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Stay Bookish is a blog by Hazel, a twenty year old bibliophile from the Philippines. She believes that the nirvana of reading a book can only be achieved once you share it with other people.

Book Hauls

Book Haul #16: Hooray For Bookish Mail

Yey for another book haul! I haven’t been going book shopping much but I’ve managed to collect some books for this post! I got two review books in the mail recently, which are titles I’m so so so excited about! The only book I recently bought is Maybe Someday (because I couldn’t not buy it as soon as I heard there were copies) and I’ve already reviewed it yesterday!

Since I only have a small number of books, I’ve also decided to share the other bookish stuff that came in the mail lately! Mostly, they’re just swag. Speaking of, I got some more of those Degrees Of Wrong booklets and bookmarks so watch out for a twitter giveaway soon!



Jennifer E. Smith – The Geography Of You And Me (For Review)
Ava Dellaira – Love Letters To The Dead (For Review)
Colleen Hoover – Maybe Someday (Bought)

Thank you Headline UK and Macmillan!

Other Bookish Things


Blackfin Sky swag (Won) – Thank you, Kat Ellis!


Degrees Of Wrong swag – Thanks so much, Anna Scarlett (aka Anna Banks)!


Clockwork Angel necklace (Bought from FandomShirtsPH)

That’s pretty much it! I’m really hoping to get to buy more books soon but at the same time I feel really guilty doing that because I still have so many unread books on my shelf. Anyway, what books and bookish stuff did you get recently? Tell me about them!




  1. Oh my lordy, that Infernal Devices necklace, me want it so badly it hurts, it’s so pretty!
    The Geography of You and Me is fantastic, trust me, you will love it, and Love Letters to the Dead has been around lately and people are loving it, so here’s hoping you do too Hazel! :D
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…In Bed With Badger #2My Profile

    1. It makes me even more excited to hear that you enjoyed The Geography of You and Me! I’m also very much looking forward to Love Letters to the Dead but I already have an inkling that I will love it! *crosses fingers*

  2. GAH Hazel this is kind of the reason why I unfollowed you on Twitter. All the overwhelming jellies. They’re swarming at me.

    I’m so jealous of your camera, and the Geography of You and Me, and even more jealous over Love Letters to the Dead. I’m so jealous over how gorgeous the spines are and how ridiculously polished they look (I have a thing for spines). Oh, if only we lived near each other so I can borrow all those books you haven’t read yet from you. *weeps*

    And I just wanted to mention that I’m following you on Twitter again. So sorry, but the jealousy was really bad at that time.
    Shannelle recently posted…Book Review: ScarletMy Profile

    1. I actually noticed this but I thought it was just a twitter issue! But I appreciate your honesty, Shannelle! I just hope that my posts don’t make you uncomfortable or jealous again- I would never intend that sort of thing.

      I wish we lived near each other too! (Where do you live anyway?) But hey, if you’re going to Becca Fitzpatrick’s signing, I can totally lend you some of my books then. :) Let me know!

  3. That’s a pretty fine book haul! I’m jealous of the ‘swag’ you have gotten. It’s my turn next month to get some more books. There’s one book in particular I have been wanting to get since I read it at Barnes and Noble (the back anyway). When I went there again the next time to get it, they stopped selling it as it wasn’t selling good. It’s called Snow white must die. So now I’m forced to buy it on Amazon. At least, I have other books in my cart there. :). I like your layout by the way.
    Jamie recently posted…Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  4. I love infernal devices sooo much! It was the book that made me start reading!! :) Had me grieving for weeks after I read the last book! :( I love the necklace too. Your photos are so nice!

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