Swoon Worthy Saturday #5 || Marcus Flutie

swoonworthy saturday

Saturday is a day for swooning. Swoon Worthy Saturday is a weekly meme where in we present a fictional boy who has swept us off our feet, given us butterflies, made our heart do acrobatics and driven us absolutely crazy! (Join the fun here.)

This lovely saturday, I shall introduce to you Marcus Flutie from Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series!!!!

The Gist of Marcus Flutie:

Apparently, Dave Franco is one of the most popular choices for Marcus. I’m not feeling it but okay.

1. A druggie and a stoner, he’s your typical slacker with an unknown genius

2. Widely known by the moniker “Krispy Kreme” because he’s always “burnt to a crisp” and is rumored to have “bought three boxes of donuts”

3. Wears Backstreet Boys shirts as a joke

4. He writes poems and songs; he’s also a musician

5. He’s a noncomformist, doesn’t give a damn about what people think of him

6. Sexy and enigmatic, an oxymoron of sorts

7. Ultimate bad boy

Marcus Flutie’s Swoon Worthy Moments slash Quotables:

Sloppy Firsts

A poem by Marcus

We are Adam and Eve
born out of chaos called creation
Ribbing me gave you life
yet you forget
there will always be
a part of me in you


“Did you know that the average American spends six months of his or her life waiting for red lights to turn green? Six months wasted, waiting for permission to move on. Think of all the other stuff you could do with that time.”
I was totally confused. “In the car?”
“In your life,” he said.”

Second Helpings 

Crocodile Lies (A song written and sung by Marcus for Jessica)

You, yes, you linger inside my heart

The same you who stopped us before we could start

I didnt want to leave, but you began to believe

Your own crocodile lies.

The only person stopping you is yourself,

You wont accept that I want no one else,

So until you do, Ill let someone else have you

Every day, I live the lie

But not the crocodile kind.

Charmed Thirds


It is. It is. I kissed him until I heard the tiny hairs prickling on his belly.

“You must be a long phase for me, Marcus Flutie.”

“The longest, Jessica Darling,” he replied.

Yes. Love has the longest arms.


Fourth Comings 

A handwritten letter from Marcus to Jessica

The tales we tell ourselves about ourselves make us who we are. To know them, dear Jessica, is to know you. And I want to know you always.

Forever, Marcus


And so I’ll let you go, and let it be.

Perfect Fifths

“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you forever.”

“I was waiting for you,” Marcus says. “The whole time.”


Gone for a while
Hoping, always, to return
If you will let me


MARCUS FLUTIE, OH GOD. (I’m reliving my love for this man as I write this post.) Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series is quite unforgettable. Seriously, it is. It’s impossible to forget how much I related to Jessica, how much I loved reading her, and of course, how much I FELL IN LOVE WITH MARCUS. Marcus is a freaking DREAMBOAT. ‘Nuff said.

Have you read the Jessica Darling series? (If you’re a teenage girl and you haven’t read it, you’re missing an incredibly large part of life.) If you’ve read the it, what did you think of Marcus? Did you love him too? Share what you loved about him or the book and comment below! And don’t forget to come back again and swoon with me over book boys next Saturday!

Who’s had you swooning lately?
Leave your link at the comment section!

16 Responses

  1. MARCUS! I am so in love with him; ASDFGHJKL. I am so happy that you chose him as a swoon worthy book boy :D I never got around to read the third, fourth, and fifth books in this series, but I adore the first two. Do you think the later ones are as good as the first two? The only reason I haven’t read them, is because I am missing Charmed Thirds in my collection, and they don’t print it with the right cover to fit with the other books :(

    1. The first two books are a favorite of mine, but I gotta say I’d feel incomplete if I didn’t get to read the next books. Oh gosh, I hate it when that happens. I feel so sad when my copies of series don’t match. :-(

  2. DAMN I need to collect this series D: I mean, I’ve only read Sloppy Firsts but Marcus in it was just. JUST. OHGOD D: I LOVE HIM!! I’m not feeling the Dave Franco either (though he is scorching). He kind of feels more like a Colton Haynes or Dean Geyer, but that’s just me XD Happy you featured him~

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen your Swoon Worthy Saturdays feature and I LOVE IT! You should definitely make it a meme. It’s been a while since I’ve read The Jessica Darling series but I remember swooning a lot over Marcus. The “I wish our love was right now” line is one of my favorites <3

  4. A druggie and a stoner? I’m already in love. Kidding. But he does look yummy~ And anyone who wears Backstreet Boys shirts as a joke is my kind of people :D And and I have a soft spot for bad boy musicians. I might have to check this series out :)

    1. Eeeeppppp, can’t believe you commented on a post of mine!!! Thank you so much for checking this one out!! Actually, it took me a while to see Marcus’ appeal too. But when I read Second Helpings, I was crazy about him! It’s why I always recommend that people read the whole series so they could experience the full “Marcus Flutie” effect. :)

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