Triple Awesome: Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs Book Signing Tour in Manila

Having an author visit the Philippines is awesome- but three authors visiting? Triple awesome.

Saying I was excited for last Saturday is probably the understatement of the year. I was just SO psyched when I heard that Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi were coming back to the Philippines, after having met them last year. I was even more thrilled when I heard that Veronica Rossi, whose books I only recently fell in love with several months ago, will be coming with them. “VTR in PH” as National Book Store nicknames the event on Twitter, turned out to be fun and memorable for me.

veronica rossi tahereh mafi ransom riggs book signing manila 2014

The first part of the event’s lineup was the Bloggers Forum with the three authors. Getting to meet them and having more than a few words with Veronica, Tahereh and Ransom upclose was great and I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity. Several bloggers got to ask their questions for the trio and I was more than happy to just listen to the authors elaborating on their answers. Ransom was quirky and funny, Tahereh was a sweetheart and Veronica was epically friendly and overall very lovely when it came to answering questions and chatting with the bloggers.

IMG_3615 IMG_3617

Although the forum was quite hurried, it was nice to have learned more about the authors and their books. To share a few, here are some notes from the question and answer portion:

On their characters and stories

  • Veronica Rossi shared that she had always set Aria and Perry to be each other’s love interest.
  • Tahereh knew beforehand who Juliette was going to end up with by the end of Shatter Me.
  • Ransom explained that the photos was always the guide for his story. He mentioned that he traveled and scoured markets to find the photos used in his books.
  • Veronica didn’t regret any of the deaths in her book, although she did rethink Vale’s. Still, she felt that the deaths were necessary to her story. She told us about how her publisher made a bad pun on her being cutthroat about character deaths.
  • If Tahereh were to choose a character from her book as a confidante, she’d choose Kenji. She explained that Kenji is based from her own brothers, who she seemed fond of. (Tahereh mentioned that she’d also love to be friends with Roar from Veronica’s series and Emma from Ransom’s.)
  • Ransom shared that if his books were represented by a single picture, it’d be a photograph of the inside of his heart.
  • Veronica didn’t intend to convey a message behind her books at first, saying, “The most important lesson I wanted you to take away is the one you needed to hear the most.” However, two ideas did emerge from her: finding happiness and finding what home means to you.
  • Tahereh elaborated on why she made Juliette’s character weak, saying that she wanted her to grow. She said that she wanted to write about that kind of character (growth) because the strongest people she knows are physically weak but mentally strong.

On writing

  • Veronica was most challenged writing her second book, Through The Ever Night, because she really tried to dig deep into her characters then.
  • Tahereh said that she developed her writing style freely so that she could be able to explore her characters during the first book. For the second book, she focused on plotting and world-building.
  • Veronica mentioned that she had fun writing and playing around with Boomerang, an upcoming New Adult novel she is co-authoring.

After the forum’s Q&A portion, the authors were asked to share their message to their fans!

Veronica: Mahal ko kayo– that’s my message!
Ransom: You guys are amazing. You make us feel like we’re coming back home.
Tahereh: We love you, guys. Seriously, truly, absolutely do. Salamat po forever (again).

And then we got our books and #VTRinPH quote shirts signed!

book signing vtr in ph IMG_3641

The next agenda for the day was the public signing where over 2000 people came. I’m still truly amazed by how dedicated Filipinos are to these awesome authors. They braved the longest lines and some got up crazy early (hands to down to Ms. 1:54 am!!!) and was still super enthusiastic when the authors finally came to meet them. I didn’t attend the public event anymore, but did watch it from afar. (Note that the next photos were taken from the 2nd floor, with my 70-200mm lens so they might be kinda shaky.)

vtr in ph public signing

The public signing event at Glorietta Activity Center


Luxury cruise >>>>>>>> ship (Ransereh 5evaaa!!!)

IMG_3661 tahereh mafi

Public interview with the authors // Tahereh saying hi to fans

The mob of people got kinda chaotic with the fangirling so I didn’t hear much of what had been said. There really was an overwhelming number of people and craziness + haggardness was inevitable. That said, I think the event was still a success!

Highlights of #VTRinPH:

hazel of stay bookish with ransom tahereh and veronica

 Getting to meet Ransom, Tahereh and Veronica!! *flails* *fangirls*

signed books

Signed books!!!! (Forgot to take a pic of my signed Unite Me eeep)

phyabloggers VTR shirts

PH YA Bloggers x Quote shirts (designed by yours truly)!!!


RANSEREH ♡♡♡♡♡♡ (Right photo – Tahereh signs that she loves Ransom on Louisse’s shirt)

hazel jasmine and shannelle 2 hazel jasmine and shannelle

Meeting Jasmine of Flip That Page and Shannelle of The Art Of Escapism


Hanging out with my best bookish buddies!!

tahereh mafi quote shirt

Book blogger turned fashion blogger… kidding. I just wanted to show off my shirt. ;)

That’s it, I think! I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of this unforgettable event! It was tiring and exhausting, but worth it. THANK YOU, National Bookstore, for always bringing us the authors we love! To my fellow bloggers and also to my bookish friends, thank you for making this event more fun! Love you guys!

Since this happy bookworm wants to share the love- I’ll be doing a giveaway of an extra (copy) of my tshirt, signed by Tahereh. Oh, and I also have a link-up so I can stalk your post about the event! Do join/sign up! :)


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52 Responses

  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! Wish I could’ve been there. I loved Shatter Me by Tahereh and omg Ransereh ❤

  2. Although it was a very tiring day, I was still happy to be part of this event. I can still feel the muscle aching in my arms because of lugging the books everywhere, but I got them signed, so YAY!

  3. *cries* because i wasn’t there at the book signing. But I am inflicting myself some pain by reading a LOT of event recaps. Haha. I just loved reading blogs (not because im joining giveaways, that’s a bonus XD) Anyway, i love your recap. Thank you for the giveaway! More power :) xx

  4. I wanted (more like lusting) the shirt the first time I saw it on you guys and you have a giveaway! You’re so awesome! *high five*

    That “Luxury Cruise” is very appropriate. Ship isn’t enough. Haha!

    I wishwishwish I could meet you guys super soon! The event recaps you post are so fun to read, so I know it’s more fun to be there. Great recap, Hazel! Awesome pics (as usual).

    Thank you ulit sa giveaway. Shet, seryoso I luff yew~

  5. Oh wow, I’m so jealous and also very happy for you. You’re right it’s not often that a group of authors come out well to anywhere (unless for big conventions). The days looks so fun and manic, I hope you have a real good time <333

    P.s AWESOME T's!!

  6. AWESOME RECAP, HAZEL! As always ;) And your photos. Gahhh! Thanks for snapping pictures and letting us use them. Hihi. See you next time <3

  7. 1) I MISS YOU
    2) Your pictures are awesome. What else is new?
    3) Thank you for the shirt designs!!!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
    4) You look B-E-A-YOOTIFUL in these pictures!
    5) Lovely recap! You make me jealous that I wasn’t there huhuhu

    See you in June, yeah?

  8. I don`t think I could move get over this event even if it caused us a lot of stress (long story) until probably June. #PostBookSigningDepression

  9. Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky you got to meet them! I really wish I was in the PH. Dang, so many book signings there! My parents are planning to visit the PH in 2016 (I know, such a loooong wait) so hopefully there’s a signing around that time when I visit the PH. I really like your outfit, Hazel! So cute! And, I’m in looove with Tahereh’s signature. It’s so cool!

  10. What an awesome giveaway! It looks like you had so much fun. I just finished all of Mafi’s books. I absolutely loved them because of Juliette’s transformation.

  11. Im so jelly that you got to meet all of them!!! It sounds like you had a blast!!! :)I loved the interview Q&As you posted too!! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  12. Hazel Grace! Ugh, I didn’t see you! :(
    I love your recap and pictures! And that shirt!
    Lucky, you had your books personalized. During the signing, only the signatures were allowed. Though Ransom Riggs was able to sign my camera strap again, the thing was my camera strap was gray and his pen was silver -.- Good thing he signed my camera strap last year in black Sharpie =)) As for Veronica Rossi, she was so pretty and nice. She was the one making conversations; I asked her if I can hug her and she did… I sneaked in to whisper that I hope she can sign my camera strap and she did. Unfortunately, Tahereh Mafi’s line was rushed and I only dropped by a “Hi”, a signed book, a picture then left.

    PS. I’ll see you at Jenny Han’s or Stephanie Perkins’s? :)

  13. It was sooo great seeing you at the event, Hazel! And this is such a cool recap post, seriously. Also, I friggin’ love the shirt designs you created, you are so talented. Every picture you take is a work of art (#KILIG) and thanks for being our designated photographer! LOL! See you soon-ish, Hazel! <3

  14. did you say hi to them for me ate? 8| haha well anyways I’m happy that you got to meet them! triple awesome

  15. I really want to read their books because apparently I haven’t read any yet because I do not have my own book nor an ebook of it. The book I most look forward to is the Shatter Me. Thank you for this giveaway!

  16. I was here, it was fun since the three authors noticed me and my friends. We had the big banners with their pictures and also the banners with #TeamAdam #TeamWarner and #TeamRansom. Tahereh pointed us out and when Ransom saw the #TeamRansom,he act out as if he fainted and it was total fangirling moment for us. I also cosplayed Aria and Juliette at the same time and luckily we we’re interviewed by two different medias. This event is really great! We are really book addicts and I hope we can meet you soon :)

  17. AWW Super amazing signing! WOW I can’t even imagine waiting for so long to get books signed..SO LUCKY you met them all! I’ve only met Tahereh and she was just wonderful :P I’m so glad they do this in PH too. Love the pics and the shirts are adorable too.

  18. I WISH something like this came near my home town… It’s so boring here haha! thanks for sharing and for this awesome giveaway!


  19. I was at the book signing too! It was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. There were LOTS of people but i had a great time! I got the chance to talk to the authors! Ransom was really funny. And I loooove Tahereh’s makeup lol. I was fangirling the whole time.
    I didn’t know there is a Bloggers Forum, I’ve always wanted to join events like that :(( How do you sign up for that? :D

  20. Basically, you did an awesome job recapping what sounds like an AMAZING event! I really enjoy seeing Tahereh and Ransom, and look forward to meeting Veronica after reading her series. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, and I’m also very proud and excited that more YA authors are coming to visit the Philippines! (P.S. Your shirts are GORGEOUS.)

  21. The event looks so so fantastic and amazing!!! You gotta give it to the Filipinos for attending. So sad I wasn’t able to attend. :( At least I got a taste of it through your words and really HQ pictures. I would’ve probably fainted with so much fangirling.

  22. I am extremely jealous! I wish I could have attended. It sounds like you had so much fun!

  23. This is just an amazing event! I wish we had things like that here. I will he driving to BEA this year and hope to have as much fun as the people look like they are having.

  24. I wish I was able to come to the event! I am part of one of the PH teams but wasnt able to attend so this would be a great great consolation. Lucky you guys got to chat with the authors. Thank you for this and more power! :)

  25. I am so jealous! Someone I know got to attend their signing and I’m so jealous of her! I wish I had attended.

  26. so lucky too meet all this great author it looks like you have a erally good time, its great that the auther are so close with the readers
    thanks for the giveaway!

  27. You’re so lucky to have met them! I hope they come to NY soon so I can meet them too. :) And I love the shirts!

  28. Your post made me so envious! I wasn’t there and I should, must have been there!!!! another missed opportunity for me. :(

  29. I seriously loved all of their books and I’m so glad that they were able to enjoy the event as much as we bookworms did! I love how Tahereh wrote about Juliette and her lethal touch plus the twists in the romance part of the story, Ransom and his imaginative mine on an abandoned house for peculiar children and what Jacob himself uncovers about himself, and lastly Veronica’s that talks about reaching the still blue, and just like in life, our still blue is our dream we are destined to give our all to reach! I went to the glorietta event and no matter the hours of waiting I surely found it worth everything. Not to mention getting to see such talented human beings! Cheers! Love the blog post about this event :)

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