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Hi everyone! You guys probably don’t know this, but I’m a list-down-everything type of girl. I’d be lost without lists. I write lists everyday- of things I need to do, things I want to do, things I’ve done. Also, I have all these crazy weird and very random things going through my head and lists help put them a little more in order. Inspired very much by Claire from Bitches With Books’ Literary Listings and brought about by my own love for listography, I’ve decided to start a series of my own which I call ‘List of Awesome.’ Once a week, I’ll be posting a list of awesome things/people/places that may or may not be bookish! You’ll never know what to expect or when to expect it. *evil laugh* Without further ado, here’s my first list of awesome: Book Characters Who Write Lists.


As Bria pursues being a global vagabond, she brings her trusty sketchbook everywhere. This sketchbook is where she draws her art and writes about her life. Occasionally, she lists down some travel facts and rules.

Things you should not bring to Central America
(or anywhere else you go, ever, as explained to Bria Sandoval, travel virgin)

  • Full size bottles of tea-tree conditioner
  • Shoes with heels higher than one inch,
  • Ergonomic travel pillows
  • Strawberries & champagne body spray or any other kind
  • Purple leggings
  • Anything with spangles


Having a Hollywood actress for a mother, Annabelle lives a topsy-turvy life. Only a few things could make her feel safe and at peace- one of those are lists. She says: ‘It felt important to start writing lists down. There was something about seeing the words on paper or a screen that made feel a little safer; a little more grounded; a little more tethered to the earth, like I wasn’t going to blow away.’ I loved Annabelle’s lists! They were hella quirky! More importantly, these lists, which expressed everything going inside her head, helped me to get to know her character so much better.

jessica darling

Jessica Darling is and will forever be my one of my most favorite contemporary heroines. She’s funny, smart, incredibly witty. Her voice is unique and hard to find- it evoked the reality of a teenage girl so perfectly. Her story is written through her hilarious journal entries, letters, emails, postcards, essays and lists. Jessica’s list titles are the best! Here are some of them: “The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Marcus Flutie from Eavesdropping on His Conversations with Len Levy with One Ear while Sara Buzzes On and On about Nothing in the Other” and “A Collection of Theories Trying To Explain Why I Kissed a Republican and Fucked Up My Relationship with Marcus” and “My Mindfucks: A Quick and Handy Reference Guide.”

ruby oliver

Ruby Oliver could easily pass off as Jessica Darling- she’s just as witty and hilarious. Ruby has panic attacks and to remedy that, she goes to see a therapist. Dr. Z, her therapist, suggests that she list down the root cause of her troubles: all the boys in her life. And that’s how she comes up with The Boyfriend List. I might consider writing a boyfriend list of my own but sadly, it would come up pretty empty. But really, The Boyfriend List is just genius! I loved the idea of it. Coupled with Ruby’s extremely amusing character, I really enjoyed reading the book. Bonus: Ruby writes annotations/footnotes!


‘Lists add a number to randomness, give ideas the illusion of order.’ After Mallory discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her with a cyberwife, she unearths her grandma’s list of Back-to-School resolutions. She thinks its kismet and decides to ‘go vintage’, disconnecting from the cyberworld. She writes lists too, like her grandmother. Mallory’s lists are so quirky and comical! Here’s one that I thought was real cute:

Other merit badges Oliver Kimball could earn

  1. Charm
  2. Wit
  3. Delicious laugh.
  4. Asking the right question at the right time.
  5. Grace. Manly grace.
  6. More charm. We’re talking Charm School. We’re talking ten charm O.W.L.s at Hogwarts.

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Do you know any other book character who writes lists? Do you enjoy reading about characters who are listers? Are you a lister yourself? Do tell!

22 Responses

    1. I’ve read The Probability of Miracles before actually. Silly old me, how could I have forgotten about Cam? To be honest though, I wasn’t quite impreessed by her Flamingo List. :(

    1. Hooray, we have something in common then! Mallory’s pretty cool, isn’t she? Thanks for dropping by, Brittany! :)

  1. YES. What a great idea for a post! As a gal who always has a list or two (or ten…) sitting around, I always love it when protagonists share my obsession! I’ll have to check out the books on this list I haven’t read yet. :)

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Nice to meet a fellow lister. ;) Yeah, it’s always nice finding a book character who is in to the same things as you. :D

  2. This is such a cool new feature!

    I think my favorite list of the ones you listed is the last one, especially number 6: “More charm. We’re talking Charm School. We’re talking ten charm O.W.L.s at Hogwarts.”

    These books look good (I’ll be reading Wanderlove soon!). And Going Vintage is on my list since forever!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Eve! *hugs* Mallory has lots of quirky lists! I wanted to share them all but I was afraid I’d spoil the story haha. These books are real good. Aside from the fact that they have cool lists, the stories themselves are quite enjoyable. I hope you like Wanderlove! :D

    1. Lists are awesome, aren’t they? *high five* I hope you read and enjoy these! Thanks for visiting, Brianna! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this cool list of characters who write lists, haha! I absolutely adore the design of your site, it’s so cool! Unfortunately I haven’t heard of any of them except for Mallory and hopefully I’ll be reading my copy of Going Vintage soon.

    1. Haha! Thank you, love! <3 I suggest you add these to your TBR! They're really good! I hope you enjoy Going Vintage! :D

  4. I love this, because I love lists, even though I’ve only read Going Vintage from this list! I remember Sam in All-American Girl was quite a fan of top ten lists, which is part of why I loved that book so much in Jr. High.

    1. Kinda fangirling that you dropped by my blog, hihi. <3 I'm glad to hear you love lists too! Eeep, I've actually read All-American Girl but that was so long before. Probably why I forgot to add Sam to my list. :-( Thank you for mentioning her, Stormy!

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