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I’ve had several backlist books on my need-a-copy list forever but they never seem to be stocked in online bookstores. That or the price was still too high for me to consider getting them and I’d rather wait for when they were slightly cheaper. Last month, however, I discovered a new-to-me book order site that offered preloved copies of these backlist books I’ve been wanting for a really good price.

better world books

Visit Better World Books

Better World Books is an online bookstore that collects and sells new and used books to donate and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. How awesome is that? This means that every time you buy a book from Better World Books, they donate a book to someone in need. As a reader who feels strongly about promoting literacy, it’s exactly the kind of business I wanted to support.

More than that, they offered free worldwide shipping and had a great selection of used books! I could not resist! I ordered five books from their bargain bin– Golden by Jessi Kirby, Amplified by Tara Kelly, A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley, Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo and Mostly Good Girls by Leila Sales. Five preloved hardcovers for just a total of $30!

Since international shipping took about 10-21 business days, it took a while for me to receive my order. They finally came in two weeks ago and I was glad they were all in good condition. Since they were used books from the library though, they did have some stamps and stickers but I didn’t really mind. I was satisfied with my books and happy with Better World Books and glad I could make an impact, even a small one, through their donations.

Have you heard about/ordered through Better World Books before? If not, what do you think about their literacy initiatives?

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  1. This sounds fantastic and what a great initiative! I’d never heard of them before, but I’m off to check them out now. Enjoy your books, Hazel!

  2. This is my first time hearing about this, so thank you for that!! I’ll definitely check it out. I’m so *heart eyes* that you got Golden (which I loved!) & Love and Other Perishable Items!

  3. I have ordered from them. *winces* I didn’t have a very good time…gah, clearly I was the deluded one and didn’t read fineprint (?? if there was any) but you don’t necessarily get the cover on display. And I ordered a book specifically for the cover on display BUT IT WASN’T THAT COVER AND YEAH. IT WAS AWFUL AND I WAS SO UPSET. Customer service was pretty dismissive too at first, but we got it sorted and it was okay, BUT YEAH. I didn’t have a good go with them. But I’m glad you did!! And well done on the excellent scores!! :D I loooove Cath Crowley.

  4. Such an excellent site! Thanks for posting about it! I think as long as I take Cait’s points into consideration, I’ll hopefully not be disappointed! R x

  5. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention! I can’t resist free shipping, especially when there are books involved! Great that it’s helping a good cause too. I hope you enjoy the books you got! :)

  6. I’ve never known that I could order books from Better World Books, though I know OF Better World Books. I’m both thrilled and a little nervous that you’ve brought this to my attention to this because (a) new place to buy books AND they will be giving to a good cause and (b) uh-oh, more books. Great haul though – I especially love Golden!

  7. This is new for me Hazel, thank you for sharing this website! It would be so much better if more book sites would offer free worldwide shipping, that would be so much better! Hihi. :)

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