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Story Soundtrack is where I feature a book and a song that I think embodies its story. Hi, everyone! It’s time to present another soundtrack here on the blog! For today, I’m featuring Through The Ever Night, the second book in the Under The Never Sky series. I recently fell in love with this series so […]

“Now that was so much better!”  was the first thought that popped in to my head after reading Through The Ever Night. While the first book, Under The Never Sky, was an awesome read for me, my absolute like for Veronica Rossi’s writing grew even more with this second book. Elaborating on that is pretty hard […]

1. Kasie West – The Distance Between Us 2. Matthew Quick – Sorta Like A Rock Star 3. Nina La Cour – The Disenchantments 4. Veronica Rossi – Under The Never Sky 5. Veronica Rossi – Through The Ever Night 6. Sarah J. Maas – Throne Of Glass 7. Kasie West – Pivot Point   I […]

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