Starting A Digital Shop: My First Product Revealed!

Starting A Digital Shop

It’s amazing how being a book blogger has allowed me to pursue my creative endeavours.

Last year, I started my design shop and I was floored by the support I received from the blogosphere. I never imagined getting so many commissions to design book blogs, let alone having to create a queue and even raising my prices because of the demand I got. It was so fulfilling and rewarding to get wonderful testimonials from my clients and fabulous feedback from their readers on the blog designs I worked on.

I finally took a break from my design shop recently and while I’m at it again and available for design orders, my short retreat made me realize I’m ready pursue my next enterprise: a digital shop.

What motivated me

Aside from the response for my design shop I talked about earlier, a huge motivation for me were several creative business blogs I recently subscribed to. Over the past months I’ve stay tuned to posts from The Nectar Collective, I grew more determined to make a business out of my blog. I attended all the free webinars I could and subscribed to even more  the bookish community and they inspired me to finally work on a biz of my own aside from my design services.

Of course, if I was gonna create a business, it’s gonna be a bookish one because that’s what I’m passionate about. Ashley of Nose Graze started a bookish business blog/email series before and that also contributed to my resolution to start earning money from my book blog.

Why a digital shop

Having readers from around the world, I wanted to sell goods that can easily be accessible. Also, I wanted to start a bookish business with little to no cost on my part. So I felt digital goods were the way to go. I knew I wanted to create products for book lovers and bloggers and design some awesome digital stuff that they could easily download for an affordable price.

My first product!

When I first started creating this, I didn’t know it was gonna be my first digital product. It was something I created because I felt like I needed it to get my book blog in order. So while I was working on it, I realized that fellow book bloggers might also make use of this. Maybe like me, they’ve been looking for something like this that’s especially for us: a planner for book bloggers.

Digital Shop Product - 2016 Book Blog Planner

An instant download printable planner designed specially to help you blog effectively and succeed next year, the 2016 Book Blog Planner will launch on Tuesday (December 15th). Make sure to subscribe to my email list to be the first to hear when my digital shop opens and the 2016 Book Blog Planner is live!

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own bookish/blog business? What are you hoping to see in the 2016 Book Blog Planner?

16 Responses

  1. Oh this is so wonderful, congrats to your new business, Hazel!! :D I’ve kind of always dreamed of being able to start some sort of business online…but I don’t have the skills for digital art, hehh, so no plans. :P But gahhh, your design and artistry and creativity ALWAYS amazing me. GO YOU.

  2. Oh that’s so great! I WANT A PLANNER! Does it have a calendar thing plus notes or something? I’m the type of person who forgets what I need to do if it’s not written down hehe.

  3. Oh my. Many congrats on your business venture! I have always wanted to do something like that.. but I just don’t have the right ideas or mind power. Lol.

    The calender looks amazeballs! I want one already! xD

    Great stuff!!

  4. The planner looks great! I’d love to turn my book blog into a business – though I just don’t think I have the audience XD Your graphic design skills amaze me!

  5. Hazel, that’s absolutely wonderful! I know how thrilling it is when a new business is on the cusp of opening, and might I say that I had a look at your designs and they’re all quite gorgeous? ;) I myself opened up a Zazzle store two weeks back – its sort of like Society6 and basically print on demand merchandise, but my niche is mainly merchandise related to reading and blogging. I can relate to our shared love of design and reading at a very high level, so trust me when I say, good luck!

  6. Congratulations on opening up the digital shop, Hazel! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us. And I’m definitely curious about your blog planner!

  7. congratulations hazel on opening up your digital shop! i love your web designs and i know what you’ll be selling on this new shop will be just as great! the blog planner looks so cool! i could definitely use some more order and organization with my blogging so i’ll be counting down the days until it arrives! :)

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