks gorgeous! I’m so horrible at customizing my site so while I like it, it’s easy to tell I’m using a template! Anyways, I love being on a self-hosted site, and hope you do too! It’s nice just knowing that you have complete freedom and control over everything, even if you’re not sure what to do with it! And for me, the transfer was pretty easy. My host did the transfer for me so all I had to do was wait a couple hours and then my site was there!

    I’ve update Feedly so I’m following you here now! I’m not sure about Feedly, but I’m pretty sure with Bloglovin’ you can contact them to let them know you updated your site and they’ll move your followers for you.

    1. *blushes* Thank you, Asti! Haha, I used a template as well but I had to tweak it a lot- I just couldn’t be satisfied with how it looked. I’m totally loving being self-hosted. And yes, that’s so true! I had some help in transferring to so it was a quick one. Customization took a lot of effort though.

      Yey! Okay, I’ll be contacting Bloglovin! :-)

  2. CONGRATS HAZEL! Love the new look, like I’ve said before :> I’m not self-hosted, so I don’t know about perks and all that, but I’m pretty happy with my level of freedom :) Hope you enjoy!! In the meantime, I’ll keep advertising your new blog for you :>

    1. WE NEED TO MEET ALREADY SO I CAN HUG YOUUUU >:)< Thanks so much for the support, Jasmine! That's nice, that you're already content with what you got. Too bad I couldn't be as satisfied- now my wallet will bleed. HAHAHA!

  3. OMFG. *strokes computer screen* Hazel, I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG IT’S SO STINKING GORGEOUS. Seriously, I am in love. I’m not brave enough to self-host, but I’m glad you took the leap! Look at what you have now! Beautiful, dear!

  4. Congratulations! I remember switching a few months ago and wanting to tear my hair out. Love it now, though. Such a relief and so much easier. Your blog looks seriously amazing!

    1. Thank you, Alise! Haha, self-hosting could be frustrating especially at first but it’s worth it. <3 Awwww, I'm so glad that you think so! :')

  5. Well, damn, it seems like everybody else is a great designer or another. Hmph. *looks jealously around your blog*

    As for transferring and stuff, I do know that Ashley at Nose Graze is some super coding goddess who knows all these techy stuff. Maybe you should go ask her or pop her a tweet.

    1. Haha! Thanks, I think. Yeah, I’ve been stalking her as per recommendation of other bloggers too! Love how everyone refers to her as the ‘coding goddess.’ Nonetheless, I appreciate the tip!

  6. Your blog is soooo pretty! *strokes* I’m so jealous of the gorgeousness! WHY IS MY BLOG NOT THIS PRETTY?

    WordPress.org is so COOL, isn’t it? I moved from Blogger at the start of the month and I love it so much. *hugs wordpress.org*


  7. Congratulations, Hazel! I was so excited for you when I heard the news of Stay Bookish’s move to self-hosting, and I absolutely adore its new look :) The design looks so elegant, clean and sophisticated and I could never manage something half as lovely on my own. I’m so thankful I had Cindy to help me as otherwise I wouldn’t want to imagine what Pop! Goes The Reader would look like *Shudders* :P

    I made sure to add your blog’s new URL immediately to Bloglovin’ so that I wouldn’t miss a minute of this next step in your blogging journey. Wishing you all the best and sending all the positive thoughts and vibes I can your way! :D

    1. Jen, your comments are the best. I’m extremely happy to hear that you think my blog looks elegant. That just means SO much to me. Thank you x infinity!

  8. HAZEEEL!!! I totally LOVED the look of your blog before but now it even got better (and I know will still get better and better)!!!!! Congrats on your self-hosting! Hopefully you’ll gain more followers! ^_^

  9. Congrats on the move!!! I did it in secret as well, hehe – just seemed like a lot of pressure to come out and announce that I was making the move to self-hosted because I was scared I’d fail – which I did, at first XD but it all worked out! Your blog looks absolutely lovely!!

  10. Lots of people are becoming self-hosted. I really want to as well because I think I’d feel so accomplished making my blog completely mine.
    Congrats girl

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