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Meeting fellow book bloggers is always a joy. These are my people after all. So imagine how happy I was when I finally met Joséphine of Word Revel, my blog twin from Singapore. In one awesome afternoon, we visited Library@Orchard, ate fantastic ice cream and explored the artsy Haji Lane and colorful Arab Street. 

One of the things that make this bookish girl incredibly happy is meeting other bookish people in real life. I’ve had the pleasure to meet more than several over the two years I’ve been book blogging but I know there are so many more of you out there who I must hang out and talk books […]

I’m alive! I’m alive! I’ve survived through a week of not blogging and keeping mostly away (at least as much as I could) from social media. I’m taking everyone’s advice and focusing on what I really need to do for the moment. That said, of course, if I’m able to find time or stay up late […]

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