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These past weeks I’ve felt like a really bad blogger. Like a really terrible one actually. I swear, I want to write reviews and think of fun posts. But every time I open a blank page, try to make a draft, I come up with nothing. It’s the worst.

I keep wondering what to do with this blogging rut. Do I let it go on until I finally feel in the mood to blog? (But how long would that take?) Do I continue being hard on myself about my failure to do my blogging duties? Should I wrack my brain endlessly for post ideas?

I discussed before how it’s a struggle to blog creatively but I feel like that’s not even it anymore. Right now, or at least as of recently, it’s just a struggle to blog. A part of me wants to focus on reading instead but thing is, it feels too weird not blogging about what I read. I REALLY WANT TO BLOG.

So here, I am taking one step towards getting back into blogging: ranting about my slump and hoping that you guys want to discuss with me.

Have you experienced being in a terrible blogging rut, where you just feel so slumpy and can’t manage to write a post? What caused it? How did you get out of it? Any tips on how to get back to blogging after a long hiatus?

PS: I just read Asti’s lovely post on how blogging is worth it for her and I have to say it’s really enlightening! Go check it out! :)

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  1. I’ve never had a blogging slump, but I see it happen all the time. I think the best way to deal with it is; just take your time :) If you force yourself it’s probably noticeable in your posts and we’re not going anywhere ;)

    1. I know you’ve been blogging for years, Mel, and the fact that you’ve never had a slump is totally awesome. Good for you!

      Thanks for the great advice! I guess it does show when someone’s not into the blog post he/she wrote. Anyway, I hope this one didn’t sound forced!

  2. I’ve never really been in a rut but for the past few months reviewing hasn’t held the same kind of fun and wonder as it used to (which sucks because I used to be a manic reviewer and review EVERY SINGLE BOOK I read – now it’s a challenge to review ARCs and review copies *sadface).

    So I suppose I kinda get what you mean. I also haven’t had many discussion-related ideas, either, but I went through a phase of writing heaps, so I have a bit of a backlog of them, haha.

    As for getting back your passion for blogging, I suppose try and remember what made you love it in the first place. If it was commenting on other blogs, do that. If it was simply reading other blogs, do that. If was reviews, do that. If it was discussions, do that.

    Remember that blogging is first and foremost about YOU. So do whatever makes you happy in regards to your blog, and hopefully that will help! <3

    1. I totally get that! I’ve also had a tough time reviewing ARCs recently which makes me feel so bad. :(

      Well, what I love about blogging is simply finding inspiration and sharing the bookish love. And of course the interaction with you guys so I’ll definitely take you up on that commenting tip!


  3. I’ve never really experienced a blogging rut, but I imagine that trying to force yourself to blog and come up with ideas will have a negative effect. Forcing yourself to do anything will: 1) make it feel like a job, and 2) probably make it even harder to come up with something.

    Blogging should be something that comes natural to you, rather than something you have to force yourself to do. As I said, I haven’t really had this happen to me before but I’ve read a lot of posts by people who have experienced it. They seem to often find luck in taking a break. Even if they really want to blog, forcing themselves to step back for a while can really get them excited about returning to blogging. In fact, people often report that as soon as they officially decide to take a hiatus, they suddenly have tons of blogging ideas!

    1. I guess that’s true! I always push myself a lot so that might be it. I think I’ve taken quite a long break already, almost a whole month (but I did do 3 posts within that time frame), so I guess I was apprehensive about it getting even longer.

      Thank you for your insights as always, Ashley! I envy that you’ve never once felt slumpy with blogging. :)

  4. I think I’m going to same phase, I haven’t written any review yet for almost 2 weeks. I think it’s because of school…I had over 8 tests this week, and I’ve been crying because of the stress. I haven’t been getting good grades either and I’m trying to run for honours. It’s quite frustrating that I want to try really hard, but knowing my best isn’t enough, ruins everything I’ve worked for. It’s cliche, but very true.

    I haven’t read a single book this week so I’m reading 3 books at the same time for the weekend so I can write reviews again, but I’ve noticed that my reviews are starting to sound the same and petiks-ish so I struggle with writing. Plus I’m behind with my blogger duties…

    1. Sucks to hear that, Chyna! I totally get how school can be so stressful sometimes- believe me, I’ve had many nights crying over it when I was a college freshman. :( You’re a a HS senior right now, yeah? Senior year is always the busiest so best of luck with everything!

      I definitely think you should take a break so that you don’t struggle so much! Everyone has been so understanding with me about my blogging hiatus and I’m sure they’ll be the same with you! :)

  5. I just got out of this phase a few weeks ago. Technically, it’s more of a reading slump so I couldn’t review books because it seemed like I’ve lost my muse when it comes to reading which was pretty frustrating. During those weeks, I only post about book memes, which somehow helped because I became excited to read those books that I post especially during Wishlist Wednesdays. Haha! So everytime I feature a book for a certain meme, I always tell myself, “I’m going to read that book once I’ve finished this one.”

    This is very hard especially if you have to review arcs and you have to catch up on a certain date for a review to be posted. I pressured myself by leaving reminder dates everywhere (phone, desktop, planners). Luckily, I got out of it once I started re-reading some of my favorite books. And umm, when I read the Sneak Peek of Isla and the Happily Ever After because I love Steph Perkins so much! Hahaha!

    I hope you get out of it soon! I miss seeing your book reviews. :)

    1. Yeah, those kinda go together, don’t they? I do have quite a lot on my review pile, which I guess factors to the pressure I feel to blog. I’ve been reading some really good books recently though (ISLA <3) which is why I do want to go back to blogging again so I can review them.

      Thanks so much for saying you miss my reviews and also for leaving such a thoughtful comment! :D

  6. I’ve been stuck in a blogging rut before. During a particularly busy but eventful week, I decided to take a short hiatus, just for a week, to allow myself to live in the moment and hopefully come back refreshed with things to write about. It worked for me, so it might work for you too! Don’t be too hard on yourself though–your blog is absolutely positively amazing, and many of the books on my to-read list are there because of you! :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. I was expecting bad feedback from this super ranty/cliche slump post and instead I get the sweetest compliment from you! I’m SO happy you like my blog and that I’ve contributed to your TBR pile. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for your insights, Audrey!

  7. Ahh don’t feel bad I think all of us go through this at some point. I’ve been blogging for 6 months and already had a slump but I joined and new feature (life of a blogger at noble heartbeats) and just took a paper and wrote out my mind. Literally just sat and wrote everything that came to me. The result was pure gibberish but it cleared my creative block and that I grabbed a book I was sure to enjoy and was back in the game. Don’t ever be hard on yourself. This is a FUN hobby that’s supposed to bring you joy. While it is hard at times it’s completely ok to take a step back once I awhile. I hope you feel better after everyone tells you how much they love you and your blog cause we all doooo!!!!!!!!

    1. I actually once told myself that I’ll never treat blogging as anything more than a hobby that I love but I’ve fallen off that track and started treating it as a job. I’ve never had a problem like that when I was photoblogging before. I think I just didn’t want to be left behind by everyone because I’m scared I won’t be able to catch up! Saying that now, I feel so silly.

      Thanks for making me realize I need to be more laid-back about this! (I really wish I could be!) I LOVE YOU GUYS BACK. <3

  8. I feel you. But it’s always been a problem for me. I’m never too sure what to post, and when I do get an idea, I wonder if it’ll interest anyone else. I’m only just starting to kinda do better. As for reviews, remembering your love for it might help, too :)

    1. Worrying if your post will interest anyone gets really tiring. I’ve learned that when it comes to posts, I want to write something that truly interests me instead. I’m glad to hear you’re getting over that slumpy feeling, Karla! :)

  9. I totally get this Hazel. For the longest time, I was in this blogging rut where I just did not want to blog. And while I can’t say there is a foolproof method of getting over it, what worked for me was just not blogging. I didn’t want to blog, I didn’t have any ideas so I didn’t. And I think that worked the best for me. Sometimes, you just have to take a little break but if you’re worried it’s going to go on for too long, then I suggest slowly easing yourself back like what you’re doing with this post? And not pressure yourself to do anything. I know that being away causes so many worries especially if you’ve been blogging consistently for so long but it actually was really rewarding for me in terms of blogging. I still don’t blog as often as I’d like to in a perfect world but I have lots of ideas and I’m enthusiastic about blogging and I think that’s the most important thing: whether you’re loving what you’re doing. I think I’d actually start taking breaks more often haha because I come back feeling so much better about blogging and refreshed!

    Anyway, as Mel said, we won’t be going anywhere! So take your time and do what you feel like is right! :)

  10. I’ve been in a blogging slump for more than a month now and it isn’t the first slump for me anymore. It can be really frustrating when you really want to write something and you simply can’t. I’m slowly trying to come up with stuff to talk about on my blog but I feel like it’s still not going very well. I think the best thing to do is just give blogging a rest for a while. Forcing yourself to do something is not the right choice. You’ll end up creating stuff you’re not happy with and that’s not fun either :(. You’ll get back in the swing of it sooner or later!

    1. YES TO THIS. It’s super frustrating! Especially for me, because I get so hard on myself sometimes. But sometimes I think I might also just need an extra push, you know? Hopefully I can go back to blogging full swing soon! :)

  11. I experienced this back in January, and I ended up taking two weeks off to recuperate a bit. When I got back, I only posted three or four times a week, and then worked back up to my current schedule of six times a week. If you add it in slowly and just take bits at a time, it’s easier than handling it all being thrown at you at once.

    As far as topics, if I end up in a slump I just write about anything – even tv shows or something not even related to books. Just ramble on like you’re talking to a friend, and then the writing bug will wiggle its way back in :D

  12. It is summer or summer here where I live, everyone wants to relax and do nothing. Think of it like a vaction. <3

  13. Ugh, right there with you! I feel like I go through things in spurts: for a couple weeks I am on top of everything, thoughts are flowing, etc. Then, for a few weeks, I am struggling just to get a few coherent sentences together. It’s tough. But I agree with the post you linked to, you have to decide if it’s worth it in the end.

    I used to have (well, technically I still do have it, but I don’t really do anything with it) a mom blog. It was fun, at first. But then it started to be a lot of work, and frankly, I didn’t enjoy anything about it. So I finally had to stop doing it.

    But with book blogging, I love it so much, that I know if I didn’t do it, I would feel like something is missing, so I just kind of keep hoping that the slumps will work themselves out, and so far (knock on wood!) they have. Hope you can get out of yours soon!

  14. Oh, I’ve been in a slump before. I didn’t even get to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary because I took a hiatus and only just came back. It’s the best thing I could’ve ever done and now that I’m back I feel the excitement I once had when I started blogging.

    I know what you mean about just concentrating on reading but once you blog/review, you can never go back. At least for me. Heh.

    My advice is just to take a little step back and think about why you’re blogging in the first place. Take what you need–be it a hiatus or just a cup of coffee. Here’s hoping you get past this! :)

  15. This reminded me of my struggle this past 2 weeks.

    Aside from being sick, all I did was binge watch different series, Youtube videos, and movies. I didn’t have the drive to read, write post, and bloghop. All I posted was book blitzes and cover reveals. I even skipped reading my favorite meme(Top Ten Tuesday).

    What made me recover was reading this funny contemporary book titled Neanderthal Seeks Human. I think it was the pressure that the loan time was ending that’s why I had to hurry and finish it. Well, the pressure was good and it got me out of the reading and blogging slump.

    I hope you get over this soon and find something that will perk up your blogging mood. :D

    1. I feel you! That’s great that the pressure of reading actually helped you get over your slump. Probably won’t work for me but taking a blogging vacation has somehow made me feel better. :)

      PS: I added Neanderthal Seeks Human to my tbr because of your comment!

  16. Personally, the best way to deal with a blogging slump is to take time away from blogging! Read, if you like. Or do other things! Eventually, there will come a day when you’re going to miss it, and jump back in feeling refreshed and ready to blog again :)

    1. Thanks for the great advice, Alexa! I think taking some time away from my blog has really helped! And also it might be because I really missed blogging that kinda pushed me to write this post. It’s ranty, I know, but like I said, it’s a step towards getting back into blogging! And now, I’ve already shared two more posts recently which is a good thing!

  17. I’m currently on a blogging slump and I’m really sad that I am. I miss blogging and I’ve actually haven’t checked out my blog, goodreads, bloglovin’, or touched a book for almost a month now. The good part (I guess) is that I KNOW what caused my slump, which is my FRIENDS. Lol. I’ve been hanging out w/ my friends a lot and when I’m with them, I don’t feel like blogging nor reading at all!

  18. I’ve been in a bit of a rut at the moment too, ever since my blogoversary. I think a lot of it stems from moving to self-hosted. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, but it’s also been a lot of work and I STILL have a lot of formatting to go! Having that hang over my head makes me feel less motivated to work on content going forward, but then focusing on formatting makes me worried that my blog will be dormant for too long!

    But, I do know it’s important not to beat yourself up about it. Blogging ruts are part of the parcel (unless you’re Mel or Ashley who are obviously robots :P) and you should never feel bad about something that’s supposed to be fun! Take your time, and you’ll soon rediscover the passion you have :)

  19. I’ve never been good at blogging consistently over a long period, so I admire what you’ve managed to do all this time. It sounds like you’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself and hold yourself to a high standard. You’ve achieved a lot up until now! Maybe if you’re afraid of taking a break (or extending one) try doing something new. Write about books you loved as a kid or that made you love books, have guest bloggers, interview other bloggers or authors or publishing people if you can, talk about the kind of books you want to see or the books you never finished. Maybe slip a review in there once in a while so you’re keeping up with that too, but no pressure if you do, you know? Make it fun again. Get inspired. People evolve. You don’t have to stay the same blogger you were when you started.

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