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It feels weird for me to be posting my first book haul of the year on the first day February. January sure flew by fast, and I admit, it’s been tough trying to catch up with time when life gets busy. But reading will always be a constant, and I’m absolutely excited to read the rockin’…

“Oops! I didn’t mean to haul so many books again,” is officially the story of my life. It’s becoming a problem but it’s a problem I quite love having.  I’ve got almost twenty books on this haul- books I forgot to include in my last haul, books received from friends, books won, books for review…

September went by fast. In comparison, my wallet emptied almost just as quick then. I feel like I bought ALL the books last month. Probably not really, but I did buy quite a lot. In this book haul, you’ll mainly find my purchases from the 36th Manila International Book Fair and my birthday week, alongside my single book…

Another week is about to end and I’m sharing yet another book haul with y’all. Yes, I did just share my Better World Books haul two days ago and yes, I still have more especially since some awesome book mail recently came in from the post. Check them out~ 

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