Book Haul #11


Gayle Forman – Just One Year
Joanna Philbin – Rules Of Summer
Wendy Higgins – Sweet Evil
Laura Nowlin – If He Had Been With Me
Jennifer Echols – Dirty Little Secret (Won!)
Leila Sales – This Song Will Save Your Life

Jolene Perry – 
Katie McGarry – Crash Into You
Thank you, Netgalley, Albert Whitman Teen and Harlequin Teen!

GUYS I HAVE JUST ONE YEAR!!!! *dies* *resurrects*  It’s definitely on my list of super-cannot-wait-to-read books. Along with This Song Will Save Your Life and Crash Into You too! I seriously don’t know which to read first! *torn into pieces* Some help?

Anyway, like I mentioned last week, I received some books in the mail. I’m so happy the books I bought from The Book Depository finally arrived. It’s been a long long wait. Apparently, my mail got lost and I’m so thankful to TBD for sending me replacements. Aside from my orders, I got the book I won from the Authors Are Rockstars giveaway! Yey! Winning a book giveaway feels like winning a lottery. Oh wait, it is a lottery of sorts. Silly me.

Well, since we’re talking about giveaways, I want to thank each and everyone of you for joining mine. I’m amazed that I got more than 2k entries for the international one and even more amazed that there are 1k entries for the PH surprise books giveaway! You guys didn’t even know what titles I picked for the surprise books and yet you eagerly joined! I’m so so glad that my first giveaway has been a total success! And now, for the winners….

International Giveaway: Nitzan Schwarz and A.J.

PH Giveaway: Tara Rochelle

Again, thank you guys for joining! Thank you for the sweet birthday messages too. *hugs* I had so much fun reading all your comments! I guess that will all be all for now. Watch out for future giveaways. *wink wink*

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  1. Yay! Congrats for the very successful giveaways, Hazel! I wanted to win mainly because I’m curious about the surprise books. XD Still, my congratulations to the winners! I hope they enjoy. :)

    Among those books, I’ve only read Sweet Evil and enjoyed it a lot! I hope you do, too. And it’s nice that TBD replaced the books that were lost along the way. I already got mine, but I’m still waiting for a couple more. I hope they didn’t get lost. :( :)

    Happy reading! (And as usual, your photos are amazing and very professional! ^_^)

    Kyle @ The Selkie Reads Stories

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for joining! I’m not sure if you know that I got Sweet Evil because I read your review and was convinced by it! I’m super curious about Kaidan. ;) Yeah, TBD is pretty cool for replacing them. I hope yours didn’t get lost, Kyle!

      I’m so glad you like the photo! Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. Happy reading, Hazel! I am always in awe of your pictures. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS SO PERFECT? Haha. Out of those books, i’ve only read Just One Year and it was fantastic, I do hope that upon finishing it, you think so, too.

    1. Awww thanks, lovely. <3 I really appreciate comments like these about my photography! I'm so glad to hear you loved Just One Year. I've read some not-so-happy reviews and I'm a little scared to get into the book, despite craving to read it for a long long time.

  3. Yay for winning a book! And you definitely need to read This Song Will Save Your Life, I finally read it and I totally loved every minute of it! Awesome haul! :)

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