Book Haul #13: Belated 2013 Books


Natalie Whipple – Transparent
Melissa Keil – Life In Outerspace (Won from Oops! I Read A Book Again!)
Trish Doller – Something Like Normal (Bought)


Shamini Flint – The Undone Years
Joanna Philbin – The Daughters

IMG_0727 IMG_0725

David Levithan – Everyday (Signed + Won from The Paper Sea!)
Marie Lu – Legend (Gifted by Elyssa!)


First book haul post of 2014, hooray! The books above are actually from last December but I wasn’t able to post about them so I reckoned I’d do it now despite it being quite late already. Most of these books (those without remarks) are from the Pinoy Book Tours Christmas Party last month. Legend was the book I received for the Secret Santa exchange and I’m real excited to finally start this series!

I just went book shopping this weekend and I got sixteen new books- Fullybooked was on sale! I would have included my purchases here but then this post would be overflowing from all the awesome reads! Just watch out for my next haul post!

Anyway, what books did you guys get during the holidays?


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  1. Boooooks! *drools*

    I don’t think I’ve bought any books… *thinks* Aha! I did buy a book! Two, in fact!

    I got The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

    and Partials by Dan Wells.


  2. Oh my goodness, my love for Every Day knows no bounds. That book was beautifully written and I fell in love with the story and A. Ugh! You are so lucky to have an autographed copy of it. And Something Like Normal is fantastic. I love Trish Doller, she’s one of my favorites for sure.

  3. Life in Outer Space seems interesting! Plus, I think the cover is really cool with the contrasting colors and big font :p David Levithan’s books sounds good but heavy contemporary is not my thing ._.

    Last holiday I only got three books and those are The Selection, Siege and Storm and Bloodlines. I have read all of them except for Bloodlines because it was gifted to me and I haven’t started VA yet. This is probably a sign for me that I gotta start this year haha.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LEGEND!!!!!!!! *aggressively recommending you to read it LOL*
    AHHHH BOOKS!!! So many pretty books <333

    And wow! 16 books for the next haul! Exzzzited!
    I never knew there's a sale in fullybooked damn it :< might as well go to gateway to buy books since sale :D :D

    Happy reading!

  5. Nice haul I am so jealous! I very rarely buy books but I really want to read the Legend series. There’s been so much talk surrounding it and it just sounds so good. I hope it lives up to the hype.

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

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