1000 Bloglovin’ Followers Giveaway + Some Blogger Facts

I made a little promise in 2014 that I’d do a giveaway when I reach my 1000 follower milestone on Bloglovin’. Just before last year ended, I achieved that. Now, I’m keeping my word and raffling a very nice prize! But before that, I want you guys to get to know me- this person you’re following- a little more.


Hi there, I’m Hazel- a particularly bookish girl from Manila, Philippines. I’d tell you about myself but I kind of did that in my about me page already so I’ll do something different instead. Here are 10 little known facts about me:

  1. I love/hate being called Hazelnut. I mean I love hazelnuts in chocolate flavour form, I really do, but the nickname gets old. Feel free to call me Hazel Grace instead- at least that’s a bookish nickname. ;) (I’m only half kidding.)
  2. I have a fear of heights and it all started when I climbed the Eiffel Tower. I had to take the stairs. It was a tragic experience, okay?
  3. I’m a hopeless romantic… who’s hopeless at romance. Go figure.
  4. I’m the eldest sibling of two sisters. I’ve always wished I had a brother too.
  5. I’ve never gone to Disneyland. I’ve never been to the happiest place on earth. This is a sad fact.
  6. I’m so not a morning person. Unless you count 3am, which is my bedtime. Otherwise, I will only get up if there’s unlimited bacon for breakfast.
  7. I first traveled when I was only a year old. I’ve gone to 14 countries since. So like, 180 more to go. Can’t wait! <3
  8. I have a huge obsession with owls. I have a collection of things in owl form- stuffed toys, necklaces, stationery and more.
  9. I’m terrible at anything that has to do with body rhythm/coordination. Which is why I don’t dance. Or do sports. Also why I can’t ride a bike.
  10. I really like to say y’all. Like, I actually use it when I speak. I’d love a Southern accent.

I hope I didn’t drive y’all away yet. ;) If you’ve stuck around with me through the year and a half I’ve been book blogging and if you’re planning on sticking around, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope you like my giveaway, kindly sponsored by the lovely Irish of Socially Awkward. This contest is open internationally:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May the odds be in your favour, book nerds! I hope you also liked getting to know me a little better. I’d love to learn more about you guys too so do share a little about yourselves in the comments, okay? Okay.

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136 Responses

  1. I could use a couple of your facts since I am not coordinated at all (so not good at sports as you can guess) and I’m definitely not a morning person (I need like an hour of silence to get use to the idea of not being in bed anymore). But to mention a new one that’s not on your list I confess that I hate the weather here in Barcelona in Summer. I hate feeling sticky and sweating non-stop. I feel dirty and I get grumpy because of the weather. There’s one point that you cannot keep taking clothes because there’s nothing else to take!!! What do you then? Get grumpy.

  2. First off – CONGRATS, *showers confetti*, secondly, I HAVE AN OWL OBSESSION TOO. and WHAT OMG YOU HAVE TRAVELLED SO MUCH I’M JEALOUS.
    Fun fact about me: I am a junior black belt in ju-jitsu(self-defense martial art) [although admittedly i achieved that when i was 11 so i’d be useless in a fight now..BUT HEY I STILL DO KICK-BOXING. ;)
    Oh, another fact: i’m 5’0. FIVE NOTHING. That’ nothing’ makes me sad..#titch

  3. Congratulations!!!! and happy new year :)
    I am participating :P

    and my random fact is that I consider myself the maximum cow lover :)

  4. Thank you for sharing these 10 facts with us, Hazel! That’s really cool that you’ve been to 14 countries (I’ve never even been out of the USA!) and owls are awesome, haha. Also: CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 1,000 followers, that’s such an amazing milestone! Good for you! I’m glad I could help you get there. :)

    Also–thanks so much for this giveaway! As for a quirky fact about myself–as you may or may not know already, I am the proud owner of a pet ferret called Felix, also affectionately known by the nicknames Little Lion Man or our little possum pet, haha.

  5. I’ve only been to Disneyland in Paris, but never to the real-one. It’s definitely high on my bucketlist. And already 14 countries, that’s cool :D It was fun to read this list about you, I like to get to know bloggers more personally. And what a beautiful picture! Congrats with so many followers, you deserve them.

    1. I’m so sad I didn’t get the opportunity to visit Disneyland when I went to Paris. :( I love getting to know more about other bloggers too and this post has sure allowed me to do just that! And thank you for complimenting my picture! *blushes*

  6. I am afraid of heights as well, always have been as long as I can remember. I can deal with up until 4th floor and above that I start freaking out. I also have countless other fears, the weirdest one being afraid of rooms without windows. They freak me out, it’s even worse when it’s a small room without windows, we had a classroom in my high school like that and I had trouble keepign my fear under control when I had a lecture there. I am also an eldest sibling of two sister. I have visited Disenyland Paris twice. I am not a mornign person either, I can’t stand standing up early.

  7. Congratulations Hazel!!

    And mmm hazelnuts with chocolate is so good. I just had a Ferrero Rocher so I’m still in that euphoric state. And god, I have ZERO rhythm and coordination as well. I haven’t taken dance in years but I’m pretty certain taht I would suck now. Like no question about it at all. Also I’ve never been to Disneyland either! One day it will happen because like how can you not visit “the happiest place on earth” at least once?? I don’t sleep nearly as late as 3 because while I’m not a morning person, I also love to sleep and have to be in bed no later than 12 otherwise it screws everything up for me. But I just find the night to be such a nicer time of day. I’m always really productive then and if ONLY school would start at 10, everything would be fine.

  8. Three Quirky Facts About Me:
    1. Both of my parents immigrated to America from Vietnam, but I have never been there (I really want to go there with my parents).
    2. I’m the Sports Editor of my school newspaper, but I know nothing about just about every sport except tennis.
    3. I’ve played tennis for almost six years and I’m the captain of my team, but I actually hated tennis for the first couple of years.

  9. I like collecting coffee mugs plus I’m such a caffeine junkie. Perfect combination :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


    At least we have “never gone to Disneyland” in common. I live in a state that has one, and NOPE, I have yet to go.

  11. Congratulations! I love owls and am not a morning person too. I love pink, cats, Hello Kitty and Japanese snacks, especially wasabi potato chips!

    1. You’re very much welcome, although Irish of Socially Awkward totally is the one who we should be grateful to. ;) Ah ballet. I love it in theory but the can’t dance thing makes it kind of improbable for me.

  12. Hi Hazel my dear! Omg congratulations on this milestone. Just like you, I am not a morning person. And I don’t like when other kinds of food touch with one another.

  13. Wow! 1000 Bloglovin’ follwers? That’s amazing! Congrats! I loved reading more about you, and I’m glad to know that there are other people out there who are as terrified of heights as I am. I can’t deal with heights. I’m fine with rollercoaster heights, but water rides really bug me. I love riding water rides on the way down, but climbing up the stairs to a water ride is completely torturous. Especially when certain people think it’s funny to try to gently “push” me against the stairs so I freak out. Ahem.

  14. First of all congrats on this milestone! something to celebrate about :) hmmm something quirky about me? i don’t enjoy riding a ferris wheel…the circular up and down motion makes me feel squeezy…so fast rides are out of the question…my bff once tricked me into riding a Space Mountain ride in Disneyland HKG and i almost passed out afterwards…and i kept screaming the whole time and cursed her…i can barely stand up to get out of my seat when it was over (-_-) it was not cool of her…suffice to say it was the first and last ride i did on that theme park :/

    1. Thanks, Laila! <3 I used to not like ferris wheels and roller coaster rides too because of my fear of heights but my friends helped me get over it. I'm still deathly afraid of being on a super high place usually but not when I'm in an amusement park. :)

  15. I think the Philippines is the happiest place on earth tbh! People are always so cheery there especially during Christmas. Even though there’s lots of storms and flood, people are still so positive. :) Hmm a fact about me… I lived half of my life in the Philippines and half here in California. I can still speak Tagalog, but only basic words. Congrats on achieving your goal Hazel, and thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Nice to meet you, Hazel! Awesome giveaway. Congrats on reaching a thousand followers! That’s pretty awesome. I’ve always loved your blog design, by the way. I found you through Nosegraze. :)

  17. A fact about me: I’ve covered the walls around my corner desk with quotes written with colored pens on post-its. This collection of quotes both inspires me and makes me feel at home. When people come over to my house, all they ever want to do is read them haha.

    I hope 2015 is a lovely year for you :)

  18. I’m madly in love with Andrew McCarthy and I’m going to become a travel writer. If ever I win this contest, I’m going to buy Andrew’s book.

  19. Thank you for the giveaway a lot ! I enjoy sunbathing , like standing in the sun for 5 minutes (perhaps?) and staying in the car without turning on the aircone lol .
    My friend like to joke that i’m like a plant , because i enjoy photosynthesis

  20. Hmm… I never know how to answer these things… but here it goes: I’m a cellist and pianist, but I haven’t played in far too long! Life has a way of getting in the way :(

    Thank you for doing this!

  21. Congrats on the 1000 followers Hazel!
    Like you, I too am a hopeless romantic who is hopeless in romance. Also I’m not a morning person, I didn’t go to Disneyland either, I’ve a fear of heights too, and I am the elder sibling too of a sister and always wanted a brother. Preferably older.
    I do love to dance even though it’s far from good, though I can’t ride a bicycle. And I sleep like the dead. I can sleep for hours on a end. And I hate exercising.

  22. I have a weird fear/fascination for the ocean and everything that lives in it.
    I hate every type of bugs (yes, I don’t even like butterflies!).
    I own over 200 DVDs and have watched most of them, whereas I own a shitload of books as well, but haven’t read most of them… :(

  23. Congratulations on reaching such a significant milestone of 1000 followers on bloglovin! And thanks for the giveaway!
    One fact about me: I am horribly afraid of bugs, anything that has 6 or 8 or multiple legs. I scream and run away when I see the creepy crawlies!

  24. Ahhh man, 1k is huge. Congrats on it! I had a friend called Hazel and the friendship was based on us annoying each other, why did I never think of calling her Hazelnut. Way to go Sandra. I have a younger brother and let me tell you, if you always wanted one I can pay you to take him away. Andd hey, I travelled since I was little too but I never count it since I don’t remember it soooo. But yeah, been to a couple of countries in the recent years but that’s in Europe. I definitely want to branch out and visit Asia and N & S America in the next couple of years. Not mentioning the ffact that I’m fully set on going to Australia for my third year of studying at uni. And I feel like most people that I met because of blogging say that they’re not into sports while I’m sitting and screaming at the tv when handball matches are on. And then crying because I have no chance at a handball career like I wanted just a couple of years back.

    Anyway, congrats again on the followers! You truly deserve them ;)

    PS. That photo is extremely cute. You look lovely :)

  25. Congratulations on 1k! That’s huge!!

    I feel like we’re really similar actually, I also collect things owl related (scarves, jumpers, tea light holders, book ends, door stops, jewellry, stuffed animals) they’re just so cute! And another thing – we’re both hopeless romantics who are hopeless at romance. I have a fear of heights, I’ve never been to disneyland (although i LOVE anything disney) and I’m the furthest thing from a morning person although bacon can coax me into being a little friendlier. Are you sure we’re not the same person? Considering I’m from London and my name is Natalie it might have been a little hard for us to have been seperated at birth but I’m willing to speak to my mum about it if you are ;)

  26. Congratulations, Hazel!!

    I’m obsessed with washing my hands even if I didn’t touch anything dirty. This started when my mom bought the vanilla scented hand wash thingy from Watsons haha

  27. Congrats on the huge milestone. I’m also not a morning person. My brain can’t function during mornings. I’ve always been a night owl. Wow, you’ve been to many places already. I’m not big on traveling because of my terrible motion sickness (I’m not a good travel companion, honestly). But being to other countries and experience their culture is quite fascinating, that I agree!

  28. Congrats!
    A weird thing about me is that I don’t like odd numbers. When I eat, I always take an even number of bites.

  29. Congratulations on 1000 Bloglovin followers! So glad to be one of them.

    Something about me… I lived in Indonesia for 2 years (Sumatra). I know it’s not really very close to Philippines…but when you are coming from South Africa it feels like it!

  30. Never gone to Disneyland?? Well it must happen at least once in your life! It’s a very magical place :D

    Hmmm… fun fact about me… When I’m sick I always go back and watch all my old Barbie and/or Disney movies from my childhood! Yes – I have been laughed at many times :P

  31. Congratulations Hazel!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

    Something quirky about me? I talk with my hands ALL THE TIME, even if I’m talking to someone on the phone and they cannot see me!
    Also, since I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, sometimes I get stuck trying to remember a book title or movie title and I can only remember it in the language I’m not currently speaking!

  32. I too am completely afraid of heights (although I have to say unlike you I have no reason to be afraid of heights except that I am).
    Something quirky about me is the new (really weird and freaky) habit I have of stroking the side/corner of a page when I’m reading like I need to confirm that yes this is a book made out of paper or something. o.O Evidently, I have issues.
    The best thing about being a hopeless romantic (and also being hopeless at romance) is that sooner or later you’ll hit jackpot and find the love of your life (fingers crossed. But you know it’s going to happen right?)

  33. A quirky fact…. hmmm… I’m scared of mannequins. They freak me out, and I almost didn’t watch Doctor Who because the first episode of the 9th Doctor has mannequins in it lol! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I really love following your blog!

  34. I think the quirkiest I could get is when I totally become passionate about the things I love so I turn into a full on fangirl. One of my friends actually told me that she finds me adorable when I geek out about stuff, which was kind of embarrassing and awkward for me, but I’m really proud to say I’m a geek. Hahaha! Not only with books, also with movies, tv shows and bands!

    My biggest dream is to travel the whole world and I’m so jealous you got to go to 14 countries already. We’re the same age and I haven’t even experienced riding a plane. Hazel – 1, Inah – 0. Congratulations on your Bloglovin followers!! :)

  35. CONGRATULATIONS HAZEL!!! Such a huge achievement ahhh :D

    I’m afraid of heights too! Oh man climbing the Eiffel Tower D: Just the thought of it makes my legs go weak. I’ve never been to Disneyland too but I really want to go though!

  36. You’ve never been to the happiest place on Earth? Really? You’ve gone to PARIS. Like, what, seriously, stop talking to me. Not that I would enjoy climbing the Eiffel Tower because uhm, no to stairs, but you’ve gone to PARIS. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.

    And hooray for being the eldest of two sisters! *fist bumps* A little brother would be fun, then I remember my little cousin, and I’m just all never mind. He’s a lot of work, and he’s put me off little boys forever.

  37. I have a serious aversion to guacamole, it actually borders on a phobia. I cannot stand to look at it, so needless to say, I have never tasted it. I used to work in a restaurant that served what they called a California Pita and it had guacamole in it, and I thanked God everyday that it was the least popular item on the menu, so I could usually bribe the sous chef into making it for me. Lol. I have never been to Disney World either! Congratulations on making 1000 Bloglovin’ followers, I’m still working towards 100, ha! Thanks for the fab giveaway. :)

  38. Big congrats to you Hazel!!. :D

    I’m a morning person and I hate being under the sun for so long because I get allergies on my face :( ha-ha. Thank you for the giveaway! Wishing you all the best.

  39. Congrats for 1000 bloglovin followers!
    I love to collect some things like albums, cds, books and put it in a treasure chest.

  40. Congrats on 1000 followers! That’s huge! :D And thanks so much for the giveaway :)

    Quirky fact: I’m a triplet! (Is that really quirky? I dunno.)

  41. Congratulations on 1000 followers! :D
    I can’t help but to stay up until 4AM and sleep till noon ^^’ Extremely bad habit but I can’t help it. And I have a major sweet tooth :3

  42. I collect Rubber Duckies. I’ve got nearly 200, I think, and that’s before you count the ceramic, stuffed animals, jewelry, and miscellaneous ducky items. *grins*

  43. Congratulations on getting 1000 followers. Thank you for the giveaway. I am obsessed with owls too. My favorite book series are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

  44. Congrats on the milestone, Hazel Grace! And thanks for sharing some facts with us and to you and Irish for running/sponsoring the lovely giveaway! Something about me…hmm. I can do a Stitch voice. You know, from the movie?

  45. It’s nice getting to know you more — one random fact about me is that I’ll turn 14 this coming January 31st. Congrats on hitting 1K Bloglovin’ followers, Hazel! You deserve every success. :)

  46. Congratulations on 1000 bloglovin followers!!!! I am sure you will soon have another thousand :)

    Hmmm, you want a quirky fact about me? Ummm, I have so many quirks that I don’t think they are quirks any more. I am afraid of bees – but I love bumblebees.. that certainly fits quirky :D

  47. I’m a huge animal lover, some people (like my boyfriend) think I’m obsessed with our dog. lol Thanks for this giveaway

  48. I’m obsessed with anything Starkid. I love all their musicals (especially the Harry Potter ones) and hope to one day see a Starkid musical live!
    And I also have a fear of heights. A huge fear, actually. *shudders thinkings about it*

    Congrats on the 1000 followers and thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Many congrats! I wish you many many followers more!

    A fact… I read in one sitting, if I have to stop my enthusiasm fades and the book is never the same. It’s good and bad, because I have less and less time, but the enjoyment is huge :D

  50. Congratulations on the 1000 bloglovin’ followers! ;)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway
    Im cant ride a bicycle, I never learn.
    I still bite my nails,
    I love the smell of new books!

  51. Three quirky facts about me:
    1.) Aside from being in love with books, I am also in love with different foreign bands!
    2.) I have ALWAYS wanted to be a journalist.
    3.) Ever since I started blogging back in 2009, I’ve fallen in love with it.

    Haaaaaazel! Congrats in this blog accomplishment! *hearts everywhere* I have always loved you blog since day 1! You inspired me more to continue blogging even when I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. I’m really hoping to see you soon! ♥

  52. Three quirky facts about me:
    1.) Aside from being in love with books, I am also in love with different foreign bands!
    2.) I have ALWAYS wanted to be a journalist.
    3.) Ever since I started blogging back in 2009, I’ve fallen in love with it.

    Haaaaaazel! Congrats on this blog accomplishment! *hearts everywhere* I have always loved your blog since day 1! You inspired me to continue blogging more even when I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. I’m really hoping to see you again soon! ♥

  53. Hey! I’m a new follower and I also have a new blog where I talk about books, films and other things like tea, games and whatnot. I always loved reading, since I was little, and I used to stay awake at night to read (when I was about 13-14). Then, I got into photography and cinema, and now I’m in film school :D. In the past few months I started hardcore reading again, and I love it, of course! So, besides exams, now my life consists of reading, watching movies, drinking tea, playing videogames … and writing about it.

  54. Congratulations on hitting 1000 followers, Hazel! You definitely deserve it because your blog rocks ;) Hmm, a quirky fact about me… I like reading magazines from back to front, just because I can!

  55. One set of my grandparents came from China, and the other set came from the former Soviet Union and I grew up in Berkeley, CA.

  56. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved reading so much that if I see any writing (even if it’s a sign on the street or a tag or something written on a wall) I have to read it, my mind just instantly starts reading as soon as it perceives words!
    Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations on reaching 1000 bloglovin’ followers! :)

  57. Congratulations on 1000 followers! I’m also the eldest sibling out of me and my sister but would’ve loved having a brother as well! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats again!

  58. Congrats on the milestone!
    I’m from Sri Lanka and and I’m a massive cricket fan!!! The word cup is just next month!!EEP!

  59. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers!
    Ooh, we share a few quirks in common, then.
    I’m not a morning person, at least not when I can help it. But my dad forces me to be one. Never been to Disneyland. When I was younger I thought this was the saddest thing because I wanted to meet Minnie. And I’m totally lacking in the body-coordination department as well. I fall up and down the stairs regularly (the only person I know who does that) and can’t dance or play sports to save my life.

  60. Congratulations on 100 followers :-)
    And my quirky fact is I hate strong foods, herbs, spices, pretty much anything!

  61. I just got glasses again, ten years after having laser surgery on my eyes. It’s cool, though, I only have to use them when driving or watching tv.

  62. Hey CONGRATS!! U are awesome!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway! One fact about me is that im truly and deeply in love with netflix

  63. I absolutely adore owls, too! I freak whenever I see one – more so in flesh, wings and all. I love dreamcatchers, too. I have them in different sizes and necklaces.

  64. Aside from reading books, I also love Taylor Swift she tells stories through her songs. Congrats by the way!!! :)

  65. Incredible! 1000 followers? Congratulations on your big achievement! I really hope to be as big as you one day. :D Something I don’t think anybody knows about me…I really wish my name had a varied selection of nicknames that I could be called by. There is ‘Soph’ but I really quite hate being called it. :P Any suggestions?

    – Sophie

  66. Congrats!!
    I love to sing but only if I’m sure that nobody can hear me, like when I’m home alone or walking the dog (nobody in sight).

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