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For someone who’s always been worried about my own inconsistencies, I’m proud to say that I’ve maintained this blog for three years. It doesn’t seem all that long- we all know how years can fly by sometimes- but it’s also hard to recall those days when I wasn’t book blogging. This feels like a constant for me […]

Two years of book blogging? While there are those who’ve blogged far longer, I think it’s no easy feat. To be honest, looking back from the point I created Stay Bookish, I never imagined really keeping up my blog and working hard to make it the best that I can make it to be. Still, book blogging grew to be […]

A year ago today, on June 12 2013, I started my book blog for the simple reason that I loved books and reading. I named my blog Stay Bookish because it was what I wanted my blog to be: a way for me to keep my love for books. That sounds really cheesy, but it’s […]

I’ve been lacking ideas on what to post today so I thought I might tackle something that’s been a prominent thing in the book blogging community for a while now: blogoversaries and blog celebrations! With so many book bloggers celebrating their blog birthdays/anniversaries this month, myself included, I wanted to analyze and discuss why and […]

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