Stay Bookish Celebrates One Year Of Blogging!

A year ago today, on June 12 2013, I started my book blog for the simple reason that I loved books and reading. I named my blog Stay Bookish because it was what I wanted my blog to be: a way for me to keep my love for books. That sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. And it’s exactly what I said on my first ever post, actually!

stay bookish blogoversaryyyyy

And now, I’m celebrating my first blogoversary!! I feel really happy and proud that Stay Bookish has grown so much through my first year in book blogging.

So how did my blog start it’s journey? I actually started blogging on WordPress(dot)com first, with the same moniker. And then, I finally self-hosted by late august, and switched to dot net. Self-hosting was definitely an accomplishment in my first year, and I’m really glad that I transferred because it has allowed me to fully maximize my blog and customize it as much as I want. So far, I’ve had three designs on, all done by yours truly! With all the reconstruction my blog had undergone, I think the one I have now is my favorite!

stay bookish design transition

Anyway, aside from my blog designs, Stay Bookish has also changed and improved much content-wise. I originally did just book haul posts and book reviews but I’ve launched several features over the past year. Swoon Worthy Saturday was the first one! Sadly, I didn’t continue with it, but it was much fun to do back then. Original features that are currently running on my blog are: List of Awesome, Little Talks, Story Soundtracks and Novel Portraits! I adore each and everyone of them, especially because they’ve help my love grow not only for books, but also other things I’m passionate about. With these features, combined with my reviews, recaps, and promos, my blog has had more than 200 posts already!

More importantly, through Stay Bookish, I’ve had the opportunity, not only to be as bookish as I can be, but to do it with so many others. And I’m really so grateful for that.

First of all, I want to thank all the awesome book bloggers who’ve inspired me and been such sweethearts through twitter, comments, etc. I’ll be posting a list below and in case I missed anyone, know that I adore all of you. Anyway, I’ve learned so much from you guys, and I’ve grown as a reader and as a blogger though your help and kind words. Thank you so much!!!!

special mentions Awesome bloggers who’ve inspired me and made me feel so welcome in the bookish community:

Georgie of What She Reads // Nikki of The Paper Sea // Jen of Books And Other Happy Ever Afters // Shelly of Read Sleep Repeat // Alexa of Alexa Loves Books // Emily of Constellation Chronicles // Asti, Kelley & Leanne of Oh The Books // Chiara of Books For A Delicate Eternity // Sana of Artsy Musings // Sandra of Tea Between Books // PBT family ♡

Secondly, I want to thank all the fabulous authors I’ve had the chance to talk to and collaborate with. You guys are the reason I have awesome books to read and share about on the blog so you deserve a huge thank you!! I also want to thank the publicists and other people in this wonderful bookish industry who’ve entrusted me to review books and promote authors. Thank you for reaching out to me and allowing me to reach out to you too.

My final thanks goes to my followers and readers, who are seriously lovely!!! I cannot express how much I appreciate every visit, every comment and message from you guys. I never would have had the drive to the book blogger I am now if it weren’t for your constant support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With that, I wanted to invite you guys to join my blogoversary giveaways- there’s one for everyone, and there will be another for my readers in the Philippines (which I will post about during the weekend)! You guys deserve a chance to win books for all the love you’ve given me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s pretty much it for my blogoversary post! Thanks for celebrating with me! Stay Bookish, y’all!

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  1. Congratulations, you blog is lovely! I love the colours, they’re so cute! I also really like your reviews and features, thank you! :)

  2. Hiii Ate Hazel! HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!!! I’ve been a reader of your blog since last year when you just started (and I’m pretty proud of this).

    I discovered your blog when a friend of mine sent me a link to your first book haul. And your blog was pretty much the first book blog I found out about sooo yeah, that’s cool :)

  3. Hi Hazel and congratulations on your blogoversary! I love the myriad books you review and I like seeing if our thoughts matched. Plus you have some awesome giveaways I can’t help but try my luck at.

  4. -throws confetti- Congratulations! Well one thing I love about your blog are the designs! They’re beautiful, but also casual. It’s refreshing. And of course, your reviews. I find so many new books through reviews from blogs. It also helps me know what books are worth buying, or I should just borrow. I hope to see you for many more years Hazel :)

  5. I plan on keeping my love of books by continuing to read and switching it up ever once in awhile. i have learned that you should never force yourself to read…it leads to disaster…

    Congrats and thank for the giveaway!

  6. Happy blogoversary Hazel! :) I love your reviews and your blog is simply amazing. The cutest! Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. Hazel! Wow, has it been one year already?! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I’m so happy to see you come this far in your blogging journey, and even though I’m not your most regular reader/commenter, I can tell that both you and your blog have blossomed amazingly throughout the months. Your blog designs are proof!

    Anyway, continue staying awesome, and here’s to many more years of happy blogging!

  8. Congrats girl!!! I follow your blog quite a while ago and I love the design ^^

    I am a blogger too, My blog will turn 4 years :D

  9. Happy Blogiversary my love!! I can’t believe it has been a year already, it’s been awesome seeing your blog bloom and you have some of the best features around. I’m so glad we get to be bookish friends and thank you so much for mentioning me, I feel so honoured *hugs* <3.

    Here's to another year of awesomeness! xx

  10. Happy blogoversary Hazel! I loved all of your designs and I can’t wait to see more! Keep on blogging and don’t stop please because I adore your blog. :)

    It seems like a lot of us created our blogs around the same time! It must have something to do with the middle of the year ^.^
    I feel so honoured that you mentioned me! I’m glad to have made you feel welcome <3 Stay Bookish is a wonderful blog (and you are a wonderful person!).
    In answer to your question, my favourite part of Stay Bookish are the design (I LOVE IT), and Little Talks (yay discussions!). And you, as well ^.^ <3

  12. Happy blogoversary Hazel! Your blog was one of the first book blogs I’ve discovered and I can’t believe you’re only turning one. I thought you’ve been blogging for, idk, decades? loljk. Anyways, happy anniversary again! :)

  13. Congrats Hazel! It’s crazy how fast time flies and I’m so happy that you’ve reached your first blogversary! It’s been amazing watching your progress and development. Hopefully I’ll see many more!

  14. I intend to keep my love of books by visiting the library often and staying updated through book blogs such as yours!

  15. happy anniversary! i love the books you read and review and your reviews always make me want to go out and buy the book (guess i have a love hate relationship with your blog for this but OH WELL) :D

  16. Happy blogoversary Hazel! Here’s to more years and books to come! :))

    I don’t ever think I’ll stop reading books. I would marry a boy who reads too (para walang kontra bida. HAHA) and so we can impart them also to our future kids. :D

  17. Congrats on your blogoversary! Its awesome enough that you lasted a year, but the things you accomplished all in one year, is much more amazing! :D

    Hope to see you again on your second year :D

  18. Hey I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing. Congratulations for the anniversary and how you manage to keep your blog interesting and pretty!

  19. Ey! Congrats on ur blog anniversary! Here is to wishing you more years of book loving and giving and sharing!

  20. YAY! Congrats Hazel! So exciting to celebrate a blogoversary :) Thank you for the giveaway lady!
    I love looking at the evolution of web designs- I’m currently regretting not screen-shoting my previous ones so that I could do the same for my blogoversary post in December…oh well. Haha. :D

  21. Congratulations on a sucessful first year! As a new blogger you give me so much inspiration! Love everything about your blog…and your design work is amazing!

  22. Aww, happy blogoversary Hazel! It’s been so much fun reading all your posts. You’re fantastic at what you do and can’t wait to see what other awesome things you’re going to come up with! x

  23. You are so talented with your blog designs. I do my own too, but they always come out looking like a bad self pub cover.:) You were very brave to venture out on your own .com, too!! Not me, I think I will probably be stuck in hell for awhile longer. Congratulations, stellar job!

  24. HI ATE HAZEL! Congrats! Don’t stop this blog, ah? I love it. I love the design. I love the books that you flash to my eyes.

    Because of you, I bought Only Everything, and probably everything else that you suggest. And I think we’ll be nice friends if we just talk more! :)

    I hope some bloggers would make me feel welcome in the blogging world as well! I would REALLY love to see you again at a book signing event. Or any other moment. (Basta… hahahah)

    I first met you at the Ransom-Tahereh-Veronica book signing event. I was taking a picture of Veronica, and you were too, so you said hi. I was wearing my white shirt and yellow shorts. I was so small.

    After 2-3 weeks, my sister (Ummm yeah, Bibliophile Soprano is my sister) recommended your blog to me, so I visited Stay Bookish. I was taking a look at your Ransereh-Veronica event post, and BAM. I.SAW.YOUR.FACE.AND.SKIRT. And I was like “OMG. Eto yung babaeng nag-hi sakin nun. Like. Wow. Omg. Wow. ” And just because you said hi (and your blog design. lol.), I frequently visited your blog, checking for new books I’d like to read.

    Fun Fact: I’ll be reading Since You’ve Been Gone because that book was what you answered when I asked you what May release you liked the most. (Oh, yes, I’m @grouwl and @BookishPotato, and I’m not sure what acct asked you that)

    I’m @bookfeyrees and @sooyoung_24 on Instagram, and I was the one who fangirled over your Kpoppings. And you replied “Just a mild kpop fan :)” and you’re a Fanytastic!

    So… I’ll stop fangirling before I write a novella. . .

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me. One of my goals in blogging is to have people want to read what I reviewed, without telling them “OMG YOU HAVE TO FREAKING READ THIS AWESOME BOOK” in direct. Like that’s ewwww?

    Your blog is fabulous, Ate Hazel. <3456
    Keep up the fab work.
    Happy Anniversary! :')
    Talk to me anytime:)
    (please talk to me, I REALLY need a friend lol)
    it's my birthday this Tuesday, and I really do something nice would happen. :')

    Much, much love,
    Sooyoung. XD
    Erin Sebastian, fellow girl who commented.

  25. Sorry I’m late, Hazel, but…
    I love everything about you and your blog; you’re so incredibly lovely and passionate, it’s so infectious, and that really shines through your blog! You’re an incredible inspiration, and I’m so fortunate to be able to count you as one of my great friends! :D I love reading every single one of your posts in my email, or even coming to comment when I can, and interacting with you on Twitter is so fun! You’re an incredible person, and your blog will continue soaring to great heights, as it already has! < I loved that feature, gave me so much to swoon over too ;)
    And thank you thank you for including my name up there! I feel so honoured, and I'm so glad we've become great bookish friends!! ^^
    *hugs* Congratulations Hazel dear!! <3

  26. Congratulations on an amazing first year! I love your blog–the design, the content, everything! Your posts always help motivate me to keep reading :)

  27. I’m sorry I’m late, Hazel, but congratulations on your first blogoversary! I’m so, so glad to have discovered your blog not long after I started my own. I love your design skills, the honesty and integrity with which you write your reviews, the new features you bring, but most of all, I love Stay Bookish because it is you. Your own voice and personality shines through your posts so much, and every post is a joy to read. ♥ Happy blogoversary — here’s to many more!

  28. Hazel –

    Your blog is one of my favorites to visit. Whenever I receive a notification in my feed that you have a new post up, I always smile because I know I’m in for a treat. Everything you do – from your reviews to your designs to your posts – is filled with so much passion and dedication; and you can’t help but feel your enthusiasm.

    This being said, congratulations on reaching your first blogoversery! That’s such a HUGE milestone! :) You’ve certainly improved so much over the course of the year – it’s absolutely remarkable.

    I hope you continue blogging for a long time to come because you make the blogosphere such a warm, welcoming place. :D Thank you for everything you do, and I’m wishing you a happy blogoversery! You deserve it! <3

  29. Hi, Hazel! I love your website’s design <3 I love anything blue with a hint of pink, and your blog is just perfect! Also your giveaways (even though I haven't won yet), and reviews! Happy Blogoversary!

  30. Happy blogversary!!! More power to you and to this blog of yours. Your blog is simple and original and that how it has been lovely.

  31. Hazel!

    First of all, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! That’s an awesome feat if you ask me :)

    As a big lover of books, it’s nice to see the opinions of others about titles that’s why I like your blog. The reviews are awesome + the giveaways are superb! (Wish I’d win one haha) Your features and book events are also great ways to reach out to fellow bloggers.

    Congratulations again on your blogoversary! Keep it up and of course, Stay Bookish! :D

  32. wow congratulations on reaching this far! More power to you! I love your instagram having so many lovely pics of books.
    Even though there are times that I am really busy, I still give time to read books even just for a couple of minutes because I can not call it a day without reading just a bit.

  33. I don’t know where I have been that I don’t know your blog. Actually it’s my first time to came across your blog and I love the cute dainty layout of yours (at first) and the moment I browsed your posts, it amazes me. No flattery intended by the way. I love books and it never ceases as long as I live because it infuses me imagination which helped my creativity (a lot) and I also learn some life lessons I don’t know before hand. Your blog is so worth the bookmark in my laptop and I am looking forward for more of your posts :) See you around!

  34. What do I like most about Stay Bookish? your reviews they are pretty awesome and on some occasions I have purchased books off your recommendations. Congratulations on your one year. I hope you stick around for a long time to come. Have a great day :) xoxo

  35. Happy Belated Blogoversary Hazel!!!! I love how Stay Bookish stays unique amidst the many book blogs in the interweb! I love the blog’s layout and design. It’s so organized so it’s very lovely to look at and it’s easy to read posts. I also love how your personality shines out from your blog! Your book ratings are not confusing. You’re also very honest when you review and rate a book.

  36. So I’m super late commenting on this post but HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I think you had quite the amazing first year of blogging. I love your designs, I love that you’ve slowly added your own new features over the year, and I love your bookish personality! Let’s hope this upcoming year is just as amazing – if not more – than the first!! <3

  37. Hi Ate Hazel! Late, late greeting, I’m sorry.

    Stay Bookish caught my attention because of its design. Your blog is so lovely that I checked it out–and guess what? Your posts were so awesome that I decided to try my luck on being friends with you. When I met you at the VTR in PH event, I was so happy! We get to talk on Twitter sometimes and you’re even friends with my sister Erin so that’s double awesome!

    For just a year of blogging, you have achieved so much and congratulations on that. :)

    More power and stay pretty! <3

    Much Love,

  38. Hazel, you have been such a huge inspiration to me as a book blogger, you know that. :)
    And I thank you for being so and your blog has been one of my favorites because of the simplicity that it offers but elegance as well..

    I try to maintain my love for books by book blogging. Again, Hazel, thank you! And congratulations! <3

  39. Happy Blogoversary!! I love your reviews and giveaways that are on the blog and thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  40. Happy blogoversary!! i like to see how your blog change over the years, i like the reviews and the design

  41. Happy Blogoversay!!! The thing I enjoy most about your blog (and I’m sure everyone agrees with this answer) is the posts!!! I find every single thing you post relatable. I love your book taste. Your word choices when you write reviews. I inted to keep the love of books going simply by reading more aaamazing books. Thank you for this giveaway <3

  42. Hello :D Congrats po :DD
    I really love the layout of this blog. Its inviting me to read more and explore whats more in here. I love books too <3

  43. Happy blogoversary! I love your blog header! I keep my love of books by constantly reading and rating/reviewing books on goodreads and my blog. I also keep my love of books by spreading that love to my friends by recommending them any books that I loved.

  44. Happy Blogoversary, love! More years to come and continue to spread the love of books! Anyway, what i love about your blog about the most is how dedicated you are on books. You’re not afaid to share what you think of in every book you’ve just finished. I rarely read book reviews since some of them are just (you know, almost the same.) but yours are different, i also love your book tast! ;D Keep it going! I’ll be here reading and reading on your blog!

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