Quote Book: Paper Towns by John Green

In lieu of last week’s events (a.k.a. the release of the Paper Towns trailer), I’m sharing some quote book posters I made! I read Paper Towns way back, more than three years ago I think, and really liked it because of the lovely writing and road trip adventure. It’s been awhile since I last did one of these so I thought why not. I wanted to share my top/favorite quotes but those were too long so I chose the shorter ones:

paper towns by john green quote - everyone gets a miracle

“Everyone gets a miracle.”

John Green, Paper Towns

paper towns by john green quote - town was paper but the memories were not

“The town was paper, but the memories were not.” 

John Green, Paper Towns

I hope you guys like these! If you’ve got any quote requests, just hit me up! Like always, I want to thank Creative Market for always providing me amazing resources to use:

Alegance ・ Arctic Express ・ Watercolour Effects  ・ Watercolour Flower DIY Pack Vol. 2

Have you read Paper Towns? What’s your favourite quote from the book? Are you excited for the movie? :)

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  1. I’m super excited for the movie because this is my favorite John Green book! My favorite is from Radar but it’s too long! It has something to do abt friendship, after Q complained about Ben.

  2. I am in love with the last one, I lost the sunburnt orange mixed with the silhouettes. I haven’t read Paper Towns, in fact I haven’t read a single JG book. Terrible I know. I just feel he’s becoming very Nicholas Sparks in the way all his books are going to be turned into movies. Is that bad of me?

  3. They’re so gorgeous! I think you should start something with this – maybe an Etsy account or something. I can imagine how much it would skyrocket – I love the designs of both of them!

  4. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. I might actually make that first one the wallpaper on my phone because it’s so gorgeous. I think PT is my favorite JG book. It switches between that or LFA, but I do think Paper Towns has some of the most personally resonating quotes within it. I also have that book to thank for my love of Walt Whitman.

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