Meeting Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass, author of The Selection series, was in Manila yesterday for a book signing. Being a fan of her books, I wasn’t going to let this rare opportunity pass me by.

Registration was crazy! I planned on coming early, only to end up a little late. I didn’t imagine to be pushed back to No. 146 though! I heard around 600 people came. Obviously, Kiera had a lot of fans.

The event itself started around 4pm. You could practically feel the energy of everyone who came as we awaited Kiera’s arrival. The buzz in the air was exciting. (Never mind the fact that it was also jam-packed and rowdy.) Finally, Kiera came. Everyone started squealing and fangirling. Kiera dabbed a few tears, clearly overwhelmed by the love. (So cute right?)


L – Calm down, shhhhh; M – Kiera & the host; R – Kiera & dressed up fan

When the crowd calmed down, the interview started. Kiera explained how she came up with the concept of the book, the characters, how she loved both her boys and who was the better kisser. The audience laughed and fangirled some more.

The signing started shortly after but of course I had to wait for my turn. When I finally got to meet Kiera up close, I practically choked. I just stared at her as she signed my books. I snapped out of my reverie when we took a picture together. (My smile was foolishly wide and I mostly look stupid haha so yeah I covered my face)

kiera & hazel_1

And yes, I’m wearing a tiara!!!


My pretty tiaraaaa

As Kiera was signing my friends’ books, she asked me if I read John Green (probably because I share the same name with Hazel of TFIOS) and I was like HELL YES I LOVE HIM!!! I wanted to hug her so bad right there and then but the people in charge were already driving us away. Before we left, my friends took a picture with Kiera’s kind husband, Calloway, who was gracious enough to let them. (He and Kiera were so sweet btw! Kiera said Calloway was the inspiration for both Maxon and Aspen)

That was pretty much the end of the event! Aside from meeting Kiera and getting my books signed, there were several more highlights of the day, such as reuniting with my friends and meeting Alena!


Me (leftmost) with my crazy bookish friends, Krysten and Shannen


Alena of Keep Booked

I really love book signings! This is the fourth one I’ve gone to so far and I’ve never failed to enjoy myself during these events. Looking forward to the next one!


Yes, I’m a princess!!!! I love how Kiera used pen colors that coincide with the color of the book cover ;)

How about you? Have you attended a book signing? If yes, what’s your favorite memory? Share them and comment below!

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  1. WOOHOO sounds like so much fun! And is that a girl who just went to in a gown? XD Anyway, I really do hope I can go to the next signing (whenever that is, and whoever it is that’s doing the signing). Why are you covering your face in that one pic? HAHA! I’d love to meet other bloggers too! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve let anyone else see me before. I’m such a recluse XD

  2. aww this is so cute! I wish I was in Manila right now. So jelly! I’m glad you got to meet her though & omg that’s a lot of people. I’ve never been into a signing :( but in the future I will, fo’sho!

    Leigh, LBS ★

  3. Awww, how awesome! It’s so great when you get to meet an author whose books you love. I can’t believe how many people showed up to this event. Crazy!

    By the way, your blog is so cute! It’s nice to meet you! :)

  4. First, I can’t believe you have a pic with a giant blue circle over your face! haha. I can’t imagine you look that bad! Oh well, I’d pry be the same way. :P

    And oooh looks like a fun time! I’ve actually never been to a book event, so I have no idea how I’d handle being face to face with an author I admire. I’d probably make a fool out of myself!

    1. Lol!! It was super fun!! How come? There’s quite a lot of opportunities to meet authors there, right? Haha, I always fangirl when I meet authors I love, I pretty much embarrass myself every time.

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