The Secret To Beautiful Premium Fonts

So I’m going to tell you guys the secret to my beautiful premium font collection- DESIGN BUNDLES. They’re all over the net but you’ve gotta find the best ones for the best values. And for that, I recommend checking out Design Cuts. Seriously, subscribe to them.

Anyway, they just shared a super amazing bundle and I feel like I had to post about this on the blog because really, you guys will drool over the pretty fonts. Check them out~


Fonts included

Manhattan Darling, Lulo, Kiln, Veryberry, Ariadne, Caferus, The Amelian Script (I used this for this wallpaper I made before), Sacro Matrimonio, Rushistly, Isabella (This is the font I use for my header), Mercury Script, Andalusia, Kathya Script, Shintia, Everglow Script, Voyage, Salamander Script, The Carpenter, Vintage Colombians, Electric, Cresilda

Gorgeous right??? And here’s the best part- YOU CAN GET ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFUL FONTS FOR JUST $29. That’s basically 97% off the original total price because if you buy each product separately they’ll cost outrageously at $922! AND THERE’S EXTENDED LICENSE. This is great news for designers who use their work for commercial stuff. The deal lasts for 12 days only though!

Get this bundle now

Seriously, this is a total steal and I bought it as soon as I could and I needed to squeal about it to people- thus this blog post. Although I already had a few of the fonts beforehand, I’m so looking forward to using the new ones and making beautiful designs for y’all.

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  1. Haha I bought this as soon as I got the email from Design Cuts.

    I was somewhat annoyed because just two days ago I spent like $50 at Creative Market buying like three fonts, some of which are in this bundle. But then this bundle got released just shortly after! GRR! But I got it anyway. :P

    1. Same, same! I’ve been lusting over some of the fonts on Creative Market (Rushistly and Manhattan Darling mostly) and I’m so glad Design Cuts had them in this bundle! I already had Isabella and Amelian before which is too bad but I went ahead and still bought. Really, who could resist?

  2. These are so gorgeous! And that is cheaper than some single fonts…I’m sold! Thanks so much for sharing, I had no idea they bundled fonts like this!

  3. Gosh, I wish I have money left to buy this bundle. I only discovered Design Cuts when I read your post and I’m so amazed at how pretty the fonts are! I hope there are more like this in the future. Thanks for sharing! At least now I know where my resources when I needed some premium fonts! :)

    xo, Mimi

  4. I was wondering where all these amazing fonts came from. I had no idea Design Cuts existed. Thanks for bringing me out of the darkness!

  5. What a beautiful bundle of fonts! Though it’s not something I’d personally invest in (at this point, anyway), I still think it’s fun to see posts like this with such great deals :) I’m very fond of Very Berry of them all!

  6. What pretty selections you’ve showcased. I’m really happy with the fonts on my blog, so I’m not in the market for anything new; however, I really like Ariadne and Andalusia. They’re readable with just enough flare to make them my favorites.

  7. Ohh ohhh *drools* I’m not a designer but it’s kiiiind of my dream to learn one day. (I’m sure everyone says that, but I DO love design things. I just have no idea how to go about learning by myself. *sigh* Without photoshop… >.>) ANYWAY! Enough design whining from me. These are gorgeous. And I can’t imagine paying nearly a thousand for fonts. 0.0 WHAT A GOOD DEAL!

  8. OH wow their designs are BEAUTIFUL! I love love love them. I’ll probably purchase the bundle in the future, but right now I’m really broke hahaha. Thanks for letting us know, Hazel! I think that’s a good deal for fonts instead of buying them individual which costs $900 O_O !

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