How was your week?

how was your week

The week has been kinda hell-ish so I’m so glad it’s over!

I had my exams so there was lots of procrastinating err… rather- late-night stuDYING. Mostly for my two toughest subjects- Microbiology and Statistics. I don’t know how I did but I’ll be forgetting all about it until grades are out hoping for the best. Anyway, I’m finally done with this school year’s first semester which means IT’S FINALLY SEMESTRAL BREAK FOR ME! WOOHOO!

After I finished my last exam last Friday, I catched up on sleep, TV and books! I was able to read Blood of Olympus and Greek Gods (my first two books of the month) over the weekend, as you probably saw from my updates on Twitter/Instagram (or not). I’m still reeling from the awesomeness! Braving the crazy (and super sudden that I seriously thought the Gods were thwarting my going to the bookstore) thunderstorm last Tuesday was worth it for being able to grab a copy of BoO on release day even though I didn’t get to read it right there and then. It kinda motivated me to get through the week.

Anyway, I have so much more catching up to do especially with blogging and design duties. I’ve neglected them for awhile since school was keeping me too busy but I’m totally back in the game now! I’m so looking forward to doing lots of productive things during my break. :)

How about you guys? How was your week?

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  1. Sem break..*sigh* It was the light at the end of tunnel then. It was the time to catch up on reading. Alas! No such thing exists for the working class. LOL
    But I hope you have a great semestral break Hazel. I’m sure you did great on those two subjects.

  2. I wish it was my break! My closest break is at the end of November. School has been busier than ever (I think I’m dying a little too). I can’t believe I still haven’t had time to read BoO. I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year!
    On the bright side, I got to meet Marie Lu and Rick Yancey on Friday.

  3. I am glad you put school first! I had my birthday this week so it was a good week in the most part. My son bought me my favorite take-out meal and a pound of my favorite fudge. He also gave me money towards my trip to BEA 2015! My cousin sent me a collection of French teas, and my feature co-host sent me Jackaby and Ruin and Rising! I have to read four books for review before I can read them though.:/

  4. I just had my midterms this week :p I hope you did well *crosses fingers* And semester break!! Breaks are always good to have…especially for us book nerds xD I still haven’t started BoO yet :( but my mom said I can buy it soon :D

  5. My week was really good! Unfortunately, this week, I have my exams on Precalculus and Art History. I feel pretty confident for my Art History test because it’s just memorization, but for precalc…I’m kind of nervous b/c I do a lot of stupid, careless mistakes when it comes to math. I’m kind of jealous you’re already done with the semester! I’m sure you did well on your exams. :) I’m reading Lightning Thief right now and am binge reading the Percy Jackson series and then on December, I’m going to binge read Heroes of Olympus! I’m so excited to see what the buzz is all about.

  6. CONGRATTTSSSSSS ON THE END OF EXAMS!!!!!! The week leading up with all the study is just HELL. I feel you. Have fun. Catch up with the reading. Enjoy life. For me, I’m entering he inferno today. I have THREE WEEKS of exit exams LOL Today was day one. I’ve got six to go. I don’t know how I’ll survive October, tbh.

  7. YESSSSS studying is like DYING sometimes haha. It’s midterms week for me and my break isn’t until a couple weeks later so I’m chugging along. I’m sure you did fine on your exams! I’m looking forward to break so I can DIY some stuff and catch up on whatever work I need to.

  8. Yikes, sounds like a crazy kind of week–glad you made it through okay! :) And good luck with your exams, although I’m sure you did marvelously. My week was quite nice, and my grampa and I even went to another book event on Saturday–I hope to do a quick little recap post soon, actually. Anyway, though, I hope you enjoy your well-earned semester break, and have lots of fun reading, blogging, and designing!

    1. It really was! although I’m discovering that this week might be just as crazy haha! Yeay for going to another book event. :) I’m going to one too this Saturday! Looking forward to your recap, Taylor! <3

  9. HAZEEELLLLLLL!!! We definitely need to fangirl together over BoO and Greek Gods! Especially BoO! AWESOME ENDING I finished it last week I must admit that not only it made me squee with excitement, it also made me wanna read every book in my TBR pile.


  10. Your blog is absolutely amazing! I’m so so impressed. I manage an indie bookstore and definitely wish you lived nearby so I could sneak you my staff discount & talk books with you. I’ll be following the blog for sure :)

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