#BookBingeBazaar 2018 Haul Galore

National Book Store held a three-day weekend bazaar in celebration of their 75th anniversary this week and after a stressful few days of catching up/studying for exams since I arrived from London, I decided to splurge on the something that makes me happy: books. And I bought twenty-six of them!

The Glittering Court · Inside of Out

Scythe · Look Both Ways · Never Ever · Highly Illogical Behavior · All In Pieces · Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Amina’s Voice · Alex, Approximately · Outrun the Moon · Shuffle, Repeat · Happily Ever After

Empire of Storms · Want · And I Darken · In the Afterlight · Through the Dark · Slasher Girls & Monster Boys · A Matter of Heart · Beyond Clueless · The Fill-In Boyfriend

Don’t Fail Me Now · Summer of Supernovas · Land of 10,000 Madonnas · Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here

Which local bazaars are your fave? Have you read any of the titles above? If you went to the Book Binge Bazaar, which titles did you find?

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  1. When you splurge you go all out. :D So many good ones. I still want to get to Through the Dark but for some reason can’t get myself to actually buy it. And I am very curious about Want after reading a short story by Cindy Pon. I hope you enjoy them all.

  2. wow you really went all out :D i spy so many great titles on your haul, i hope you’ll enjoy reading them! in my country we usually have a once a year HUGE bazaar, the place is quite far from my place, like 3 hours car ride, but the price was so cheap (all ya books around $2 or $3) that it was always worth it :D

  3. I saw Tash Hearts Tolstoy when I was lined up at the counter and I almost cried because I just can’t let someone hold my line. I just cried deep inside. 😂

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