Booktube Haul: NBS Cubao Book Blowout Sale

Hello lovely bookish people! I’m doing my first official book haul post for the year and I’ve got 17 books to share with y’all. Yup, seventeen!

I went to National Bookstore’s Cubao Book Blowout Sale today and I had to take the train to get home so I apologize if I’m looking especially haggard in this video.

But oh my gosh it felt so good to spend my money on books, it has been awhile since I went on a real book shopping trip.

National Bookstore’s sale at Cubao was a pretty good one too, they seriously marked down a lot of their imported books and there’s a great mix of different selections from YA to romance to children’s books to general fiction to nonfiction even.

But of course I mainly bought from the first two genres because I love YA and I love romance. So onto the books!

The sale had titles at 20% off, 60% off and 80% off, so I’m going to start with my priciest purchases to the cheapest.

I got a hardcover of 500 Words or Less by Juleah Del Rosario for 60% off going at 290 pesos. Yup, that is the most expensive book I bought today. Anyway, I’ve already read this one and badly wanted a physical copy because I really enjoyed it. It’s a novel in verse and the author Juleah is partly Filipino so of course we gotta support!

Next up I got One Tiny Lie (60% off – 239 pesos) by KA Tucker, and it is a New Adult romance novel. I read Ten Tiny Breaths, the first companion book in the series, way back and have been wanting to read this too.

I finally have a copy of You Know Me Well (60% off – 179 pesos)! This has been on my wishlist for a long while because I’m a huge fan of Nina and David’s work. Actually a lot of the books in this haul are on my wishlist so I’m really happy with my purchases. This one btw funnily had two price tags. One was higher and the other was lower and I wasn’t sure to which one the green tag meaning 60% off applied to so I double checked.

Book Sale Tip: I really recommend checking the prices for all the books you plan to buy at the sale if you’re going because for one of my purchases that had a red tag meaning 80% off it turned out to only be 60% off when scanned at the cashier even though it wasn’t green tagged.

Another hardcover I got a copy of: Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl (80% off -159 pesos), because I spotted a copy of it on an episode of Famous In Love.

I finally have Girl Against The Universe (60% off – 151 pesos) ahhhh!! I’ve wanted this book for years. Mostly because I adore Paula Stokes and her debut The Art of Lainey but also because it was well recommended for the mental health rep!

Dating You/Hating You (80% off – 139 pesos) is a romance novel from Christina Lauren and I’ve been wanting a copy forever! I really enjoyed Roomies so I have been eyeing this and a few others by the authors and also I’ve just been gravitating towards romance more and more lately so I’ll probably read this soon.

While we’re on romance books, I bought Swoon Reads titles as well. Kate Evangelista’s Dodge Cove series was available at the sale and I got the last two books, No Second Chances (80% off – 105 pesos) and No Holding Back (80% off – 95 pesos), to complete my collection. Kate, like Juleah, is also a Filipino author and so is Rhoda Belleza, who wrote Empress of a Thousand Skies (80% off – 99 pesos). I’m looking forward to diving into a YA space opera for the first time.

Of course I am always a contemporary gal and as mentioned I’m a fan of David Levithan, so I got The Realm of Possibility (80% off – 91 pesos) one of his older titles I haven’t had the chance to read. I also got Be More Chill (80% off – 75 pesos) because I loved It’s Kind of a Funny Story when I was a teen, as well as Tiny Pretty Things (80% off – 75 pesos) and The Problem with Forever (80% off – 71 pesos), which I’m looking forward to because I’ve been meaning to read from their authors.

I bought Sweet Reckoning, Something True, and Magnus Chase (80% off – 71 pesos) because I had copies from each of their series.

Finally, I bought The Sky Is Everywhere. Again. This is my third copy. But this was so cheap at less than 40 pesos, the cheapest in my pile, and the blue cover is so cute, of course I had to get it. I love this book so much and Jandy Nelson is one of my most favorite authors.

Anyway that’s it for my book haul! I’d love to know if you recently hauled books too, or went/are planning to go to National Bookstore’s Cubao Book Blowout sale!

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