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Hi everyone! Last year, I reviewed a gem of a book called The Rule of Thirds, a young adult novel following teen photographer, Pippa Greene! I was able to read the sequel, Depth of Field, a few months ago and found it as enjoyable as the first!

And today, I’m so happy to be sharing a very special post, from the author of the Pippa Greene series herself, Chantel Guertin, for her book’s blog tour! Please welcome Chantel on the blog!

Depth of Field by Chantel Guertin


Two weeks in New York City should be the time of Pippa’s life: she’s attending the prestigious Tisch Photography Camp, her boyfriend, Dylan McCutter (two months and counting!) is coming with her, and their parents are 500 miles away. Talk about lights, camera, (swoony, unchaperoned) action! But what should be 14 unforgettable days of bliss turns into chaos when her one and only nemesis, Ben Baxter, proves to be surprisingly more complex than she could’ve ever imagined, and her Tisch mentor, a renowned photographer, seems to have a lot more to do with her parents’ past than anyone wants her to know. Is Pippa out of her depth?

Picking up where she left off in The Rule of Thirds, Pippa Greene returns in Depth of Field, in a story full of the same heart, comedic touches, and romance that made readers fall in love with Chantel Guertin’s charming YA series.

Expected release: August 12, 2014

Add Depth of Field to your Goodreads shelves!

Tisch Camp 101

Pippa loves making rules (and somehow managing to break them). Depth of Field ends in New York, but here’s an imagined set of rules Pippa might have written upon returning home to Spalding.


Written upon returning home from Tisch Camp. In other words, these rules were a complete waste of time to write. What good are they going to do me now?!

  1. Don’t wear the school sweatshirt to the actual school. This isn’t Friday Night Lights. Nobody thinks you’re cool.
  2. If you are going to ignore Rule #1, own the look. Actually, this a good rule for every decision in life.
  3. Do not get wasted. Nothing good will come of it!
  4. When Ramona insists just one little drink won’t hurt, read Rule #3 again.
  5. Just because the cafeteria has an all-you-can-eat ice cream bar, doesn’t mean you should have ice cream at every single meal.
  6. Bring more than one pair of jeans. New Yorkers live in their jeans.
  7. Bring jeans in multiple sizes if you plan on ignoring Rule #5.
  8. Never ever ever agree to a textual communication ban with your boyfriend. What is this, the Dark Ages?
  9. When you think you’ve taken enough photos, take one more. A picture’s worth more than a thousand words. It’ll make for a lifetime of memories.
  10. Have fun. And if you must, ignore all these rules. It’s only two weeks. What could go wrong?


All my favourite YA books (If I Stay, Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fault in Our Stars) are becoming movies, and I couldn’t be happier about this! While there are no plans yet for Pippa to appear on the big screen, you never know, right? Here’s my dream cast of the moment. But I’d love to hear who YOU think should play these characters!

dof dream cast1

Pippa Greene, Our leading girl: Zoey Deutch

Dylan McCutter, OB (Official Boyfriend) of Pippa for two months and counting. While Pippa’s in New York, Dylan’s on the road with the Cherry Blasters: Dylan O’Brien

Ben Baxter, Pippa’s nemesis, who is also at Tisch Camp: Austin Butler

Dace, Pippa’s best friend: Taylor Swift

dof dream cast2

Ramona, Pippa’s roommate at Tisch: Dakota Fanning

David Westerly, Pippa’s mentor at Tisch, and a friend of her father’s: Simon Baker

Julian: Logan Lerman

Izzy: Ansel Elgort

Savida: Keke Palmer 


And now, for a little photo montage. While writing Depth of Field I took two trips to New York for research. So I’m going to take you on a little tour of some of the spots that made it into the book!

tisch ny

  1. Tisch at NYU. Here’s the outside of the building.
  2. The photo wall of students and faculty on the photography floor at Tisch.
  3. One student’s work: photos mounted on bottle caps. So cool.
  4. Brad’s, where Pippa and Ramona hang out.
  5. The building that inspired David’s studio.
  6. The apartment that inspired Aunt Emmy’s apartment.
  7. Think, the coffee shop David takes Pippa to.

For more photos that inspired scenes in Depth of Field, head over to my Instagram page (@ChantelGuertin).

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I hope y’all enjoyed Chantel’s awesome guest post! That dream cast is utter perfection, right? One thing I really loved about Depth of Field was getting to know Tisch and experiencing photography camp through Pippa so I wanted to share that with you guys! I hope you go check out The Rule of Thirds (if you haven’t yet) and the very soon to be released Depth of Field! :)

How did you like Pippa’s all-in-one guide to Tisch? Let me know!

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12 Responses

  1. If I’d go to NY I’d photograph the daily things a person is always looking at,like people crossing the street,Central Park,maybe an ice crean that fell,etc etc
    Because I think that is the way how you can show other people what is around you,and how beautiful it is.
    But also I’d photograph funny things like people that is wearing customs or anything else,all I need is creativity:)

    Great blog!

  2. I would love to have an all-you-can-eat ice cream bar! That would make all my dreams come true. I also love If I Stay and Perks! Eeep!

    I would love to see everything in New York. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Yankee Stadium and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My camera would be very happy!

  3. I already live in New York so there isn’t much I haven’t already seen. I say some place upstate with fields and maybe mountains, somewhere that photographs nicely, if we’re not talking about NYC. If NYC then I guess liberty island since I have yet to go there!

  4. I have been to New York once but if I could go again I would go to the High Line Park, the Strand and I would go to the 9/11 memorial again, because that was very impressive and I would like to see the museum, as it was still closed when I was there last year.

  5. A better question: What won’t I photograph?
    My trusty Nikon almost never leaves my side. I photograph everything, whether I’m hiking, shopping, or sightseeing. At the end of the summer, I’d probably have thousands of photos (I’ll delete the ones that suck and edit my favorites, of course). There’d probably be a few touristy photos and tons of street photography.

  6. I’d love to spend time in Central Park, photograph beautiful scenes and buildings, and of course sample some of the best food.

  7. I don’t exactly have specific places that I want to go to because I picture New York as a really, REALLY vast city full of amazing destination spots. Saying that, it’s really hard to pin point a certain location. However, I’d love to go to their parks and restaurants and just experience the American dream vibe. I’d love to see the sidewalks, the apartments, the people, the bookshops and the cafes. I’d also love to see the more rural part of it, probably with fields and mountains and stuff. :D :)

  8. I’d take photographs of the city, the people, anything there generally because I rarely get to go to amazing places, but the best way to make something memorable for me is for something out of this world to happen

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