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I feel like the book gods have blessed me this year. Six months have passed now and I’ve read nothing but good books. Some fabulous, amazing, I’ll-love-you-forever books too. I’ve got an awesome reading streak going and I’m very much hoping this continues onto next half of 2015. Current Reading Stats: 48/100 books read I’ve been behind […]

I’m alive! I’m alive! I’ve survived through a week of not blogging and keeping mostly away (at least as much as I could) from social media. I’m taking everyone’s advice and focusing on what I really need to do for the moment. That said, of course, if I’m able to find time or stay up late […]

The week has been kinda hell-ish so I’m so glad it’s over! I had my exams so there was lots of procrastinating err… rather- late-night stuDYING. Mostly for my two toughest subjects- Microbiology and Statistics. I don’t know how I did but I’ll be forgetting all about it until grades are out hoping for the best. Anyway, I’m finally done with […]

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