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Hey, hey, hey! Hazel here, y’all. My lovely co-bloggers have been posting more actively than I have been but I sure hope you guys haven’t forgotten me. It’s so nice to be blogging again and to be sharing some cool news on top of that. You may or may not know this but aside from reading […]

I rarely ever post about writing here because this blog has always been primarily about books and reading. But this past week has been topsy-turvy in a really awesome way and I’m dying to talk all about it! It’s been almost a year since I finished the first draft of my YA contemporary novel and I’ve been revising it […]

Image from Unsplash.Com It’s no secret to seasoned writers that revision is tough. Being a clueless beginner, I celebrated too early upon finishing the first draft of my YA novel last April, thinking that the hard part was over. Only when I began revising did I realize how terribly wrong I was. Working with insightful critique partners the past […]

I’ve never believed more in the saying “If you set your mind to it, you’ll achieve it” than I do this very day. At the start of April, I decided to join Camp NaNoWriMo in the hopes of finally finishing a manuscript, sick of having never completed one despite countless attempts at writing novels. I […]

It’s been awhile since I wrote a real blog update and I know you’ve all missed me. (Right, right?) While my blogging time out- if you could call it that, since I still posted once/twice a week last month- has been mostly just me taking a break, I’ve also been busy with other things. Like writing, for one. […]

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