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When it comes to Katie McGarry books, I just can’t get enough. This much is true. Maybe it’s how she keeps coming up with one sexy bad boy after another or maybe it’s because the romance in her books never fails to get my heart pumping. It’s for the same reasons that I totally enjoyed […]

West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy?? Yes, please! Katie McGarry’s newest novel, NOWHERE BUT HERE, has a cover and we are thrilled to get to help reveal it to you today. The first novel in her upcoming The Thunder Road Series, NOWHERE BUT HERE is a young adult contemporary romance that will keep you […]

It’s Take Me On day! Take Me On is the fourth novel in the Pushing The Limits series, which I love love love. I’m a huge Katie McGarry fan so I’m super psyched and honored to be able to share her story soundtrack today. Go listen! The Story   Heart of the matter In TAKE […]

Story Soundtrack is where I feature a book and a song that I think embodies its story. Guys, I’m super excited about today’s Story Soundtrack. If there’s something you should know about Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again, it’s that she has the best song picks ever (don’t let her fool you otherwise)! And today, […]

Two  broken souls and a love story of sorts – a Katie McGarry classic. I’m still amazed by how this author pulls it off every single time. I’ve come to love her Pushing The Limits series and I can say with assurance that Crash into You was a stunning addition to the set. Isaiah Walker […]

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