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If I searched blogging tips on ever-so-helpful Google, I’d probably come up with several articles that would tell me to make my blog stand out. But how does one go about doing that?

I always used to think that blogging creatively would do the trick. I still do believe it. I try to be ‘creative’ with my blog (the keyword being try)- how my blog looks, and also my blog posts and features. Not that I can be real creative with reviews, but I at least try to offer (hopefully) notable ideas about the book I’m reviewing. I think creativity is real important in blogging because not only does it helps the blog to stand out, it also makes for very quality posts.

Putting effort in writing a ‘creative’ blog post is a challenge for all of us bloggers but recently, I’ve been struggling with it a lot. I feel like I’m always posting the same things over and over again- reviews and some of my bookish photos, some sparse discussions. I keep racking my brain to try and write more ‘creative’ posts but it’s hard to come up with ideas since I feel pretty uninspired.

But maybe I’m trying too hard to live up to blogging creatively. Maybe creativity is something that should come naturally as I write a post. Maybe as long as I write a post that’s ‘me’, it’s all good. I’m a little lackluster with coming up with unique post ideas (and also probably writing this very discussion) at the moment, but hopefully, creativity will strike soon!

Do you aspire to blog creatively too? How do you incorporate creativity with your blog posts? Do you ever feel pressured to do a more creative post or ever feel uninspired? How do you find your inspiration to write creative blog posts? Let’s talk!

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  1. I know what you mean, Hazel! I rarely write discussion posts because I can’t think of anything new to say. I guess I just hope that what I write connects to readers :)

    1. Am so glad you understand, Goldie! I get so many ideas for discussions but a lot of them get crossed of my list because they’ve already been discussed. And I can relate to hoping that readers connect to my posts. Everytime, I hit publish, I say a little prayer that someone will like or connect to what I’ve written. :)

  2. Just the thing I needed right now. I’ve just started blogging and I am not sire if I should be feelin this way too. Lately I’ve been thinking if I should try doing meme posts or if I should just contiue on doing review posts. I want to post some other bookish thing but I can’t think of anything. Fortunately I still have the motivationto read nonstop but when I write reviews it feels like it’s still lacking. Ugh. I hope I can be creative like you Hazel. Don’t feel like you’re not doing enough because you are. Thank you for this post. ^^

    1. Thank YOU for your comment. Nothing is more uplifting than knowing that someone gets you and also appreciates what you’ve done. So thank you! I hope you’ll find some inspiration soon, lovely!

  3. I agree with you on this topic. It’s tough searching for unique ideas that no one else does, that can set your blog apart from others. I thoroughly enjoy your story soundtracks and novel portraits features, though. I thought that was pretty creative.

    Actually, your Story Soundtrack motivated me to start sharing my Story Diaries on my blog(s). That’s as creative as I got so far (aside from my Watch, Read, & Listen recs on my main blog).

  4. I definitely know what you mean! I’ve been trying to think of a good original feature for my blog since I started blogging, but it’s quite hard to find sth that has never been done before and that’s interesting!

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  6. I can relate to that! I always think my blog is bland and there’s nothing really special about it. I try to make it stand out especially since I have a bit of a theme I guess because of my title but I still don’t know how I can incorporate that. I want to make a feature/meme that I can stick with and call my own, yet I don’t know what to do with that either! I think it all comes down to inspiration. I just need that one thing to ignite a good idea.

    I think we’re being too harsh on ourselves and we should be happy with what we got. I love your blog and I think you’ve done a great job ;)

  7. I tried being creative in the beginning of blogging, for some reason, it was all about ‘getting big’ and ‘being seen’, but now, after half a year, I’ve gotten comfortable in my blogging and I think others have to. I’m coming out more in reviews, being more me, and my discussions are things that are important to me, or things I want I want to share. I will sometimes work to what people might want, but in the end, I’ve created my blog for me, and I’ll post what I enjoy. Looking at my blog, I seem obsessed with books covers, so maybe that’s my creative calling card? Who knows!

  8. I think there are different levels of creativity. I think there’s a “top level”, which just means original content. Don’t fill your blog with posts that everyone else has. By that I mean:

    * Don’t post a ton of memes that cover the same topics (even Top Ten Tuesday… it’s not very original because EVERYONE’s post is about the same thing)
    * Do something different that’s not a review. So many book bloggers post review after review after review. The concept of a review isn’t very original.
    * Come up with unique discussion posts or different content. For some people that may mean just a discussion topic that touches on a new subject, or for others it may mean a regular feature that doesn’t appear on a lot of other blogs.

    Then I think there’s another level of creativity beyond this “top level”. And that’s just in the way you write or present your post. For example, you can do a book review, which in itself isn’t super original. But you can try to be original in the way you present that review. Maybe it’s by doing a review that’s entirely of pictures, or by using a different writing style, or by doing word/theme association or something.

  9. Creativity is definitely important to help your blog stand out but I think the best way to do that is just to be yourself! Write about the ideas that come to you and don’t be afraid to say what you want to say (within reason, obviously — I’m not advising to go on raging rants haha!)
    It’s so easy to fall into a norm and participate in memes (which there’s nothing wrong with that! I think memes create a sense of community as well) but I also think it’s important to kind of just write as it comes to you! I think there are a lot of discussions I could have written but didn’t even think about turning it into a post! :)

  10. I interpret creativity to personality. Even if you have the most amazing feature if I don’t feel the blogger’s personality across the post and worst, it sounds so generic, it wouldn’t still grab me. There’s nothing wrong on wanting to standout but I still crave that personal touch.

  11. Ugh, yes, there is this pressure, and I succumb to it because if I don’t, I myself feel disappointed with my blog.

    P.S. You’re doing great, Hazel ;D

  12. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this topic. There are a few changed coming to my blog starting from tomorrow but it has been a difficult thing for me to create “creative” posts.

    Creating creative bookish things I think it is rather difficult so what I’ve done recently is pull from my own personal work and trying to see how I can incorporate it into my blog, pulling my love of books and design together.

    I love all your posts and your reviews are awesome, I hope you find some more creative outlet for you blog.


  13. Don’t we all feel uninspired and not-so-creative sometime? I guess the trick isn’t just about being yourself, it’s also about finding the right influences.

  14. I really like the points you bring up in this post, Hazel – creativity is definitely an important factor in making a blog stand apart from a gazillion other blogs, and I think many blogs (including yours!) do a great job at building a certain personality and look. I feel inspired to blog creatively, but I don’t feel the pressure to do it all the time (yet?).

  15. Trying to find creativity, especially in an area where it seems like everything you’re about to say or do has already been said or done, is so hard! I don’t usually run out of things to say for discussion posts, but I would love to think of a unique feature that’s just mine, in order to give my blog a little creativity that some of my favourites have.

    For now, I continue to scour the non-book blogosphere, in the hopes of finding inspiration! Haha

  16. The thing about trying to blog creatively is that most topics have all been done before. Want to incorporate music? Soundtracks have been done. Want to do something with book covers? There are showcases features left and right!

    For me, I’m trying to think of something unique to The Paper Sea, but it’s a difficult process and for now I’m just trying to make sure that the features I do do sound like me. I think that’s all anyone can ask for!

  17. I am trying hard to blog creatively. I don’t like reading blogs that focus on commercial or so. As long as it involves creative thinking and entertaining us while we read, it’s worth it. In my case I am trying to use my doodles when I blog, instead of the usual photography most people do. Also I am trying to post more in a ‘story telling’ style, since I also love writing. Kind of getting the blog together with things I love doing. I love your color scheme and the way you present your reviews and the blog in general, it’s very appealing to read :) ♥

  18. This is something I totally understand, especially as of lately. I looked down on myself for a LONG time because I felt like I could never come up with the creative features that everyone else did. It’s difficult because everything’s been done already. I think today being creative is more about being you and letting your personality shine through than anything else. At least, that’s what I focus on.

  19. very timely to have run across this blog post. I am currently participating in the A to Z Challenge, and it is harder then I originally thought to stay on topic as well as create creative content, while using a particular letter. It takes effort, but as long as you write in your own unique voice, even if it is a consistent topic, I think of a blog post as creative. I think we judge ourselves too hard sometimes. Your blog is pretty cool, glad I ran across it today! Have a great day!

  20. Of course I aspire to blog creatively! I want my blog to be my little creative sanctuary, from the name to the design to the posts I publish.
    I try to incorporate creativity into my blog through things like unique features, discussions, and my own voice. I try to get my personality across, and I think that is part of creativity. If a blog has a unique voice that really stands out, or uses GIFs in an interesting way or even has an interesting feature name .. I think it’s all creativity and I think t all helps in being memorable.
    I definitely feel the pressure. I feel the pressure for my blog to standout, and thus be more creative. But I try not to let it get to me. I’m happy with the things I post, otherwise there would be no chance of them being published. And people seem to like what I post, so I take a degree of comfort from that.
    I truly have no idea where my blog ideas come from, haha XD
    As for creativity, I guess all we can do is try. I don’t 100% know if my creativity is coming through or recognised, but I am trying my best, and I am happy with my blog. And I think that’s a lot more important. :D

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