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I’m a song geek, always have been and always will be. I think everyone enjoys songs and music, anyway. We just have different preferences. I love coming across books that have characters who listen, appreciate, play or make music. Especially those who write songs. For this week, I’ve decided to list down: Unforgettable Fictional Songs. 

crocodile lies
Talk about unforgettable. This song is definitely my top one! Ahhhh, Marcus Flutie. <3

You, yes, you, linger inside my heart
The same you who stopped us before we could start
I didnt want to leave, but you began to believe
Your own crocodile lies
The only person stopping you is yourself,
You wont accept that I want no one else,
So until you do, I’ll let someone else have you
Every day, I live the lie
But not the crocodile kind

audrey wait
After Audrey breaks up with her boyfriend, said boyfriend writes a song about it and it becomes a crazy hit! This is the song that turns Audrey’s world upside down.

You said your piece and now I’ve got to say mine
I had you and you strung me on the line
We said we loved and it was a lie
I touched your hair and watched you die
You crucified my heart, took every part, and hung them out to dry
‘It’s all good!’ you always say
But save it for another day
‘Cause now I’m watching you walk away
Audrey, wait! Audrey, wait!..

dont cry
Breathe was a good enough book for me but I liked it so much more because of this sweet song!

Your eyes hold the key to my soul
Your hands heal all my pain,
And you’re everything that makes this boy whole
When you breathe, it sends warmth through my veins
When you laugh, my body goes insane
You’re all I need to survive
Your body is what makes me feel alive
Don’t cry, I’m not that strong
I can’t stand here when your heart is broken
How I long to be all you need
But instead, I’m everything that’s wrong

for emme
There was no definite title for this song but since Ethan wrote it for Emme, I decided to call it that. My heart swells so much whenever I read the lyrics!

If I could kiss away your pain, I would
If I could hold you every night, I would
If I could erase every mistake, every other face
I wouldn’t change a thing
Because all those things led me to this place
And to you
Because I… I could never break your heart
I wouldn’t know where to start
All I know to be true
Is the only breaking will be done by you

ten years
I so love how Max expressed herself through her songs.

In one second, I see ten years
I picture a future of all my fears
One blink, and I think
Losing you is like losing me..
In one second, I see ten years
Can’t hold it back any more than the tears
I see black dresses, life’s stresses
Imagine the grief, loss of belief
My life unfolds as yours is untold
Every time I close my eyes

kaleidoscope eyes
Adam has lots of songs in Where She Went and they are all so beautifully written! Kaleidoscope Eyes is one of my favorites! Gahhh, I wish I could listen to Adam singing it.

Sometimes her eyes bathe sorrow
Sometimes her eyes rage love
Sometimes her eyes are a caress
Soft as a velvet glove
Sometimes I’m scared to look
Afraid that I might trespass
But every time I lift my eyes to hers
Those eyes, they always say yes
Your eyes always say yes

Cade wrote this song for Bliss but I loved how it was used for both Garrick-Bliss and Cade-Max!

No matter how close, you are always too far
My eyes are drawn everywhere you are
I’m tired of the way we both pretend
Tired of always wanting and never giving in
I can feel it in my skin, see it in your grin
We’re more
We always have been
Think of everything we’ve missed
Every touch and every kiss
Because we both insist

the potato song
This has got to be the cutest fictional song ever! It’s kinda genius.

I saw her in the produce section late last Saturday
It hadn’t been but seven days since she went away
Once she’d love my filet mignon, my carnivore inklings
But now she was a vegan princess, living off of beans…
Don’t you ever give me no rotten tomato,
‘Cause all I ever wanted was your sweet potato
Mashed, whipped, creamed, smothered, chunked, and diced,
Anyway you fix it baby, sure tastes nice


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What kind of songs do you enjoy? How do you feel about coming across songs in books? What fictional songs have you stumbled upon before? Did you like any of the songs I listed? Which one and why? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Love your List of Awesome this week, Hazel! I love coming across songs in books! They’re like a slightly different version of poems–and I ADORE poetry. :) I’m not so sure but I think I encountered song/s in S.C. Stephen’s Thoughtless? :))

    1. Thank you so much, Kyle! Books featuring poetry are awesome! Maybe I’ll do a list on that as well. I actually haven’t read Thoughtless yet! It’s on my TBR though! :)

  2. OHMYGOD. HAHAHA. Sorry all my feels go to this post :(( Anywaaaaay, I haven’t read all of these books on here, but the ones I have, I just gotta say I LOVE those songs! I mean, I can never really put a tune to them because I am tone deaf, and whenever I try to sing something like this with the guitar, I end up sounding so depressed, so I gave up XD It’s the lyrics that get to me anyway! I totally remember the Marcus Flutie and the Adam Wilde one, because OH GOSH I just swooned. I kind of forgot about the Truth Squad one and I deserve a million facepalms because now I remember!! They were so adorable :( I mean the song itself doesn’t make much sense, but how adorbs can they get?! And you know I should probably read the rest of the books, especially the Audrey Wait one because that to me is the best non-familiar one :) So yeah, great list! Totally awesome ;)

    1. I’m glad you liked the list! I swoon over songs as much as I swoon over book boys so this was really enjoyable to compile. It’s fine that you didn’t remember The Potato Song much. That one’s tattooed on my mind though, because I really loved This Lullaby! Dexter is the sweetest! <3 And the Hate! Spinnerbait thing was priceless. So yeah, the Truth Squad is pretty unforgettable for me. :) Audrey! Wait is awesome- you'll enjoy Robin Benway's witty writing. :D

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I get ya- it is hard to imagine the tune. I’m fine with reading the lyrics though. They tend to get etched in my mind. :)

  3. This was a pretty cool list. I haven’t given much thought to songs in books before, but I know I will be on the lookout for more in the future. I’m drawing a complete blank on songs in books I’ve read before.
    I have only read Where She Went from this list, and I like that song the best.

    1. Thank you, Arial! Like I said, I’m a song geek so I really pay attention when I come across them in books. If you ever come across some, let me know! :)

    1. Those two seem to be a favorite! You’re welcome, Melanie! I’m happy to get to share this with y’all and even happier to see a positive response. :)

    1. YOU GOTTA READ THESE BOOKS, SHANNELLE!! Aside from the awesome songs they introduce, most of these have really cool stories too. I definitely recommend them. :D

  4. Really nice list that you have! Although I’ve only read Where She Went (not that much of a fan of YA books), I guess it’s really interesting if these songs were made into an actual record. :)

    1. Thank you! :D Some of these aren’t YA books, actually. If you happen to like NA, you might like either Losing It, Faking It or Breathe. I agree, I would love to hear these songs with real music. But someone (a fan) tried to sing Crocodile Lies before! It was a good rendition. :)

  5. I was reading this post and all the way through I was thinking there has GOT to be a song from This Lullaby. So I’m really happy you had it! The Potato Song is amazing but the Take a Bow song is pretty darn cute too! GAHHH makes me want a boy who will write me songs.

    1. The song’s too cute to be forgotten! Yeah, I really like the Take A Bow song! <3 If I ever find a boy who'll write me beautiful sweet songs, I'll marry him in an instant hahaha!

  6. I haven’t read many of the titles you’ve put up there, and I can’t really remember the songs from the books that I actually have read lol (damn my crappy memory!) Actually to be honest, I don’t really remember any songs from ANY books I’ve read. It would be cool if they had some sort of thing where the song plays while you’re reading the book- that would make them a lot more memorable!

    I really like Kaleidoscope Eyes though! The songs almost seem like poetry when they’re just written down without the sound :D

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