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Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner came up with a cool new survey! Basically you just have to use book titles to answer each question about your YA life. Since I’m still a teenager myself, I’ll be pretty much just describing my life right now. This is such a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better so I’m really excited! :)

my ya life


the-duffHow would you describe your 16 year old self? The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
When You Looked Into The Mirror What Did You See:  Not Pretty Enough (True. In other news, I’m currently reading this one!)
Your 16 your old self outlook on life/mottoThe Sky Is Everywhere (Hard to explain this but mostly, I just felt that life was limitless, y’know?)
How You Think People Would Describe Your Personality:  The Good Girl (Nice and pleasant.)
Describe An Insecurity In High School: Speak (I was and still am a terrible conversationalist. I was always insecure that people around me felt awkward or disinterested.)
Describe Your Worst Trait As A TeenSpeechless (Unless it was about books, I never have anything to say.)
Describe the contents of your diary/journalThe Book of Broken Hearts (I’ve never been heart broken- except for fictional characters- but I mostly rant on my journal about my disappointments.)
Your biggest FearNever Enough (I’m not a perfectionist or anything but I was always striving to be good.)
You excelled atJust Listen (I was good at listening to people’s dilemmas.)
You were always concerned about:  Pushing the Limits
You Thought Your Life WasSomething Like Normal (It ain’t special or anything endearing.)

Love Life

How would you sum up your high school love life? The Lonely Hearts Club (Also known as The-I-Have-No-Love-Life club.)
Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school? Silence (Can’t give you an answer because I’ve never had a boyfriend.)
Describe your first kissAnna and the French Kiss (I’m kidding. I’ve never been kissed. Do I hear you gasp? Well, it isn’t a big deal.)
Your philosophy on dating/loveOne Day (I’ll find someone soon enough.)
Describe Your Worst Break UpGetting Over Garrett Delaney (Obviously, I’ve never gone through a break up. That would entail being in a relationship with someone. But Getiing Over Garrett Delaney’s a really good book though! If I ever go through a break up, I’ll read it again.)


Your relationship with your mom as a teenParallel (My mom and I were okay.)
Your relationship with your dad as a teenBloom (My dad and I weren’t close when I was a kid but as I grew up as teen, our relationship developed.)
Your relationship with a siblingLove You Hate You Miss You (I only have my younger sister. We were hellbent on pissing off each other before, but now we’ve become more sisterly. Sadly, she’s away right now, studying abroad.)
What you thought about your parents rules/parenting styleBe More Chill (My parents were chill when it came to rules but I wish they were cool and more friendly with my friends.)


Describe you and your best friend/s at 16Tangled (Yep, we were a very clingy mess.)
Your Social StatusGeek Charming (Yeah, I have a geeky streak but I was friends with most of my batchmates.)
Describe Your Group Of FriendsCrazy (You don’t even want to know the things we did.)


Your Perception Of High School Upon EnteringPandemonium (Imagine this: First day of school. You’re the new girl. You enter your classroom. There are girls screaming at each other, like they haven’t seen each other in a 100 years. They’re screaming really loud. So yeah, complete pandemonium.)
Your relationship with academicsBittersweet (I used to have a brain in high school. College obliterated it.)
Your Weekends WereBreathe (Yep, it’s a time to relax and just breathe.)
If Your High School Life Was A Movie It would be calledSorta Like a Rock Star (LOL, I wish.)
A Class You Wish High School Would Have OfferedMegan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys (I came from an all girls high school. So yeah, a class about what to do around boys would have been helpful.)
Your Senior Year WasGolden (No, actually, not really.)
Describe promForever (Yeah, I wish it could’ve gone on that long.)
When High School Ended It WasThe Corner of Bitter and Sweet (A part of me was sad but a part of me was glad it was over.)

The Future

How You Felt About The Prospect of CollegeTake Me There (I dreaded it but at the same time, I was really excited to start.)
How You Thought Your Life Would Be At 17 (insert whatever age you are now)The Moon and More (I thought I’d be successful at things.)

Your Life Now

Describe Your Love Life NowThe Art of Wishing (Love life is still nonexistent. I’m forever wishing for it to happen already.)
Describe The State Of Your Friendship With Your High School BFF/sHush, Hush (We haven’t been in touch much lately.)
Your Relationship With Your Parents NowSo Much Closer (I’m slowly feeling like I can tell them things now.)
Your Thoughts On Your High School Reunion (either if you had it or if it’s upcoming)Amplified (I’m sure it’ll be loud and insane.)
Biggest Lesson You Learned In High SchoolA Really Awesome Mess (That’s what life is.)
One Thing You WISHED You Had LearnedBeing Friends with Boys (I’m still really awkward when it comes to them.)
Advice You Wish You Could Have Given Your Teen SelfSometimes It Happens (Don’t let failures get you down.)
Something You Could Learn From Your 16 Year Old SelfThis Is What Happy Looks Like (I was really happy then. Now, not so much.)

So… what do you guys think? Any comments you want to make about my YA life? (Go ahead, you can make fun of it. Seriously.) What would your answer be to some of the questions? Leave your thoughts below!

PS: If you guys are planning to answer this survey too, you can go ahead and grab the banner I made. I’d love it if you could link it back to me. :-)

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  1. This is such a cool post! Never knew you never had a boyfriend. Haha! Well I guess that just never came up XD I’m doing this next week, except for that last bit, since it requires me to have graduated from high school, and that isn’t till next year. But I think high school’s been pretty normal too. I’m known as a geek as well (well, all of us are geeks but still!). I’m not much of a conversationalist either, but I get around. I thought prom was pretty fun! I’m looking forward to senior prom :3 Oh and, it was so cool getting to know more about you Hazel! :)

    1. I’m a bit choosy. I don’t even do crushes. (Unless it’s someone unattainable like a celebrity or a fictional character.) Yey, I can’t wait to read your answers then! Really, you aren’t a conversationalist? You seem like someone who makes great conversations! Proms at our high school were more of partying and wearing fancy dresses, really. I didn’t bring a date (Yeah, we’re supposed to be the ones to find dates. All-girls schools suck.)- most of my classmates were the same. Still, junior and senior prom were unforgettable. Best memories ever. :)

  2. I love reading everyone’s answers to Jamie’s most recent questionnaire, it’s fascinating to see how varied the answers are! I particularly liked your answer for “Your 16 Year-Old Self Outlook on Life/Motto” – At that age I really thought that the possibilities for my life were limitless too, so your choice really spoke to me. Sometimes I wish I could re-capture some of that youthful optimism today.

    1. True! I’ve been going around blogs commenting on their questionnaires, actually! It’s nice to know more about bloggers and their YA life. Thank you, Jen! It’s why The Sky Is Everywhere really holds a special place in my heart. :)

  3. Girl, you’ve got plenty of time to meet the right guy! Most YA guys are immature perverts anyway… so look on the bright side… you are skipping that phase! Plus, the more times you give your heart away, the less you have to give to the right person!
    It is interesting to see how almost everyone that has done this survey was extremely insecure about their looks. It’s sad! I am going to do everything I can to make my kids always feel beautiful, even though I think insecurity is bound to come regardless.

    1. THANK YOU, BETTY! Your words are inspiring. This has got to be the best comment I’ve received this week. <3

      I think insecurity is inevitable especially when you're a teenager like me. I've become more confident though, I just needed some people to tell me I look pretty okay. You'll be a lovely mom for sure. :)

  4. Really clever answers to all of theses questions. Also, thanks for following me I love your blog and your banners. What do you use to make them? :)

  5. These posts are so fun to read about! It looks like the majority are contemporary authors. It’s amazing how fitting these titles are for the questions! And don’t worry girl, I haven’t been kissed yet, either. ;) Lovely post, Hazel!

  6. I haven’t done this survey because I feel like it would be hard to do, but love reading the answers! I like how the title may lead you to think one thing, but then in the parenthesis it states something completely different, haha. But hey, I think you’re pretty kick ass, even if you are a bit quiet in real life. And boys? They’re distracting. I say enjoy your freedom away from them while you can ;) haha.

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