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Sarah Dessen is one of the initial authors who got me to read YA and especially fall in love with contemporary romance books. At this point, I’ve literally read everything by her and one of my favourites is This Lullaby (probably tied with The Truth About Forever on the very top). Aside from the fact that Remy and […]

So I’m going to tell you guys the secret to my beautiful premium font collection- DESIGN BUNDLES. They’re all over the net but you’ve gotta find the best ones for the best values. And for that, I recommend checking out Design Cuts. Seriously, subscribe to them. Anyway, they just shared a super amazing bundle and I feel […]

I was staring at my bookshelf earlier, something I do quite often, and asked myself: “When will I ever have the time to read this all?” I already have so many books I need to read, so many books I still want to read. If only there were more hours in a day! Anyway, I transferred my […]

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