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Here comes a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss on the blog for sometime now: bookish expenditures! You guys know I love buying books- as proven by my usual book haul posts. And I know you guys love book shopping just as much. Digging deeper into our book buying tendencies, I was wondering: how do […]

During my last discussion post, I talked about how I felt when no one one understands my love for books. (See post here!) With the help of your comments and feedback, I realized that this problem of mine rooted from not having many real-life bookish friends. It came to me then that I needed to […]

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for the longest time but I was never sure how to elaborate on it. But when I came across Katie‘s post on Why She Writes More Positive Reviews Than Negative, I decided I wanted to share my perspective about this certain topic. As a matter of fact, I […]

I’m not much of a talker in real life. I’m almost always the quieter side of a conversation, the one who’s usually listening rather than talking. (Is it even a conversation if the exchange isn’t equal?) It’s not like I don’t have opinions- I do. I just usually keep them to myself. Maybe blog or […]

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