YA Countdown - 8 YA Couples We Ship

Here’s the Mistletoe, Now Kiss || 8 YA Couples We Ship

2017 was a great year for YA books, and also for those of us who live to ship YA characters and fangirl over OTPs. To count the eight days left ...
YA Countdown - Christmas Wishlist

9 Bookish Things on Our Christmas Wishlist

For Today's YA Countdown, we're counting the things we want. There are many bookish things and actual books we want of course, but we're sticking to bookish merch and sticking ...

10 YA Books as Christmas Sweaters || #YACountdown

Stay Bookish is counting down to the end of 2017, and counting all the awesome YA books while we're at it. YA Countdown is a feature series aiming to not ...

F/F Recommendations & TBR for SapphicAThon

Hello, hello bookish people! Can you believe we’re at the last month of the year? Like the next bookish person, I’m also catching up on my reading before 2017 ends. ...

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