17 Memorable Moments from Bookworms Unite PH 2016

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 19

With the first two weeks of August over and more than a month past since I last posted anything, I think it’s about time I post this extremely overdue recap! In case you missed it (in which I think you totally missed out), last July, Filipino bookworms gathered at Tweedle Book Cafe for Bookworms Unite PH!

This event started last year when some of my blogger friends and I decided to organize a meet-up that brought together bloggers and readers from the Philippines. This year, the organizers were myself, Miel from Bookish and Awesome, Inah from The Bibliophile Confessions, Dianne from Oops I Read A Book Again, JM from Book Freak Revelations, Raffy from Eccentric Everything and Faye from The Social Potato! Without the help of these fabulous people, the following moments would not be possible…

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 28

1. That moment when you gather with your Bookworms Unite co-hosts to prep for the event and there’s so much excitement
2. That moment when fellow readers and bloggers are coming in and you hope you seem friendly enough because you wanna be friends with every single book nerd of ever

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 05

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 10

3. That moment when the book piles for prizes and giveaways get higher and higher and you’re just like *grabby hands*
4. That moment when the whole cafe is packed with book nerds and everything is glorious

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 06

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 07

5. That moment when everyone introduces themselves and talks about what they’re currently reading and so many of them are reading them the same book and you’re just like “obvs I need to read this book/series already”

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 02

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 01

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 03
6. That moment when the games start and you terribly enjoy watching people fail at guessing jumbled character names
7. Not to mention have too much fun watching people getting tortured over the word soup from hell

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 09

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 11

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 08
8. That moment when you get to talk to book lovers you’ve only talked to online and they’re just as awesome in real life!

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 27

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 35

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 18

9. That moment when everybody’s teaming up for the ultimate YA quiz game and you realize book nerds are hella competitive when they want to win books

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 26
10. That moment when your introvert self is slowly getting drained because of the many social interactions and also because you’re really hungry
11. That moment when you’re reenergized from eating some pretty good food from Tweedle and you’re ready to jump back into action

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 32

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 13

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 33
12. That moment when it’s time to play for the major prize and everybody bring’s their A-game on when guessing covers
13. That moment when you’re the one announcing who won Gemina and everybody holds their breath

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 31
14. That moment when it’s time for the book blind date and you eye the description on the wrappings like a Hunger Games contestant eyeing weapons and resources at the cornucopia
15. That moment when it’s raffle time and your name gets called early and you get to pick the book you really want

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 34

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 22

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 25

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 - 30
16. That moment when it’s time to say goodbye but you stay as long as you can to continue hanging out with your faves
17. That moment when you get home and you’re tired but incredibly happy to have been able to host a great event, meet such wonderful people and haul some new reads

Bookworms Unite PH 2016 Book Haul

Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster and Penguin Random House International for giving the coolest prizes. And of course, we’re forever grateful to the book nerds who joined us this year and made the event a happy, successful one!

Photo credits to JM, Faye and yours truly!

What memorable bookish events have you attended so far the past few months? Would you be interested in attending Bookworms Unite?

9 Responses

  1. Ahhh! About time Ate Hazel! Was actually looking forward to reading your recap (and everyone’s too!)

    This looks so fab, I’m still so jelly that I wasn’t able to go (like last year huhu) but hopefully, hopefully next year after graduation, I would be able to (If there will ever be a Bookworms Unite 3.0 – which I think is pretty likely haha!) I know some people who went and I managed to encourage a personal friend to go and I believe they’re all very happy too :)

    Anyway, I’m really glad you have fun, met so many new people, and got new books to read (your TBR won’t probably thank you for that though lol)

    Hoping to meet you in person soon (and the others too!)

  2. Of course Bookworms Unite 2.0 is on the top of my list of bookish events. It was such a fun event, and to be honest, I just really wanted to meet you guys. The books were consolation prizes next to gaining new bookish friends and finally meeting the faces that I have only known online for so long. You have no idea how I was squealing on the inside like, “Omg, I’m finally meeting the person who inspired me to blog. Act normal, self. 😂”

    Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event and I hope that we could still do it in the next years to come. ❤

    P.S. I totally agree with you. I should have bought some food because I was so drained in the first two games. The introvert bar of socialization is quick to drain. 😂

  3. This is possibly my most memorable bookish event yet. I really had a great time although I’m super awkward and barely talked. The games were so much fun and everyone is just sooo intense in it hahaha. I really hope there’ll be another one next year :)

    And you got The Coldest Girl in Coldtown! That one’s from me. I hope you enjoy it :D

  4. This recap, in all honesty, made my day! I was having such a gloomy day until I came across this much-awaited recap! I have firsthand experience on almost all of your moments, and I am in love with this style! Anyway, here’s to seeing each other again soon because you (must) know just how much this post made me miss you guys in every way possible! <3

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