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I officially just finished reading my first middle grade book for 2024: Gail D. Villanueva’s new MG Fantasy, Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors. I’m so excited to talk more about it (and how much I enjoyed it) on my bookstagram soon. But I’m just as excited to list and share my most […]

Once upon a time, a little girl began her bookish journey by reading children’s fiction. Fun middle grade books were her first love. When she grew up, she started reading older books for older kids, with kissing and angst. That was until recently, when she found herself suddenly interested in middle grade books again and more determined to […]

Corey Ann Haydu left me completely, utterly, absolutely impressed with her Middle Grade debut and wanting to read more of the genre. Having read her other works in the YA category before, I knew she usually wrote realistic honest stories. What I didn’t expect was how raw Rules for Stealing Stars was compared to most […]

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