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It’s official- I’m part of the Top 100 finalists for The Big Blog Exchange! Throughout the past month, I’ve repeatedly asked for your help and support regarding the competition. To everyone who kindly and eagerly voted, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x infinity. It’s because of each and everyone of you that I’ve reached […]

(Photo from my Instagram!) Hello, lovelies! A month has flown by since I posted about my venture to win The Big Blog Exchange! In case you didn’t know about it, The Big Blog Exchange, is a blogger exchange competition with a fabulous opportunity to travel! It’s my first time joining such a contest and I have been vying to […]

BOOK NERDS, I NEED YOUR HELP. I just entered The Big Blog Exchange!!! The Big Blog Exchange is an awesome program where you can swap not only blogs with another blogger, but also countries! It’s such a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up because it is seriously a dream to be able to experience something like this. […]

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