Behind The Blog Monday #1: Bad Boys or Nice Boys


This feature was created by Holly from Bookish Musings to be able to learn more about the bloggers behind the blog, answer questions/this or thats/would you rather/etc, and just have fun!

This week’s Behind the Blog Monday topic is:

Bad Boys or Nice Boys?

Hmmmmm, quite a challenging question. As y’all know I’m always swooning over book boys a lot (see evidence here) and I constantly shift from swooning over bad boys to nice boys.

See, if my life were as scandalous as Gossip Girl, or if I were as classy and rich as Blair Waldorf, I’d be choosing over them:

chuck bass vs dan humphrey

Chuck Bass (Billionaire Bad Boy) vs Dan Humphrey (Nice Lonely Boy)

If my life were Gossip Girl, I’d be all over Chuck. I mean he’s the ultimate DREAM. He may be a playboy that’s out to get you but he’s also gorgeous and freaking brilliant. He may leave you high and dry for a while and he may be unable to say those three words, eight letters for quite a long time but he’s the kind of boy that’s worth all the pain. He’ll break your heart in tiny little pieces but when he redeems himself- he’ll give you the world.

Now, let’s talk about Dan Humphrey. He and Blair start to become friends in the later seasons of the show and Blair finds that he can trust this lonely boy. He helped her in her time of need and she was able to confide in him. He makes her laugh when she’s sad. They shared the same interest and even watched movies together. Dan falls in love with Blair as they become closer. At one point, Blair thinks she might just reciprocate Dan’s feelings.

Truth be told- I hated Dair so much! I was convinced that Chuck and Blair were the most perfect couple- they belonged with each other. Dan was just a friend and nothing more. If my life were a fictional fairytale (like Chuck and Blair’s)- I’d want the bad boy. The gorgeous, charismatic, can’t-help-but-fall-in love bad boy.

But sadly, I live in the real life, where bad boys are just that- BAD. Most of them don’t have a sweet side. Most of them will hurt you and do nothing to piece you back together. Nice boys though, they’re still the same in reality. They’re still sweet and kind and loyal. They’ll make make you smile and say all the right things. You can trust that they’d catch you if you do fall. So if we’re talking about reality, I’d choose the nice (preferably cute and geeky) boy.

Final Answer: Bad boys when it comes to fiction but nice boys when it comes to reality.

Who would you choose? A bad boy or nice boy? Have you ever experienced falling in love/being in a relationship with/dating either one? Do share! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. OMG, I’m not kidding you when I say that I was going to use Gossip Girl as my example too! I did use Nate or Chase Crawford, for part of my example though! & I totally agree. Chuck = so worth the pain. Seriously, he’s so swoon-worthy sometimes and even though he is a player, he is there for his friends when they need him. Plus, he’s so mysterious. I mean, I just love Chuck, haha. I have to agree with the whole Dan and Blair thing. That was just not working for me at all. Chuck and Blair forever!!

    As far as your final answer goes, I have to agree with that as well…even though bad boys are totally hot, nice boys are the one’s that will be there for you whenever whereas bad boys will get what they want and leave.There’s no sweetness to them! But in books….I’m totally all over the bad boy, hahaha. :D

    1. BRAIN TWINS!!!! Hahaha, I’m so glad you love Chuck and ship Chair as much as I do! When it comes to boys in books, I mostly love bad boys but I have this thing were I feel sorry for the good/nice guy. I loved that you used The Vincent Boys to compare the bad boy/nice boy types- but I gotta say, I loved Sawyer so much more than Beau. (I read the second book and Sawyer was just oozing with hotness okay)

  2. Oh man, you see, I loved Chuck Bass. I did. For the four seasons. And then the Jenny thing happened and I was done. Just plain done. And I didn’t expect to love Dair as much as I did. In fact, I started watching again just to see them together. But I love that sort of relationship, the gentle push and pull and syncopated rhythm. I have trouble with the be all end all turbulent ones so that might be why I had trouble with Chuck and Blair because it was always so intense.

    I’m a girl who makes sure the nice guy doesn’t finish last. Or if he does, I’m there with some water for him at the end.

    1. Hahaha, I understand, I guess. Given a different circumstance perhaps, maybe I would have had appreciated Dair too. Guess I was just too hellbent on shipping Chair, hahaha. Love how passionate you are about nice guys! <3

    1. Huh, good luck to your heart when a bad boy breaks it! LOL, I’m kidding! I gotta agree, bad boys are real fun haha!

  3. I’m with you-I love the bad guys in fiction and the good guys in reality.
    I LOVE the picture you chose of Chuck from Gossip Girl. I love him. He’s like the perfect bad guy-bad in all the ways except such a nice guy by the end to Blair.

  4. Aha, love this! I don’t what’s wrong with me but I always, always like the bad buy in fiction. Even the villain. Especially if they are described as attractive and have some sort of tragic backstory xD Think Warner from Shatter Me and the Darkling from Shadow and Bone :) I’ve never even seen ONE episode of Gossip Girl, I’m ashamed.

    1. Warner, yessss omg. <3 I haven't read Shadow and Bone but if Darkling's just as amazing as Warner, I'm all for him already!

  5. Love your answer! I agree with you; I would totally date a bad boy in my fictional life because they’re hot hot hot! But I would date a good boy in reality because my parents would approve and also, I’m not THAT daring. ;) I would probably get scared of riding motorcycles! Wonderful post, Hazel. :)

    1. Same!!!!! I don’t know why all bad boys have motorcycles and yes it may the perfect excuse to put my arms around hypothetical bad boy’s waist and probably get to feel his abs (all bad boys also seem to have washboards abs or a very chiseled body), but goodness, I don’t think I’d survive those motorcycle rides.

      Thanks for dropping by, Jen! <3

  6. I’m actually very fine with both, as long as both were written well, as I said on my post. But I do get what you’re coming from. I clearly wasn’t thinking of real-life bad boys or nice boys when I wrote that post.

    1. Same! But if given a love triangle where in I need to choose between the bad boy and the nice boys, I really just lean towards the hotter boy which is usually the bad boy! I’m shallow, I know haha!

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