Behind The Blog Monday #3: E-Book or Paperback

This feature was created by Holly from Bookish Musings to be able to learn more about the bloggers behind the blog, answer questions/this or thats/would you rather/etc, and just have fun!

This week’s Behind the Blog Monday topic is:

E-Book or Paperback?

ebook vs paperback

Reasons why I love e-books
1. I read them faster
2. I can make highlights and notes easier
3. I can bring a whole library of e-books when I travel
4. They are often cheaper

Reasons why I love paperback/physical copies
1. I can sniff them
2. I can bury my face in them
3. Shopping at the bookstore is so much fun
4. I like filling up my bookshelves
5. I can ravish the cover
6. I can hug the book when I cry

Though I think e-books are awesome, nothing compares to reading a paperback copy!

How about you? Would you go for an e-book or paperback? Let me know!

16 Responses

  1. I actually love reading both ebooks and hard copies. I get in moods where I prefer one or the other, but for the most part I choose based on what format I have the book I want to read. Right now I’m reading two ebooks and a hard copy. *shrugs*

    Also, I’m glad someone else has mentioned reading ebooks faster. I feel like I’m the same way, but I thought that was weird.

    1. Two ebooks and a hard copy? Damn, so badass! I don’t think I could juggle reading three books! Thanks for dropping by, Lisa. :)

  2. Yes! I love this post. I’m definitely more of an ebook reader since I read faster on it too and it’s just SO convenient! But having feels after reading a book and then hugging your ereader is just awk. Clutching a physical book is so much more satisfying… Lol great post, Hazel!

  3. Yes, I absolutely love both formats. I read so fast on my nook. It amazes me sometimes because I find that I reach the end of a book and I had only started reading a couple of hours before. Overall, nothing beats holding a book in my hands. It just feels special and all mine. Great post!

  4. I totally agree with all your points.
    I also did the same discussion with my blogger friend Sunny:

  5. I love thy graphic. It had obtained the Shannelle seal of approval. You can also check out my post on my blog, if you want.

    Basically, I voted for paperbacks and mentioned a lot of sentimental reasons why I loved them. I think I mentioned book-sniffing too.

  6. I agree with all of your points! It’s so hard to choose between them, but for the pure sake of nostalgia, I’d have to agree again. Nothing beats a physical copy of a book. And I LOVE staring at them on my shelf ;)

  7. I think I’d go with ebooks. I love physical books the most, but ebooks are just too comfortable. I can read then anywhere and that’s what really matters ;D

  8. I totally agree with everything that you said! I love how in ebooks, you could easily highlight the text. I hate writing in books so ebooks would be perfect. Although getting a book through your Nook or Kindle etc., nothing beats physical copies. I just love having a physical book in front of me. THE FEELS, MAN!

  9. We have practically the same opinions on e-book vs physical copies! I do like the fact that they are often cheaper because then I am more willing to try new books that I wouldn’t have otherwise. But, nothing beats smelling a fully-stocked bookstore or watching your shelves fill up with stacks and stacks of books with pretty covers.

  10. For me it’s all about physical books, even if e-books are faster to read they don’t let me connect with the characters the way that physical books do.
    The way you check out the pages that are left and you are making the decision between sleeping and finishing the book with an e-book its easier to pick sleep.

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