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Happy Monday, my lovelies! I thought I’d share a rather helpful post today rather than my usual boring tirade. Truth be told, I’m not one to share blogging tips on here. I don’t feel proficient enough to write such posts. However, sharing some tips was the first idea that popped to mind when I pondered on what to blog about today. I’m just gonna go with it.

With that, let me dole out a few bits of blogging wisdom just for you.


  1. Write it out- what’s on your mind, how you’re feeling about something, what you’ve been up to. If you think it’s blog-worthy, put it on a post.
  2. Visuals are important. Banners, graphics or photographs are a great way to keep your audience reading, especially if your post is really really long.
  3. That said, please don’t go grabbing other people’s graphics/photos. If you want to use someone else’s stuff on your blog, make sure to ask permission or give credit. This is seriously important blogger etiquette.
  4. Blog design matters. Not so much that it has to be completely snazzy and out of this world amazing, but it matters because it can pave a way for your content to shine and be noticed.
  5. Have blogging tools on hand. Whether it’s your trusty laptop (That’s mine on the photo above- isn’t it awesome?! I love my laptop case!), a pocket notebook for ideas or just your phone to tweet a blog update, keep them close.
  6. Join the community. There’s a whole wide world of other bloggers out there who love the same stuff you do and are just as passionate about blogging. Seek them out.
  7. Carry on. Even if you take a blogging break, get back to it. Because you love it, don’t you?

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  1. These are great tips! I’m so distracted by your gorgeous laptop cover. I’m so jealous!!! Where did you get that?!?! It’s pretty. I need a new cover my laptop is so boring compared to your, lol.

  2. These are great tips, Hazel. I especially love the last one. Right now I have been in a blogging slump because I have been working on Camp NaNoWriMo and school, and I’ve taken a one month impromptu hiatus. Oops! Still, I hope to get back to blogging soon because I still love it and one month off won’t hurt me.

  3. Wonderful tips, hazel! I like how quick and easy all of these are to read through.

    For #7 I’d also add a “no stress” clause. Taking a blogging break is OKAY! It’s not something to get stressed about. Everyone will still be there for you if/when you get back.

  4. Aw, these tips are the best. I love the first one (and it’s given me a grand idea for what to post on Tuesdays) and I have to say that I haven’t just sat and wrote something about how I was feeling for a blog post. Not in a very long time, and yeah I really want to do it. :D

  5. I love these tips! I think the one I really like the most is the one about joining the community because I feel like this is the one that has been the most challenging to me. I’m super new at blogging but it’s taken me a lot to become a part of the group, Thank you for this post! :)

  6. These are such great tips Hazel! Especially #2 – it’s one that I know but never actually put into action. Visuals are something that I’ve slacked off on in my blog posts. I’m just too lazy to have them although I’m going to try to be better because they make all the difference! (As seen here with your lovely photograph and YES your laptop case is fabulous!)

    Anyway, thanks for the tips Hazel! They’re good reminders :)

  7. Every last one of these I give a hearty YES to! Also you’re doing a great job practicing what you preach; not only is your blog design gorgeous, but the picture you used for this post definitely caught my eye and made me want to read what you had to say! :D it’s a BRILLIANT case.

  8. These are really awesome tips, Hazel! Especially #1. Some people are scared that other people won’t like their content, but it’s your blog, so you should have the freedom to choose what you post. :) And as for #4… A fabulous blog design is just bonus points for me. I’d totally read your content as long as your blog is readable. (A readable font, colors that aren’t distracting… Yep, that’s about it!)

  9. such a great post! I LOVE a post with visuals – even though I’m an avid reader (duh) I find myseld drifting off and getting lost if there aren’t any visuals on a post. At least add a banner – it just makes me more excited to read the post.

  10. You have excellent blogging tips, Hazel! I definitely think you’ve made some sound, smart suggestions, and I certainly hope people take note ;) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Being a new blogger, I really appreciated reading your blogging tips. And I’m in TOTAL agreement with everyone else – your laptop cover is to die for. I need!!

    So happy I stumbled across your gorgeous blog, Hazel.

    Julia Anne

  12. Haha, yes your laptop is beautiful beautiful. ;) I have always tried my best to include graphics in most of my posts because they make the whole thing look a lot prettier. Thanks for sharing your tips! :D


  13. Great tips, Hazel! Especially the first one. I feel like so many of us put ourselves into a niche when we blog, and then feel like we can only post things that relate to that super-tiny niche. Before I started my book blog, I had a lifestyle blog, and I loved the freedom of being able to post ANYTHING because it was all related to my life (turns out no one was really interested in my life though…). I’m going to try and start posting a few non-book related things and see how it goes!
    Beth x

  14. I love your last tip! I was so out of loop the whole month of April because I traveled and was so busy and the thought of leaving my blog crossed my mind. But I realized I love reading and blogging about books so much that I can’t do that. Maybe several years from now. But right now, even though life gets in the way sometimes, I enjoy it so I will carry on. :)

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