Book Haul #14: Start-of-the-Year Book Sales & Crazy Book Hoarding Tendencies

book haul 14

When I say crazy, I mean crazy.

I was starved of book shopping during my Christmas vacation because I had already brought ten books along with me then and couldn’t afford to crowd my luggage even more by buying new books. I promised to myself to go shop for new reads once I got home- I actually rushed to the bookstore the day I arrived in Manila. And now, TA-DA!

Luck was on my side because there was an ongoing sale at Fullybooked at the time (it’s until the 19th, I believe) and the discounts were from 20-80% off! After my initial visit where I got the sixteen books I told you about during my last book haul post, I ended up coming back only to buy four more books! Twenty books, all in all, you guys. Tell me that’s normal.

Anyway, the five paperbacks in the first photo were 20% off while the rest, all the gorgeous hardbounds in the next three pictures, cost me about 75-100 PHP (nearly 2 USD) each- what a bargain, right? And to think some of these titles (like Something Strange and Deadly) were high on my ‘want’ list. Heck yes, I AM ONE HAPPY BOOKWORM!


book haul 14-01

Tamara Ireland Stone – Time Between Us
Sarah Strohmeyer – Smart Girls Get What They Want
Sophie Flack – Bunheads
Rebecca Donovan – Reason To Breathe
Daisy Whitney – The Mockingbirds

book haul 14-03

Emily Hainsworth – Through To You
Jenny Hubbard – Paper Covers Rock
Robin Mellom – Ditched
Jennifer Ziegler – Sass & Serendipity
Maureen Johnson – The Last Little Blue Envelope
Megan McCafferty – Perfect Fifths

book haul 14-02

Laurie Halse Anderson – Forge
Jodi Meadows – Incarnate
Jenny Valentine – Double
Sarah Crossan – Breathe
Rachel Carter – So Close To You

book haul 14-04

Brodi Ashton – Everneath
Kiersten White – Paranormalcy
Kiersten White – Supernaturally
Susan Dennard – Something Strange and Deadly


Camp Half Blood shirt from The Dream Shirt
Another Little Piece Of My Heart swag
Moonleaf 2014 planner (with postcards)

That’s it! What books did you guys get recently? Have you read any of the books I bought? Am I insane for buying way too much? (Is my mom going to flip?) Which one do I read first? Tell me your thoughts!


23 Responses

  1. I read Everneath and hated it but then again I hated Scarlet .My taste curves a little different than everyone else’s sometimes. Recently I have bought The longest Ride , The Selection, The Wanderer,Gone Girl, The Bone Season,Beautiful Bastard.

  2. Aaaahh.. Sale!! Sooo many books! I really wish there’s a Fullybooked branch in Albay. We only have one NBS and two Book Sale branches. Btw, have you been to NBS’ warehouse sale?

  3. OMG! All these books are bargain? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Well, as you can..feel, I’m a little jealous right now. I didn’t had a chance to go to Fullybooked’s sale, and now NBS’! (Does some of these books came from the Warehouse sale or are you yet to attack there? XD)

    Anyways, despite my little jealousy *wink, wink* I’m glad you got to pick nice titles with such kind of bargain! I mean, 75-100?!

    Michelle, The Escapist.

  4. SO MANY BOOKS! That’s awesome they were a bargain! I don’t blame you for buying tons of them. :D

    I still need to read Something Strange and Deadly. And I love the cover of your Moonleaf 2014 planner. I wannntttt. :D

  5. Holy book haul! Most of these are in my to-read list so you can imagine how green with envy I am right now. I really should go to more book sales.

  6. That’s a lot of books! It’s so great you got them for such a bargain. I have to admit I’m a little envious right now

  7. 20 books! !!
    Yeah, normal. Hahah (:

    I’ve really wanted to read a few of those! Including Paranormalacy and Supernaturally, Time Between Us, Incarnate and Reason to Breath. I’m so envious. It’s so difficult to find cheap books in my area!

  8. OMG HAZEL THAT’S AN AWESOME HAUL I’M JEALOUS OF YOU. I wish I could teleport to the Philippines so that I could buy loads of books from Fullybooked >< English bookstores do hold booksales once in a while but too bad they don't have an extensive collections of YA books…

    Sass & Serendipity and Ditched seem like a fun contemporary from their titles — I will have to check them out on Goodreads then ;) And I've been dying to read Incarnate and Everneath too! I LOOOOVE fantasy, especially Greek mythology. Since the last books come out in January, that means we don't have to wait too long for the next book hehe ;) I haven't read Paranolmacy too but I did enjoy White's writing style in The Chaos of Stars.

    Awesome haul, Hazel! Especially that Camp Half-Blood tee ;D

  9. Wow! That’s so awesome! I always look forward on your book hauls. I get giddy whenever you posts new books. <3 I'm so jealous that there's so many sales there. We don't have much here. But I'm happy just seeing what you bought and you're sharing it with us through your posts. It's like you're opening a part of you. (I hope I make sense and don't sound so mushy. Teehee.) Please keep posting because I know that you're inspiring and will still inspire other people with your posts. :)

    P.S. : I Love the new layout/ changes of your blog.
    P.P.S : ICYMI, there's an ongoing sale on NBS' s warehouse. New book haul perhaps? ;)

  10. That’s a looooot of books. I hope I get to go to BHS this week in time for the sale! :O And dang, most of those are hardcovers. I got the paperback of Something Strange and Deadly for thrice the price you paid for the hardcover–I’m super jealous haha! All of the books just look so pretty together. *_*

  11. Wow, you crazy, girl!! :D What awesome deals on those books though.

    Unfortunately I rarely buy physical books anymore. :( I don’t have the shelf space for them. It makes me kind of sad! So I only buy ebooks these days. I don’t mind reading ebooks (sometimes I prefer it), but it is always more exciting to have a bookshelf with physical books on it.

  12. I’m interested to see what you think of Everneath and Paranormalcy as they are both books I’ve been recommended by a friend but I’m not sure. Nice haul, I can only dream to have that many books, although I’d have to get a bigger bookshelf.

  13. Oh Hazel, that is a mad haul! I’ve had to put myself on a buying ban with books just before I move otherwise i’d have to buy more than one bookshelf. Love the photos too ;-)!
    I do want to start the Everneath and Paranormalcy series too and those hardbacks look beauuuuutttifullll <3

  14. Oh my gosh, girl, you’ve got so many books here! There are quite a few of them that I’ve read and loved! I’m excited to see what you think about Everneath as that is one of my favorite series. OH, and The Mocking birds is so, so good. Happy reading!

  15. Wow 75-100 pesos is a really good deal! I’m so happy for you for all the books that you got :D I really hope you like them all. The only ones that I read from your haul are Incarnate and Breathe. Incarnate was a great read, but did not really wow me. It had a unique concept though. Breathe was FANTASTIC! I love the world building and the characters. You should read it asap. (:

  16. So. Many. Books! You may need another bookshelf soon. I can’t resist a book sale either though lol. You got an amazing deal! I wish I could find awesome hardcovers like that for that price. I recently bought books too with some of my Christmas money =D So excited to read them!

  17. I’m so hating you right now, Hazel. You’re making me regret so much that I didn’t go that sale. Gah. You got some really good books at such low prices! Why don’t they do that more often when I can actually go. Sad. Oh well. Enjoy your books. This is such a great haul! :D

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