Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014: Meet The Characters of Only Everything + Dream Cast

Hey, everyone! We’re finally kickstarting Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014! Today, Kieran Scott will be sharing about her Spring 2014 release, Only Everything, which is out tomorrow! 

Only Everything by Kieran Scott

The Characters

Only Everything combines contemporary romance with a touch of Greek mythology, when the love goddess Eros is banished to Earth and forced to match three couples without her powers in order to save the love of her life from the wrath of the Gods. Here’s a little primer on the cast of characters, both mortals and deities. (And, BONUS! I’ve added my choices for a dream TV cast!)


Dream Cast: Crystal Reed

In traditional Greek mythology, Eros (later called Cupid by the Romans), is a male God, but I made my Eros female because I wanted to write a cool, quirky heroine. Eros takes the name True once she gets to Earth in order to remind herself of her mission of true love. Eros is a lower Goddess, which means that even on a normal day she has fewer powers than upper Gods and Goddesses like her mother Aphrodite and her father Ares, but on Earth she has zero power—and she doesn’t like it.


Dream Cast: Matt Lanter

Thousands of years ago, the expert archer Orion was murdered by his Goddess girlfriend Artemis, when her brother Apollo tricked her into hitting a moving target on water with her arrow. The target turned out to be Orion, and she pierced his temple, killing him instantly. In her grief, Artemis set Orion among the stars, so that she could be reminded of him for all eternity. Just last Valentine’s Day, Eros tried to release him from his ethereal prison on a whim, and it worked. Terrified by her newfound power and not knowing what it meant, Eros hid Orion away on a secluded island, where they fell in love.

charlie cox

Dream Cast: Sterling Knight

Charlie is the romantic lead of Only Everything. As the new kid in school and an obvious nice guy, True latches on to him right away and makes it her mission to find him a match. Charlie goes along with it (see “nice guy” status), but he’s really just having a hard enough time fitting in with the cool crowd and trying to keep up his cred as an awesome drummer in the band at the same time.

katrina ramos

Dream Cast: Mackenzie Vega

Katrina is a girl with a sad history, who’s just trying to put her life back together when Charlie catches her eye. Unfortunately, she already has a (not-so-great) boyfriend, and Charlie seems to keep going out with other girls (thanks to True). With friend troubles, mom troubles, school troubles and boy troubles, she has a lot on her plate while pining for the new boy.


Dream Cast: Nathan Owens

Hephaestus has been repeatedly banished to Earth by Zeus, and was thrown so violently from the heavens the last time that his legs were irreparably damaged. Confined to a wheelchair, Hephaestus hasn’t let his banishment or his perceived disability slow him down. He’s a master mechanic and metal artist, and very wise in the ways of the mortals, having lived among them for thousands of years (though he’s never aged a day). He arrives on the scene after True asks her sister Harmonia for help, and quickly becomes True’s best friend and guide.


Dream Cast: Eliza Coupe

Beautiful beyond all compare, Aphrodite is Eros’ mother and is also parent to Harmonia, Phoebus (God of Terror) and Deimus (God of Fear). She is very vain and has always been proud of the fact that she’s never been banished to Earth—until now. She blames True for getting her shunned from Mount Olympus, and pressures her daughter to complete her mission as quickly as possible, so she can return to her position of power.


Dream Cast: Neal McDonough

Ares is Eros’s father and is none-too-pleased that his daughter has taken up with a mortal and is lying to all the other Gods. Concerned above all with proving his loyalty to Zeus, he betrays his daughter and sets Eros’s banishment in motion. Needless to say, there is no love lost between daughter and father.


 Dream Cast: Molly C. Quinn

Harmonia is Eros’s level-headed, loving sister, the person whom Eros turns to whenever she needs advice. She becomes bereft when Zeus banishes Eros and her mother to Earth and when Ares gets so angry. She just wants everyone to get along.


Dream Cast: Jordan Gavaris

Apollo was once a revered God, but has become tetchy of late as the arts he represents have become less valued by mortals. For centuries Artemis has held his infraction with her and Orion over his head, and he’d do just about anything to right that one wrong—if only to shut her up.


Dream Cast: Naya Rivera

Artemis has mourned her love, Orion, ever since the day he died. She is covetous of him, and would fly into a murderous, jealous rage if she ever found out that Eros rescued him, and fell for him herself.

Thank you for introducing your characters to us, Kieran! Can’t wait to meet them when we get to read Only Everything! Book nerds, don’t forget to add Only Everything to your to-read shelves! And of course, follow Kieran on Twitter and Goodreads!

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Author Bio:

Kieran Scott is an author of young adult fiction including the upcoming TRUE LOVE TRILOGY (May 2014) and the HE’S SO/SHE’S SO TRILOGY, which includes SHE’S SO DEAD TO US, HE’S SO NOT WORTH IT and THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING. Her other books include the Non-Blonde Cheelerader trilogy, Geek Magnet and Jingle Boy.

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34 Responses

  1. I haven’t heard about this book until now! Ha. This is only the first post and I’ve already discovered a new book.

    Books involving Greek mythology are like precious gems. This sounds really interesting, I’m looking forward to reading it especially to see how the characters will interact with each other. I squealed when I saw Crystal Reed as one of the fancasts. I approve <3

  2. I think that Charlie looks great! He’s so handsome and is the only actor that I know here.
    About the character: Apollo ever has been my favorite, so…will be good know this version of him.

  3. MATT LANTER!!!! Lol me and my friends have a bit of of an obsession with him XD I’m always up for a greek myth based story. It’s interesting that the author chose to make Eros a girl in her book. Anyways can’t wait to read it and I love the cover.

  4. I only heard about this now but I’m already excited for this. I love Greek Mythology since forever and this new twist for Eros exciting. I am also excited to see my favorite goddess, Artemis in a different light. Not that I think she’s bad but it’s the first time that she will not be working with the main character.

    Plus I love the dreamcast. Seriously.. Crystal Reed, Matt Lanter, Sterling Knight? Especially MATT LANTER! Man, this is perfect.

  5. I can’t wait to read about Eros/True, but Artemis will be cool, too. Especially if she learns about Eros and Orion.

  6. Wow this book sounds so good! I love Greek mythology and Only Everything sounds like such a unique and fun story! Glad I don’t have to wait long for it! ;) And Kieran’s dream cast is so awesome! Can we have a movie of this, seriously?

  7. CRYSTAL REED!! I love Greek mythology so I’m looking forward to reading it and I hope it will have a tv series/movie soon

  8. Dying to read this! One of my fave authors and I love books with mythology incorporated. Most excited to read about Eros as a female lead.

  9. Thanks to you I have found this book and I am extremely grateful. I love anything that has to do with Greek Mythology and I love when authors take their own spins on what we already know. So thank you for this opportunity!

  10. I loved seeing these visual representations of the characters! Impeccable timing as well, since I’m actually reading this right now. It’s seriously such a fun book!

  11. Totally Eros/True ! I mean c’mon! I loved the way that you made her a female character instead of a male one. That would be totally awesome!

  12. I really want to read about Orion. Though I’m mostly just excited to read the book! Been a fan of Kieran Scott for so long love her books as well as her books that she wrote using her other name Kate Brian!

  13. In all honesty, I’m all for Charlie Cox! Maybe it’s because he’s just a sweetie who plays the drums or maybe coz Kieran dream casted Sterling Knight, I dunno, but I am looking forward to reading him! OH ADORBS!!!!

    Awesome post and giveaway! <3

  14. This looks really interesting. And Greek mythology has always been a favorite of mine. So yeah definitely adding this to my to read list. :)

  15. I’d love to get to know Eros! Most and usually, Eros is depicted as a guy but in this book, Eros is actually a girl so I’m sort of intrigued with her character. :)

  16. I am most excited to read about Eros because I want to find out that how she deals with the rest of the gods and what she’ll do to save her past love.

  17. I’m fan of Greek mythology since I read the Percy Jackson series growing up so plot caught my eye immediately

  18. I’m fan of Greek mythology since I read the Percy Jackson series growing up so the plot caught my eye immediately

  19. awww another greek myth book to look forward to! and I’m actually quite pleased that you picked Naya Rivera as Artemis! ♡

  20. I want to read about Harmonia on my case. Why so? Because I too love giving advice to my friends like when it comes to studies or other matters. Seeing this, I would like to see how Harmonia herself gives advice and uses what she has to share to others!! Excited for this <3

  21. Definitely Orion and Charlie because if they’re Matt Lanter and Sterling Knight… uhm… isn’t that obvious? Hahaha! #fangirl

  22. Harmonia (Molly Quinn) she’s so lovely to look at and that picture is so beautiful, I can’t wait to read her story.

  23. Oh my gosh I love Greek mythology!! This book looks great!! :D I would love to see Hephaestus cause he’s just usually epic :P

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