Cast A Harry Potter Spell

Jasmine from Flip That Page came up with this fabulous bookish survey! I had so much fun answering! I mean, it’s an HP-themed survey! How awesome is that? (PS: Click the book covers to go to Goodreads)

Cast A Spell

fixes damaged objects
A book that needs some serious fixing: The Infinite Moment of Us (Lauren Myracle). A lot of people really disliked this. It was good enough for me but I know that if it had some tweaking, specifically an attitude fix for the the characters, it could have been easily a fabulous read for everyone.

creates a narrow beam of light
A book that deserves more attention: The Rule of Thirds (Channel Guertin). I found this on Netgalley. Tthe cover, with the pretty TLR, captured me at first. But eeeep, it was SUCH a good read. Absolutely enjoyable, fun and everything a contemporary should be! Too bad international readers don’t know much about this.

counters the effects of Lumos
An overhyped book: Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire). This is one of, if not the most, hyped book in the NA genre. I was torn about how I felt about it (disliked most but still enjoyed parts of it), but generally, I was disappointed.

summons an object from a significant distance
A book you’re anticipating: The Blood of Olympus (Rick Riordan). How many more days to go? Infinite. The answer is infinite. *sulks in a corner* *waits 2389183232849341092 years*

opens unlocked doors, unless bewitched
A book you want to be more open about: Room (Emma Donoghue). I’ve had this one on my shelf for the longest time but I just can’t  seem to bring myself to read it. I’ve given the adult genre several tries and generally liked most of those I’ve read, but I can’t seem to bring myself to read this. I wish I could be more open to it.

Expecto Patronum
conjures an incarnation of positive feelings
A book that made you cry, or at least want to: If I Stay (Gayle Forman). Oh the tears. There was an ocean of them. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with an author at first cry, but Gayle Forman was an exception.

conjures the Dark Mark
A book you wish to mark as one of your favorites: How To Love (Katie Cotugno). I read this this month and loved it A WHOLE LOT. This totally captures the phrase “perfectly imperfect.” I wish others didn’t dislike it as much as they did because this is really now a favorite of mine.

Petrificus Totalus
petrifies victim
A book you wish to keep forever: Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell). I will never let go of this book. I wish to spend the rest of my days with this tucked safely on my shelf so that I can read it whenever I want to relive the feels all over again.

shield charm
An intimidating book you keep putting off: The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater). I’ve only put it off once because I really really wasn’t feeling like reading at the time. And I really really want to enjoy that book, thus I will put it on hold for awhile. I’ll get back to it soon promise.

used against a boggart
A book with a deceiving synopsis: Just For Now (Abbi Glines). I feel like the synopsis should have warned me about all the sex. I seriously thought it was going to be sweet and romantic but it was mostly about steamy, angsty sex. First to last page.

Lacarnum Inflamarae
shoots fireballs
A book you wish to burn out of your mind completely: Twilight (Stephanie Meyer). Sometimes I really just want to forget I read that series because I feel embarrassed overtime I have to admit it. In my defense, I was really young then.

Wingardium Leviosa
levitates objects
A book you wish to reread: Looking For Alaska (John Green). This book convinced me how awesome John Green is and how beautiful his writing is. It lead me to reading the rest of his books and I’ll be forever thankful. Anyway, I seriously want to reread it.

Avada Kedavra
causes instant death
Worst book EVER: The Almost Moon (Alice Sebold). I bought this book because it was super cheap on sale and was written by the author of The Lovely Bones (I only watched the movie) but oh wow, this has got to be the worst book I ever read. It was disturbing and disgusting and just terrible. I don’t think there was even a purpose as to why it was such. Just plain sickening.

Spells Cast On You

puts victim in unconscious state
A book with a chapter you couldn’t seem to get over: Chapter LI (51) of The Mark of Athena (Rick Riordan). I was rocking myself back and forth, crying, and bawling during the last part.

causes befuddlement or forgetfulness
A book that generally confused you: Gates of Paradise (Melissa De La Cruz). See, I was really excited for this finale. But the ending just left me confused and basically going ‘WTF was that’.

inflicts unbearable pain
A book that was a pain to read: Love Story (Jennifer Echols). There were parts where the MC’s writing (yeah, the MC was a writer) was featured and I felt like I jumped in to a really really bad romance novel. So yeah, it was a pain.

heals relatively minor injuries
A feel good book that you enjoyed: Anna and The French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins). This is definitely my feel good book! What can I say? Stephanie’s writing is just oh so good.

temporarily disarms an opponent
A book with a swoon-worthy character: The Sky Is Everywhere (Jandy Nelson). Joe fucking Fontaine. Swoony french boy musician whose kiss makes the whole world fucking explode. *bow*

impedes target’s progress
A book that kept you up all night reading: I’m always up late at night really, but I particularly didn’t sleep at all for House of Hades (Rick Riordan). I could not put it down. I just couldn’t.

immediate silencing
A book that left you speechless after you read it: Lots of books have had me speechless but one that I really loved was Golden (Jessi Kirby). It was just so inspiring for me.

allows you to delve into someone’s mind
A book with well-developed characters: Where She Went (Gayle Forman). Adam’s character development was just really amazing. He transformed right before my eyes. Even, Mia, developed well as a character through Adam’s perspective.

a spell that turns you upside down
A book that changed your mind about a character from its prequel: Yet again, my answer is House of Hades (Rick Riordan). Nico Di Angelo, man. I’ve never been a fan, nor was I a hater. But that definitely changed when I read HoH.

used to hide memories
A book with a story you can’t remember: Hold Still (Nina La Cour). I remember thinking the writing was really good but I just can’t remember the story or the MC’s name in particular.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi
useless spell
A boring book that had absolutely no effect on you: A Kiss In Time (Alex Flinn). I liked Beastly, but I only read that one because of the movie (and I only watched the movie because of Alex Pettyfer hahahaa). This one bored me though.

breaks through solid objects
A book that convinced you to reconsider a certain genre: Because Of Low (Abbi Glines). Abbi Glines and this book was the reason I started reading more NA. Marcus Hardy was kinda yummy.

tickling spell
A book that made you laugh: Audrey, Wait! (Robin Benway). This book was absolutely awesome. My stomach hurt from laughing so so much. I love love love Robin Benway’s humour.

offensive spell that violently wounds the target
A book that may have scarred you for life: The Fault In Our Stars (John Green). Definitely not ‘scarred’ in a bad way, but in the best way. I’ll remember this book forever. As a wise man (aka John Green) once said, “The marks humans leave are too often scars.”

makes you dance uncontrollably
A series finale that made you feel giddy: Perfect Fifths (Megan McCafferty). Quite the unpopular opinion, but it was rather perfect for me. Jessica and Marcus, after all, were very unusual characters and I think the ending rather suited them well.

Bombarda Maxima
causes an explosion that breaks through obstacles
A book that made you explode with the feels: Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi). WARNER FEELS X1000000!!!! And I quote, “I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with.” *EXPLODES*

Finite Incantatem
nullifies other spells
A book you thought you’d dislike, but ended up loving: Miss Peregrine’s (Ransom Riggs). I’m not into those creepy type of books, but with Ransom’s writing- I was just wowed and really amazed.

I thank Jasmine‘s genius mind for this! Y’all should definitely join in on this cool survey! Do tell if you’ve done this so I can check out yours too! :D

10 Responses

  1. Ooh, I love this! I might have to have a try myself soon.
    You MUST read The Raven Boys! I finished the sequel yesterday and I find them so gorgeous. Maggie Stiefvater is such a brilliant author.

  2. I want to comment on every single spell you made but that would take FOREVER so let me write a gist. I seriously love anything by Rick Riordan so I agree 100% with all his books mentioned. I also really liked If I Stay but I haven’t read Where She Went yet so I might get to it soon! I loved Miss.Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children too! And I definitely need to read Shatter Me because I’ve heard only amazing things about it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I keep meaning to do this one! I have it bookmarked and everything… Gah!

    And you really need to read The Raven Boys – I put it off for so long too and it was the stupidest thing I ever did. It’s just incredible! And it could also be marked under the “misleading synopsis” section, because the cover makes you think it’ll be far more romantic than it actually is. The focus is more on the mystery and ghostliness – and I hate ghosty stuff so for me to say that it was a new favorite should tell you how good it was! :D

  4. YEEEEEES! <– this serves a double purpose by the way. Yes to you doing this survey, and yes to your picks! GAHH where do I begin. First of all, I totally agree with the Rick Riordan love. I just don't know how I'm going to be able to manage waiting for yet another year, and even the fraggin TITLE is making me excited! And once it gets here, most likely I won't be able to keep a level head for long. I am totally going to freak out and lose my cool XD Anna And The French Kiss was definitely THE feel-good book of the year in my opinion. Gosh. Etienne. Paris. No words <3 And then there's Unravel Me. OHHHH that devious, devious book. Warner spurs my devotion to this series. And I thought at first that I'd just HATE him XD And please read The Raven Boys!! You will love it (I hope!) I really liked If I Stay too, though not as much as Where She Went, and Eleanor and Park would have to be the single most touching and powerful book I've ever read thus far. And oh, I've read Twilight too, but I generally try to forget that I ever did. In my similar defense, I was young too. HA! Great answers Hazel, thanks again for this <3

  5. I also can’t wait for BoO! I’m currently halfway through HoH AND OHMYGOD NICO MY BABY NICO LEMME HUG HIM ‘KAY <3

    Looking For Alaska was honestly my favorite book from John Green. The authenticity of the characters and the depressing parts were very well done and although there were like a gazillion of swear words…I still love it.


    Love your answers, Hazel <3 I totally agree with you on MoA and HoH :p

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