Fully Booked Mid-Year 2016 Sale Haul

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Hardcovers Part 1

Happy July, my bookish friends! It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the year. I’m still as addicted to books as I was at the start of 2016 and as if to prove this, I went to Fully Booked yesterday and hoarded books like a crazy person.

Even with 43 new books I have no space for in my already full shelf and exactly zero money left, I have no regrets whatsoever. Check out the books I bought!

Dove Arising by Karen Bao · Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos · The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes  · Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez · I Am Her Revenge by Meredith Moore · Evertrue by Brodi Ashton · The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead · Skandal by Lindsay Smith · Through to You by Lauren Barnholdt  · First There Was Forever by Juliana Romano

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Hardcovers Part 2

Over You by Amy Reed · Damaged by Amy Reed  · If I Lie by Corrine Jackson  · Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me by Meredith Zeitlin · One by Sarah Crossan

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Paperbacks

After Hours by Claire Kennedy · Nil by Lynne Matson · Triple Moon by Melissa de la Cruz · My Faire Lady by Laura Wettersten · Wings by Elizabeth Richards

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Hardcovers Part 3

Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley · Starbird Murphy and the World Outside by Karen Finneyfrock · Sealed with a Lie by Kat Carlton · Afterparty by Ann Redisch Stampler · The Boy I Love by Nina de Garment · Skyscraping by Cordelia Jensen · Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither · Learning Not to Drown by Anna Shinoda · Feral by Holly Schindler · In Deep by Terra Elan McVoy

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Flirt titles

Love Is in the Air by Alex R. Kahler, A. Destiny · Sparks in Scotland by A. Destiny, Rhonda Helms

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Judy Blume books

Forever by Judy Blume · Then Again, Maybe I Won’t by Judy Blume · Deenie by Judy Blume

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - NA YA Romance

Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle · Swept Away by Michelle Dalton
Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Contemporaries

Love Bomb by Jenny McLachlan · Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz · Far from You by Lisa Schroeder · Blind by Rachel DeWoskin

Fully Booked Book Sale 2016 - Venom A Mad Wicked Folly

Venom by Fiona Paul · A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller

Still so excited that I got so many YA titles for 50-100PHP ($1-2). I’ve already read some of these beforehand but still wanted a physical copy because I adored them. The rest are books I’ve been eyeing for a long time! I’m definitely one happy bookworm who just checked off a ton of books items on book wish list! <3

Have you gone/are you planning to go to the book sale at Fully Booked? Have you read any of the titles above?

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  1. Haaaaazel! Fun fact: My eyeballs almost went out of their sockets when I heard you bought 43 books. HAHAHA! I hope you brought along someone with you.

    I’m seeing titles that I really want to acquire and I’m definitely dropping by soon. Hopefully I can still score cool titles by then. See you soon!

  2. I wish I could haul as many as 43 books someday. That Fully Booked sale has ripped my heart in pieces gosh can someone transport me there already?

    Great haul, Hazel :) You have some amazing titles waiting for you. ^^

  3. Oh my God, Hazel…. where do I even start? There are so. Many. Books! *flails* Woah, I’d die if I got that many new books at once. I mean, die in a good way, of course. I’m just… I’m trying to comprehend how you got so many! I assume Fully Booked is some sort of sale, right?

    But anyway, After Hours is a really cute & different read (if you haven’t read it yet) and I recently got Venom too! I need to reread it soon. I loved it when I first read it but never continued on with the series – why? IDEK. And a Hannah Moskowtiz book! I’m trying to make my way through her books this year. She’s an incredible author. Great post!

  4. I’m so jealous! Books are obscenely expensive where I live so I always love it when theres a sale (although we usually don’t get them as cheap as $1-$2 aha). Although people aren’t huge readers where I live, there are very few bookstores that aren’t a part of a huge chain.

    Fully Booked seems like such a great bookstore(?), even the name fits! Also, 43 books? Wow I think the most I could manage is twenty-ish maybe, I wouldn’t be able to fit them all in my bag for the way home aha

  5. What?! YA books for 50-100PHP? I am so jealous right now. I live in the province so I can’t go to these awesome sales. :( Great haul!

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