Getting a Bookstore Membership Card

I recently got a bookstore membership card from Kinokuniya! I attended a book signing at their NYC location (which I’ll write about soon) for the first time and I got excited thinking about what other future events they might have, which made me decide getting a bookstore membership might be worth it in the long run.

Not only will I get a 10% discount on most of their books and other items, but I also got this cool card with a limited edition design of the art from the movie Suzume. Kinokuniya Membership costs $25 annually.

So far, this is the only bookstore membership card I have in the US. When I was in the Philippines, I had one for Fully Booked. I went to my local branch so often then that I have no doubt the discounts I got made getting the card worth it. I also splurged on huge book hauls before so having the membership card almost felt like a necessity.

Since moving to the other side of the world, I’ve been more frugal with buying books. Still, I love supporting the amazing independent bookstores in NYC and I kinda wish most of them also had cool membership cards.

I guess I’m wondering if readers elsewhere in the US and around the world have bookstore membership cards and believe that they are worth it. If you have one or don’t, I’d love to know why. Let’s discuss!

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