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If you’re looking for a YA that’s a blend of big-hearted contemporary feelings and magical fantasy mixed with an action-packed apocalypse plot, then this book is for you!! Favorite quote: “They say magic shows you who you are. Maybe love does that, too.” – Dead Things Are Closer Than They Appear by Robin Wasley I’m blown […]

For the first book tour post of 2024, I’m thrilled to be sharing my thoughts on So Let Them Burn and my favorite quotes from the book! So Let Them Burn is from debut author Kamilah Cole: a writer and entertainment editor at Bustle for four years, whose nonfiction work has also appeared in Marie […]

I’m thrilled to be a part of the book tour for A Bright Heart by Kate Chenli! To start, here’s some info on the author: Kate Chenli writes adult and young adult fantasy. As a Chinese immigrant, Kate is a proud US citizen who also cherishes her Chinese heritage. She has a Master’s degree in […]

In an age where people turn a blind eye against the atrocities happening in our world, Randy Ribay’s latest novel offers an echoing voice calling out humanity for what is happening and what must be done. But despite the unholy topics it covers, I believe Patron Saints of Nothing has been blessed by all the […]

I’m the type of reader who will follow an author’s next work with almost no question if I loved their previous book/s. This was the case when I decided to read Girl Gone Viral so I pretty much had no clue what it was about when I started reading. All I knew was that Arvin’s […]

It’s official: I will read anything set in space if it’s written by Kaufman & Kristoff. After how much I loved their Illuminae Files series, I wondered if Aurora Rising would manage to be just as thrilling and enjoyable, especially since it’s mostly written in typical novel prose (with scattered informative notes) compared to the […]

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